Title: Video
Rating: Light R
Spoilers: Christmas Episode
Summary: Later that night...
Words: 320

"We should have made out."

Blaine looks up and the whole house still feels like it's in black and white. They're still dressed in their greyscale suits and real snow has replaced the fake snow outside. Everyone else has gone home but they're still sitting there exhausted on the couch.

Tight and close and holding hands.

Blaine scoffs. "What?"

"Live TV. We should have made out. Made a point of it."

Another laugh. "Really?"

Kurt kind of shrugs and crosses his legs, leaning more heavily into Blaine. "Maybe."

"Exhibitionism?" Blaine asks with a waggle of his eyebrows and Kurt blushes but leans in even closer, lips parted, tongue wetting them. "Seriously?" Blaine's voice breaks.

Kurt kisses him once. "You like performing…"

Blaine laughs harder and sounds scandalized. "Oh my god, Kurt!"

"It's our chalet and the cameras are still here," Kurt propositions and suddenly he's throwing a leg over Blaine's lap and letting his weight press down and grinding.

"Holy shit, you're serious?"

"Too much?"

Blaine breathes out and it rattles and he leans up to slide his tongue into Kurt's mouth for a deep, teasing kiss as he thinks about just how crazy they'd have to be.

"For Christmas?"

A laugh from Kurt and his hands are already sliding down over the too-many buttons of Blaine's waistcoat. He kisses down his neck as he persuades: "We'll film it and then watch it tonight and then delete it. There'll be no evidence at all."

"Kinky, Kurt, very, very Kinky," Blaine says but he definitely, certainly, positively doesn't say no. And the way his hips are arching up and he's getting hard are very convincingly saying 'Yes'.

Another rock down and Kurt's slipping away to find a tripod and a video camera and a blanket and set them up in front of the fire.

Three hours later and they're lying together exhausted and they are so, so Not deleting that footage. Ever.