So this idea came to me during Sam's Soul-less season and I kind of went with it. This will be the first chapter or rather the Epilogue. If I get enough reviews for it, I'll continue on- actually I'm gonna continue on either way but reviews may help make it flow faster. If you all like what you read here let me know in review or PM- your choice there- and I'll work hard to have the next installment up as it flows.
This story goes off track after the episode of Sam taking off once they know that Sam getting his soul back might be a bad idea. From there I sort of take the story on my own little adventure and came up with this.
With that out of the way, here it is and I hope that you like what you read.
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I am Samantha Francis Winchester. I am 38 years old. I am the owner of a place called 'The Safe House' just outside of my home town of Lawrence, Kansas on the border of Jefferson and Douglas Counties. I am happily married to a one Dean James Winchester of two years and he and I still hunt together while my daughter and son run 'The Safe House' when we are away.

Now...I know what you're thinking. "Samantha? How the fuck did that happen?" Well we'll get to that eventually. If you're wondering about 'The Safe House' then let me say that I started the business at the behest of Dean after a long conversation concerning what Ellen might have wanted.

Not to mention a dream I had involving Ash and a mucha lucha mask...I woke up from that wondering if I had died again only to realize that Dean was curled around me and I was in my own bed.

'The Safe House' is kind of a cross between an apartment building and a motel, with Hotel style bedrooms, and a bar connector.

You're probably also wondering what caused me to settle down, but might I remind you, we still hunt, 'The Safe House' is just our base of operations.

Now before you reread this and again go "What the fuck?" Yes, you read that right I am married to Dean, and yes, he is my brother. Also I do have two children, but they are both from a prior marriage and are technically my step children, but since their father is dead I adopted them and now they are mine.

This entire story is the retelling of how Dean and I got to where we are now and the trials and tribulations that followed us to this point.

Now another thing you probably want to know is why isn't Chuck writing this? Well he went missing after I took my death defying leap into the pit. And besides, what I'm writing has already happened. This is just a retelling for the benefit of those that read 'The Winchester Gospel' and wished to have a few loose ends tied up.

Just as a side note to you, the readers, there are things that I have not told you in this intro that you will find absolutely flooring when you read it. Or you might just find it par for the course considering the world Dean and I grew up in. But as you read, keep in mind, this is Supernatural...

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