Author: Holy fuck I've been gone a while. Hiatus was not meant to be this long. Anyways...
I watched the trailer for G I Joe Retaliation early tonight and was inspired to return to my Sigma 6
story. However I've decided to scrape the 21 Guns story arc for something considerably darker.
Here's a teaser and yes it is kinda inspired by the new movie. SPAWN belongs to me and Mirokou.

After launching attacks against the various world governments and providing said governments with false information, SPAWN has officially made the Joes the world's number one most wanted. To avoid being captured the Joes scatter to the four winds and go into hiding. In order to survive the war the world has launched against them, they must become stronger, faster, ruthless and even more dangerous than they already are. They must be willing to take more risks than ever and even stoop to SPAWN's level to attempt to clear their names.

Author: Let me know what you think. No flames. Consider 21 Guns dead.