Roxie hated the feeling of being led down the hallway, like some sort of inept kindergartener. She was sure that if her brother would leave her alone for just ten fucking minutes she'd be able to find her way around the school. What drove her nuts was that she didn't even officially start at McKinley until the next day, and he was already dragging her to the choir room.

As if the club would let me in, she thought to herself. Just being in the Crawford Country Day glee club was hard enough while living in the shadow of her older brother. She'd hardly gotten any solos the previous year; the girls always said that her brother "got enough solos for them both", and even if she received a solo, they wouldn't let her anywhere near being seen. She fervently shook her head as her brother picked up his walking pace, suddenly realizing how stupid she sounded in her head.

"Blaine," she grumbled, his name coming out as a tired, jumbled mess, "can't this wait until tomorrow?"

"Oh, shush, Rox," he said without any effort, turning a corner, "it's right over here." He gestured to the doorway a few yards away from them. Roxie let out a frustrated groan, covering it with a sigh. As they reached the open doorway, she could hear the conversations of unfamiliar voices, with the exception of two or three voices. Some voices laughed, some sang, but all of them seemed friendlier than her old classmates. Blaine turned to her, standing in the doorway. She forced herself to stare at her brother's bowtie, tucking her hands behind her back, innocently. She wanted to run and hide; she hated meeting new people, no matter how many times Blaine would insist that they would be nice.

"Come on, they won't bite!" he said, his hand on her shoulder, shaking her slightly. She groaned in the back of her throat, defiantly. "Roxanne Elaine Juliet Anderson."

"Don't do that…" she said, the sound of her full name stinging her ears. Blaine squeezed her shoulder, dragging her into the room.

"Mr. Schuester, I brought someone with me this afternoon, I hope that's alright," he said happily, both of Roxie's shoulders in his hands as he pushed her into the classroom. The other students fell silent, their eyes on the petite brunette girl with her eyes clenched shut, as though accepting her fate with a Weeping Angel.

The teacher in question, this Schuester, Roxie had noticed before clenching her eyes shut, had chestnut curls and an evident fancy for vests. "Well, um… Yeah, Blaine, it's okay, but… who have you brought, exactly?"

"New Directions, I would like to introduce to you my little, Roxie," he said, releasing her shoulders and giving her a playful shove to the front of the classroom, in front of everyone. She managed to open her eyes, seeing everyone look at her. She blushed, smiling weakly.

"H-hey, everyone," she said with a small wave. Shyness wasn't something she was used to, but her stupid brother decided it was a good idea to suddenly throw her into a new group. She recognized only two faces, those of Kurt and Finn, who both gave her welcoming smiles.

"You're so small…" said a light, dreamy voice, which came from a blonde girl donning a cheering uniform and a ponytail. "Are you like… a fairy?"

"Seriously, Eyebrows, does Hobbit blood run through the veins of your family?" said the girl sitting next to the blonde. This girl had caramel skin, her dark hair pulled into its own ponytail.

"Roxie, meet Brittany and Santana," Blaine muttered, half sincere, half unimpressed.

"Well, I for one am happy to meet you, Roxie!" said a third girl, the brunette sitting cozily next to Finn. "I'm Rachel Berry, and I'm quite fond of your skirt!"

Roxie looked down at her white boho skirt, having completely forgotten that she'd put it on to begin with. "Thanks," she said, blushing.
"Seriously, are you a fairy?" Brittany said again, blinking. Roxie managed her first light giggle of the day.

"I like to put it that way," she said, jokingly.

"As happy as I am to see you, Roxie," Kurt said sweetly, tinkling his slender fingers in a little wave to his boyfriend's sister, "Blaine, is there a reason you dragged the poor girl here?"

"Well, Roxie-"

"I-I'm starting school here," she interrupted, deciding to speak for herself. Blaine smirked with satisfaction. "Tomorrow. And, um… I was… I was hoping to join the glee club." Mr. Schuester grinned, happy to hear this.

"That's great! We can always use new members," he said, approaching her from the piano. "Do you have an audition song?" She fought the urge to blush again as she nodded.

"Yeah. I've… I've been working really hard on it," she said as everyone else sat down to watch her. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched Blaine distribute the proper sheet music. She took a breath as he sat down, the music starting, bringing her to sing:

"The name on everybody's lips is gonna be… Roxie."

She continued to sing, gaining more confidence as she went. She ignored Blaine mouthing the words and making slight gestures for her to continue her syncopation, or pull into a slight fortissimo. She continued to sing, feeling more and more in her element.

"And who in case she doesn't hang, can say she started with a bang."

She felt undefeatable. The more she sang, the more confident she felt. She felt the familiar energy of performing inside of her. She'd never been able to do this at Crawford Country Day. She moved, danced, and fell completely into character. For that short song, she was Roxie Hart. She was being noticed; by Brittany and Santana, by the blonde boy with the somewhat large mouth, and by the rather attractive boy with the prettiest blue eyes she'd ever seen. She met his glance for a few lines, causing his cheeks to flush red, blinking innocently.

"Foxy Roxie Hart."

Roxie sighed, catching her breath as the song ended, suddenly met with applause. "That was wonderful!" Mr. Schuester said, clapping. "You're definitely an Anderson. Roxie, I think we'd all be delighted to have you in New Directions." The room applauded her again as Schuester pulled her aside to have her complete the sign-up form.

She'd been overlooking information for what seemed like an eternity before she felt a tap on her shoulder. Peeking slightly, she met eyes with the same boy from just a while ago, the one with the blue eyes. "O-oh, hi! I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable when I looked at you, I was just so into-"

"No, it's alright!" he insisted, and she gasped inwardly at his heavy Irish accent. "I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Rory Flanagan." He held his hand out to hers, smiling. Roxie eagerly took it to hers, shaking hands and trying not to verbalize how much larger his hand was than hers.

"Roxie Anderson," she replied, their eyes still connected. It felt like a second eternity before Rory actually released her hand.

"I-I… I'm excited to sing with you," he said, blushing softly.

"And I you," she replied. Rory smiled, shoving his hands into his jeans pockets, and walking back toward the blonde boy.

Note to self: Thank Blaine.

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Seasons of Love! This story is going to have twelve chapters, it's title and basis each from one song, in typical Glee fashion. This chapter's song and namesake are from Roxie from the Broadway musical Chicago.

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