This story, while a stand-alone, is overlapped, from other points of view, in my earlier post-saga stories, Friends and Relations and Leavetaking.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Renesmee Carlie Cullen.

That would be me.

'Once upon a time' really is the only way my story can begin. Other people, when they rewrite their personal histories in the form of a fairy tale, are only being fanciful. The handsome prince riding off into the sunset with the beautiful princess is merely a metaphor for the economics major meeting the sociology major at a fraternity mixer and eventually moving into a split level house in Connecticut. It's just the opposite for me. My mundane 'official' life story is itself a metaphor which conceals the far more outlandish reality.

That's why I laughed when Aunt Alice said she was planning a fairy tale wedding. "For me?" I asked her "Seriously? My whole life is a fairy tale. Shouldn't my wedding be something a little bit out of the ordinary?"

Jacob thought that was funny. "Like how? What's the opposite of a fairy tale wedding?"

"I don't know. Maybe a wedding with an Internal Revenue theme."

He laughed harder. "Joint tax return forms folded into origami swans!"

"An ice sculpture of lovebirds sitting on a nest of shredded W2 forms!"

"What's our chances of finding a Death and Taxes wedding cake topper?"

"Oh! Or getting Death and Taxes to actually play at our reception?"

Aunt Alice was not amused. Planning a wedding wasn't something she took lightly. I put the jokes aside, but the fairy tale aspect kept running through my mind from then on.

The fairy tale started before I was even born. As one writer said, 'Let us all hope we are preceded in this world by a love story.' I certainly was; a magical love story. My parents shouldn't have ever ended up together, in the normal course of events, much less have the happy ending which is their married life. And I wasn't even supposed to be possible. My mother nearly died bringing me into this world, and in the meantime my very existence almost started one war between supernatural beings, and brought a temporary death sentence on my entire family. That we all survived and went on to live, well, happily ever after is the most amazing part of the entire tale.

I remember it all. That's one of the vampire qualities I inherited: perfect memory. Apart from the time I spend sleeping, of course. The sleeping part fascinates Aunt Rosalie. She's asked me to describe what happens to my memory during the time I spend sleeping. I've explained that it just stops, and resumes when I wake up, as if somebody hit the Pause button. I do remember some of my dreams, though. Otherwise my memory is as perfect as any vampire's. I remember my own birth; I even have some memories of the time prior to my birth, although those are odd, almost like dreams themselves in a way.

Jacob was part of my world from the time I existed. In some ways, he was the most fairy-tale of all. I was his sworn enemy, and in an instant I became his reason for living. Yeah, I found out about the imprinting thing eventually; but that's another soap opera. Although I didn't think so at the time, I eventually came to see the romance in the whole phenomenon. Kind of like Tristan and Isolde, except that Jacob, apart from the sworn enemy aspect, isn't much like Tristan. Jacob is so down to earth.

At first, he was my favourite babysitter, loving and attentive in a way nobody else could be, except maybe Momma.

Then he was a playmate, a perfect playmate, willing to participate in countless silly games and outdoor romps. No, not just willing, like most of my family would have been. Jacob was genuinely delighted with anything we did together, no matter how boring it was to most adults. I could tell the difference.

As I got older, he became a friend, someone I could complain about my day to, someone I could share my secrets with. He was truly the best friend a girl ever had. As my needs changed, so did the nature of his friendship, so I never outgrew him. He was like something from a fairy tale: a genie's response to a wish for a perfect lifetime companion.

It was only when I got older that things became more complicated, for a little while, anyway.