A/N: I've just recently gotten back into Supernatural and I had forgotten how much I love Dean... It's going to move a little slowly, but hang in there. There will be some steamy scenes and some M. Night twists... The story takes place somewhere during season 1, before things got too complicated. Sam never went back to hunting with Dean after the first trip. Enjoy and let me know what you think :)

Dean rolled over, covering his eyes with his arm as the sunlight poured in through the dingy motel curtains. He wanted to go back to sleep more than anything, but he peeked around the room, eyes hidden, certain that something wasn't right. Having been raised a hunter, he learned a long time ago which gut feelings shouldn't be ignored, hangover or no.

Nothing looked out of place in the small room, but he definitely heard a noise. He crept out of bed, soundless and light on his feet, hoping it was nothing too dangerous to be fighting in boxers. He shrugged off the lack of wardrobe and reached into the bag at the end of the bed.

He stood back from the bathroom door, where he heard the noise coming from, holding his favourite sawed-off shotgun. His aim was fixed, ready to take down anything that walked through if he needed to. He'd have to high-tail out of the motel if he fired even a single round, but he was prepared for that as well. With back-up license plates in the trunk and a full tank of gas, he could be out of town in less than an hour.

Tightening his grip as the noises got louder, he bit the inside of his cheek. The bathroom door swung open, revealing the last thing that Dean expected to see. He had to keep himself from shooting right away as what looked to be a normal boy came into view. Dean knew better than to trust your eyes all the time, though. He could be any number of things and the hunter wasn't entirely sure that the witch he was hunting was a woman.

He rushed forward, pinning the boy against the wall before he could react. "What are you?" With his left arm across the other's chest, he held the gun against his face, trying to intimidate an answer out of him.

The boy's eyes were wide as his hands came up to pull Dean's arm off of him. After a few tugs, he realized that Dean's position, weight and height gave him the complete advantage.

Dean kept looking at him, waiting for an answer and seeing nothing but a scared kid. "I said, what are you?"

"Um… I'm Kyle, I came here with you last night…" He bit his lip as the gun pressed tighter against his skin. "Oh god, you're not one of those guys that takes boys home from the bar, has sex with them and then murders them, are you? Please don't kill me! My body won't fit in the mini fridge…"

The hunter's instincts were kicking in again, telling him that the boy wasn't a threat. He only half listened to them as he lowered his gun, but held his position. "I'm not going to kill you. As long as you can explain who you are and what you're doing in my room."

As the gun dropped, Kyle felt slightly less scared, but was still completely confused. "You don't remember?" He thought to himself for a second before making a request. "Okay, I'll tell you everything that happened, but can you please back up just a little?"

Dean considered it reasonable and backed away only slightly, removing his weight and putting a few inches between them. "Start from the beginning. I remember the bar, but I don't remember leaving with anyone, certainly not you."

Kyle looked a little hurt as Dean insinuated that he wouldn't willingly leave with someone like him. "Well you did. When I first got there, you were arguing with some woman, but when she left, you started talking to me. You were much more charming last night…" The young man looked like a kicked puppy with the pout on his face.

Dean vaguely remembered the woman he was speaking of. He was almost certain that she was the witch he was hunting, but why would he talk to this kid, much less bring him back to his room?

He thought back to the conversation with the witch, remembering that she and her friends had him completely surrounded in a crowded place. He let her leave to avoid killing a lot of innocent people, but that doesn't explain Kyle.

"What next?" Dean's rough voice asked as he rubbed his head. The witch had to have skipped town. By now she could be anywhere.

"Um… Well we talked and played pool and had some drinks." Dean raised his eyebrow in a way that said 'and then?'. Kyle blushed started gnawing on his lip again. "Well, you know…"

Dean was losing his patience quickly. He went to grab a bottle of painkillers from his bag, sitting on the end of the bed. "No, I really don't."

"Come on, you weren't that drunk. And hopefully, I wasn't that forgettable…" He seemed a little hurt that Dean could so easily forget what he thought was an incredible night.

Dean coughed on his water and wiped his lips. "You mean we…? Oh god." He remembered why he'd taken the boy with him. He was supposed to protect him. The witch gave Dean a choice: He could fight them, which was obviously a suicide mission that would kill almost everyone in the bar or he could stay at the bar and let them leave.

His final option was to leave and try to find them later, in which case, they would send someone back to pick up an innocent, helpless straggler to torture to death. The witch picked Kyle, probably because he was the only one in the bar not currently or soon to be going through a mid-life crisis. He was an unlucky, easy target, that's all.

Kyle's embarrassed silence answered his question plenty well enough. Dean took a moment to be thankful for the fact that the other man was at least of drinking age before he thought back to his original plan, which had most certainly not included having sex with the young boy. The fact that he had barely slept or ate in the past four days probably had something to do with his poor alcohol tolerance last night.

He had to make sure the witches had all left town before he let Kyle leave and continued the chase and to do that, he had to make sure not to scare the kid off. "Okay, listen, Kyle. I'm sorry that I pulled my gun on you, it's just that I have a very dangerous job and I'm a little cautious sometimes." If he couldn't convince him to willingly follow his orders, he would still be able to tie him up and gag him if necessary. That would be a little more difficult., though.

Kyle picked up the towel he'd dropped earlier and went to sit on the other side of the bed. "It's okay, I know."

"…What do you mean 'you know'?" Dean's stomach twisted. Just how much had he told this kid?

"Yeah, you told me last night that you're a bounty hunter. I get it, it's okay."

He sighed, thankful that he was a good liar even drunk. "Right. Anyway, I've been working this case here in town and since I might have been seen with you last night, you may be in some danger." Dean knew the risks of having Kyle stay with him through the hunt, but it would be worse if he left the kid on his own. "So, why don't we head out for some breakfast and we'll figure this all out?"

The boy nodded his head and smiled. Dean thought it was odd that it made him want to smile a little too. As Dean stood up to grab his clothes, he felt eyes on him and smirked. So what if it made him conceited? He liked to be looked at like that and truth be told, the younger man was very attractive, he just wasn't Dean's type.

"I'm going to shower real quick." Before he shut the bathroom door, he turned back. "Do you know how to use a gun?"