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Before their meeting

I'll never see anyone except for grey guards in this forest and of course the animals and the trees but I'll never have any human friends ever unless I leave this forest jasmine thought as she was roaming the forest with her friends a raven called Kree and a small furred creature called Filli. Just then the raven came he flew ahead for a while and had just spotted something.

"What is it Kree," Jasmine asked the black bird as he perched on her shoulder.

The bird screeched to tell Jasmine that he had found something caught by the wenn and that they didn't look like any grey guard he had ever seen, so Jasmine ran to where Kree was flying and then saw these people lying there talking about what was going on they had no idea where they were or what had happened to them.

They must be grey guards for they took the Wenn Del path Jasmine thought, but the blonde haired boy kept attracting all of her attention, he's pretty cute she thought but then she mentally slapped herself why the hell did I just think of that I must be going crazy, but then he caught her attention again. I'm going to say something out of the blue and make it silent so I can explain to them what happened to them then I will leave them to the wennbar unless they give me a good reason not to.

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