It's rare that… I feel comfortable writing for a fandom not technically finished. But seeing as how I'm at least not left far behind, I suppose it won't be problematic, and this idea has just been pacing around my head since the eleventh episode came, so…

Note, by the way, that as I write British-English I spell "Saber" as "Sabre" to not annoy spell-check. Pronunciation is the same, anyway, so what do Japanese care?

It was rare for women - people, as of late - to interest him. Oh, certainly, they were beautiful creatures, and they did hold the modicum of power over him that was at the centre of desire (it was hard to deny soft curves, large, innocently vulnerable eyes, pale, tender skin… But those were ramblings for another day). It rarely lasted for long, however, a tangling in the sheets or two and he craved someone new. Few women had denied him throughout his existence, both as King of Uruk and as a Heroic Spirit, either out of respect for who he was or their own desire - the few who had dared had quickly been persuaded otherwise.

He sometimes even found himself bored with them, despite physical appearance.

He had deduced there were four kinds of women: those who knew they were beautiful, and used it; those who knew, and didn't care; those who didn't believe they were, and tried to use it despite of that; those who didn't believe, and thus didn't try to use it. Of course, those four were extremes, and occasionally you would find someone in between those, he generally found the second the more alluring, and certainly more amusing.

Sabre, however, this so-called 'King of Knights' interested him. Although he knew that golden hair was common among people of the north, his initial instinct upon seeing hair of such shimmering quality had been to ask which divinity she had descended from. Her eyes (so like emeralds) had only furthered that belief. If only she hadn't imposed upon his title, he might even have done so. Instead, he was angry at her and wanted to punish her as the uncouth impostor she was.

But he was ordered to let it be by the power of those detestable Command Seals.

It wasn't until, some days later, Iskandar the Pretender invited him to his - somewhat ridiculous - "Grail Dialogue" that he got a chance to revise his view on her. Of course, he had at first thought her a silly girl, giving her life to a country… How very ridiculous! A king was not a slave to his people.

But then he had understood, even as the impostor Rider had not. She protected her people; she was their shield and the tall walls that kept them safe.

Just like the ones he had erected around Uruk to keep his people safe.

If any of those two charlatans had actually understood what the concept of being a king was, it was the little girl. Naïve though she was, as if she had based all her believes of kingship on what a knight ought be.

The look of pain, of doubt, of worry that had widened those precious eyes and creased her brow had looked positively splendid. He could see the strength, the pride, the ferocity of a warrior just behind the curtain of agony the words of the warlord-who-would-be-king inspired. If the fraud had used just the right word or turn of phrase, the warrior would have broken free like a lion from a frail cage and she would have given as good as she got, impressing upon him how little of a king he was.

However, the words that would have caused such a display (how magnificent it would have been, he had nearly uttered them himself) were said in farewell and did not give Sabre the chance to cry her lion's roar.

Instead, he had to ascertain her pride. Hoping that the next time she met that tyrannous warlord she would eat him up and spit him out.

But by Marduk, if she wasn't interesting!

I like Gilgamesh as a character. I think he's very interesting. Although I do to wonder how a warrior from the middle-east can have white skin and blond hair.

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