"But mother, I don't want to be queen!"

Emma groaned as she slumped against the table before her, rubbing her muddy feet together beneath her dress. Once, not so long ago, the situation she was in would've been beyond belief. She was sitting there, arguing with her mom about royal obligations. Snow White seemed to come to the same conclusion, because after a small sigh she merely smiled.

"You are the heir, though. You have to do some of the formalities."

"I have a wolf pack to take care of."

Graham had been true to his word, moving the small family of three out into the forest, into his element. Emma had come to love everything about it. She wasn't going to have electricity or water anywhere, so she might as well live somewhere beautiful with the two men she loved. Henry got his fill of people and civilization as often as he wanted. With Maleficent the reigning villain in the land—and having no mind to share her position—Henry was safe no matter where he went. Plus, Emma had other soon-to-be pressing reasons for not wanting to squeeze into beautiful dresses in front of people…

Standing and hugging her mom, Emma smiled, "Just have more kids. It's not like you're old yet. Or give it to Henry. He loves this stuff."

From the chair next to where Emma had been sitting, James grinned, "I told you, Snow. She's too much your daughter. It was never going to work." Snow sent him a look over her daughter's shoulder and he laughed.

Smiling and hugging both her parents, she turned to leave the large hall. "We'll come visit tomorrow again, I promise. I love you."

Nodding, accepting her daughter's decision, Snow smiled warmly, "We'll miss you until then. Tell your Huntsman he can come in if he wishes next time, as always."

To think, Emma thought to herself as she walked out into the darkness and found Graham waiting concealed in the shadows where she received her glorious kiss of greeting. To think that everything wonderful in her enchanted life had started with a kiss…