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-Acknowledgement below-

"Dear, Misaki.

Here I am, writing to you because I knew that I will never see you again after tonight. The night where you made your decision. I really hope that you didn't regret it.

I just wanted to say that I'm blessed to ever meet a girl like you. Strong, intelligent and beautiful, these words can't even convey what you are. And it probably wasn't just luck that I fell for your charms, whether you believe it or not.

But you don't belong with me. You belong with Usui. Tonight, you showed me what true love is. You gave Usui his life back, despite knowing that he won't have the slightest clue as to who you are and what you are to him. And yet you still acted on your heart, and not your feelings and emotions. You knew what was best for him, even though it was painful for you. Thank you for that.

By the time you're reading this, I would be on an airplane to Florence, Italy, in search for who I'm destined to be with. I know, it's a weird place to be finding for a woman of my dreams, but I had a sudden urge to go there and so I followed my heart.

You've given me the message that love is eternal. That it can't be forced, it can't be bought. It is pure and it blooms in the places where we never thought it would. It lasts forever.

But enough with my words of love – I'll have more time on that once I arrive to Florence. You must have questions on what happened and why Usui still remembers you.

Well, it wasn't a surprise for me. Before you pierced in the dagger, you shed some tears and blood while singing. The song didn't cause this miracle to happen, your tears and blood did. They went inside Usui's ghostly flesh together with the dagger, causing some sort of spiritual reaction. It really is a complex thing, so I won't explain you how it works. Basically, it cancels out the memory loss that Usui was supposed to have. I'm sorry that I forgot to tell you this, but I forgot. I tried calling out to you after you sang, but I was too late. You pierced in the dagger and Usui's body shimmered and vanished in the night. And I tried telling you afterwards, but you fainted and I needed to carry you back to your home, which is where I'm writing this now.

I am hiding this in a place that I'm sure would hide it from you until Monday, to ensure you would find this by the end of Monday, and only by the end of Monday. Or else I would sound like a total psycho, now wouldn't I?

I'm sorry that I won't be able to give you a proper goodbye, but I guess this is the best. I entered your life by bringing you back from the streets, now I'm going to leave your life by bringing you back from the cemetery. I guess this is how fate had planned us all along.

I guess this is it. Goodbye, Misaki. Goodbye my first love.

With respect and honor, I thank you for everything that you did that opened my heart for the first time,


My fingers traced the cursive signature in the bottom of the page, feeling like a piece of me had gone missing for good.

I didn't know what I was so sad about. After all, I hadn't returned Ankoku's feelings. I suppose it was the feeling of losing a friend with whom you have shared many important events with.

But I was happy for him. Although I hadn't intentionally 'opened' his heart, I was glad that he was in a mission to search his partner in life. And in Florence, too. That surely is a romantic place to be with the girl of your dreams, isn't it?

I took the envelope of the letter, a small, cream-colored square envelope with my name written in cursive written on it, and dug out the rest of the contents.

A plastic, seashell pin. I remembered wearing it in the grand party Ankoku had forced me to go to. It was an iridescent mix of blue, cream and pink. Like a pearl, I suppose. I placed it inside the drawer of my bedside table, for memory.

A photo of Ankoku. God, even I couldn't deny that he was attractive. With his fair olive skin and dirty blond hair, he was more than eye-catching. And those light blue eyes and dazzling white teeth only added fuel to the fire. Behind the picture was a post-it paper. It read, "Because leaving without a photo of yourself is just too mainstream." I chuckled and decided to put it beside the seashell, in case I ever need a reminder as to how my ghost-resurrecting, unconscious-girls-saving friend looked like. After all, he was the one who brought Usui back to life. Well, he was the one who told me how to bring Usui back to life, anyway. I was the one who stabbed him with the dagger.

The last one was a small, leather book. I had no idea what it was, but I knew I saw it before… Only, when? I opened it and suddenly a wave of nausea hitting me.

It was the book that Ankoku showed me. The one with the exorcism diagram and everything on it.

I peeled off the post-it paper glued to the first page and read, "In case you have other ghost butts to kick. This book comes in handy."

I stuffed the book back to my drawer, thinking that I would never have a need for that, just in time for Usui to come in with a big bowl of noodle for us to share.

"Your mom called, she said that she has to delay her arrival until next week because there was a storm that wrecked most of the airport facilities. So, what have you been doing while I'm downstairs? I heard ruffling sounds," he asked while sitting down on my bed beside me.

"Oh, you know, reading Ankoku's goodbye letter," I replied, inhaling the sweet scent coming from the bowl. "He said he's going to Florence, to search for the girl of his dreams."

Usui's brows shot up, but he gave no response in return besides asking me to eat.

But our stomachs weren't asking to be fed, our lack-of-romantic-moments were.

So Usui settled down the bowl on my bedside table beside Ankoku's letter, and crashed his lips against mine with enough passion that it made me kiss him back even more.

And I was just glad that mom and Suzuna decided to stay a little longer, because Usui and I moved a lot in our make-out session on my bed, made a lot of weird sounds, and that could be a little misleading for some people.

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