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Chapter 9: Run

When they woke up in the morning Mickaela had already gone off to collect food and water so the others waited for her return. Flame and Fierce were still there though instead of with her. Fierce had grown up a lot and was now at least as tall as Liefs shoulder and had a big fuzzy mane he was a fast grower and had probably gotten help from Mickaela to grow so fast. Flame on the other hand had grown to the size that he was ready to carry people on his back and soar through the sky above all Mickaela had done a really good job in training them for this quest even though she hadn't even imagined what would happen. Mickaela had also trained herself to master her power which had also strengthened her understanding of animals and plants.

A few minutes later Mickaela had come back and was giving them all their share of food and had cooked the fish from the stream that she had found for Flame and Fierce she had also gotten Fierce used to eating anything that she could get him since she couldn't kill any other animal than fish for some reason. After they ate they set off and about an hour later Jasmine and Mickaela stopped and tensed.

"There are grey guards ahead they are coming closer and moving at a fast speed," Mickaela told Lief and Barda.

Lief sighed, "Why does it seem that all the bad things happen to us?"

"Shut up, stop winging and climb," Jasmine broke in which made Lief blush slightly.

They climbed up the tree and hid under Liefs cloak with Lief and Jasmine squished together between Mickaela and Barda who bumped fists because of their brilliant idea to get them together Lief and Jasmine both blushed wildly despite of themselves.

The grey guards came into view and after a while all of them were in the clearing and then they all felt sick since it seemed they were staying there and that meant that the companions would have to stay as well. Mickaela sighed softly and kept fidgeting around considering she couldn't stay still for very long.

"Quit that or you'll have us caught," Barda growled softly.

"I can't you know I'm not good at staying still," Mickaela hissed back.

"Hey guys look at that they have a prisoner," Lief whispered.

Both Mickaela and Barda stopped scowling at each other and looked at the prisoner who looked like a little grey man with button eyes and a scruff of red hair.

"He's a ralad," Barda whispered.

"What's a ralad," Mickaela whispered back eying the man in the chains and shackles who had been thrown to the floor just below them.

"They're a tribe of people who live in these parts at a village called Raladin," Barda told them gently.

The grey guards started to eat drink and when they had finished they lay down and went to sleep so the companions came up with a plan to get out of there and rescue the ralad man. After a while of planning Mickaela got restless and took matters into her own hands. She flew down from the tree and the ralad man saw her and gaped in shock but she put her finger on her lip to make him be quiet, she pointed up to the tree and the ralad man looked up to see three more faces staring at him.

"I can't get these off now we have to get him away from here," just as she said that Lief and Barda got down from the tree and Barda stepped on Fierces tail which took the lion by surprise so he yelped and jumped around to see it was only Barda, but by then the guards had woken up and were starting to get up and run after them. Mickaela yelled out and grabbed Lief and Bardas arms and dragged them over to Flame who already had the ralad man put on his back and was waiting for the others as soon as Fierce had climbed on his back along with the other to he flew of like a lightning bolt and disappeared well not completely since the grey guards had started shooting blisters at him which he dodged. Mickaela was not noticed yet with all the commotion but new it wouldn't be long until she was so she sent Jasmine a message with her mind. "stay hidden and follow us through the trees they won't notice you because they're going to be too focused on Lief, Barda and I so just stay hidden please."

With that Mickaela made a flame surf board and sped away because the guards had noticed her already and weren't slowing down.

Lief and Barda had landed in a clearing and hid in a bush with Flame camouflaging behind them and Fierce in another bush not far from them and after a little bit Jasmine and Mickaela joined them and they hid until the grey guards were gone.

After a while of hiding Mickaela told them that it was safe to come out which they did and Mickaela used her nail to pick the lock to the shackles on the ralad man's wrist who was just staring wide eyed at them.

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