Just because. Why else? Because I'm an infrequent updater. An anonymous reviewer asked for the last chapter if Gilgamesh was gay. The answer: Assyriologists are debating that, too. Although he did have wives, concubines and children in plenty, so the debate is more whether he was straight or bi. Of course, it might just have been a metaphor for how much Gilgamesh would love Enkidu. Take your pick.


That little, sickly-pale, freak-eyed, heretical minx!

No, not minx. She was too stubborn, too down-to-earth, too ethereal (never mind how contradictory that seemed), too distant to be a minx. He wouldn't be surprised if she'd quite forgotten she had a womb!

Hell-cat she was, then.

That suited her, too. Cats could have green eyes and golden coat.

But they were sacred animals.

So was she, basically. As a blonde, emerald-eyed human she was a wonder by the Gods, thus sacred. As a human of knowledge and education she was sacred. As a king, even a false usurper, she was sacred.

Except she loathed that last title.

No, not loathed. Bore it, and oh so beautifully, but recognized the weight. She had realized her folly in claiming kingship, that she couldn't bear the burden of being so elevated, of being so mighty.

But all backwards.

The burden of protecting her people? Of serving them?

What womanly ideas! To serve and please. The idea was a mockery in and of itself. To protect.

Ah, but that wasn't.

She was willing to give everything she'd ever had, ever been, ever fought and bled (and cried? The thought gave him pause) for away, throw it away to be destroyed. As if it was nothing, worthless.

Because she hadn't been the perfect king.

Which was silly. Of course she hadn't been. She wasn't even a king, he was the only king.

Where was he going with all of this? Where had he come from?

From hell-cat to...


Enkidu would love her. Or hate her. Maybe he would be envious of the privileges and attention she received, never mind just how much she would disdain them and struggle against him and the restraints he put on her.

Or maybe he would be the only bright point in her existence. A kind, intelligent human being, who would never dream of harming her, of humiliating her further? That his motivations for the latter had little to do with respect for her and more for him would be irrelevant.

He groaned.

Again and again. Enkidu haunted his thoughts and his dreams as often as his Queen did, these days.

Often it would be both at once.

Ah, that bade pleasant memories of dusty dreams arise in his mind. Languid pleasures, beautiful bodies displayed as the Gods saw them, warmth surrounding them in the form of an abundance of water turned to steam, blessed interplays of light and shadow...

Even his breath was a little shallow after his mind had indulged so.

But, ah, how beautiful it was. Light reflected in the water stored in the warm lakes and rivers of the body was the only measure he could find within his own vast vaults of knowledge.

Sabre: Has he always been this unhinged?

Enkidu: What did you expect from someone who's two-thirds god, and regularly reminded of that?

Sabre: How does that even work, mathematically speaking?

Enkidu: No idea. I never got around to asking a mathematician.

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