A/N: Hello again! I must say that this is a fanfiction inspired by *another* fanfiction by DigitalSkitty called "Dark Knight". I just so in love at how she portrayed Deidara and Sasori, and I couldn't get enough of her work…+ sadly she stopped writing Naruto fanfiction… But I'm keeping Sasori and Deidara alive in my heart and in my writing. Unlike her fantastic work with her amazing plot and twist, mine just some random drabbles. SasoDei drabble.

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The Akatsuki is known to keep changing their base. Sometimes it was in the mountain of Iwa, another time it was an underground cave in Suna, and now it's a cave in Ame. Like their previous lairs, this base has so many rooms and corridors like a huge maze.

Sasori was sitting on his desk in his room; improving yet again a part of Hiruko. He shut his eyes in annoyance when he heard a knock on the door.

"Come in." he said.

Deidara swung open the door and marched in, oblivious to his partner. He brought in his hands his blankets, and a couple of change clothes, and of course his clay pouch.

"What are you doing?" Sasori asked in low, dangerous tone. Deidara smiled sheepishly, "You see, I think I'm gonna sleep here starting tonight, yeah."

"And what makes you think you can do that?"

"Because I can't sleep in my room... I crafted too many sculpture and before I know they covered all surface. I can't even walk in there, let alone sleep in my bed." he scratched his head awkwardly.

"And why is that make you automatically can sleep in my room?"

"Because, Sasori-danna, you won't mind, yeah. You don't even sleep. See?" Deidara marched ahead and picked up a part of Hiruko's tail Sasori had been working on. "This, this is the only thing you do ALL day and night. Either that or checking in with Kabuto to create more poison."

Sasori sighed in disbelief; his fingers ran through his hair, "Even if I don't need sleep, Deidara, but I can use some time to rest. I'm not all wood, you know. I still have my human heart." he growled.

Deidara gasped. "Sasori-danna, you have a heart? I can't believe it! Why you always act like you don't have it?" with that, Deidara and Sasori were engaged in a game of tag for more or less an hour. A game of tag would be an over statement, because really, it was just Deidara running all over the place and hiding with Sasori right behind him. Sometimes the younger shinobi pulled some occasional jutsu like bunshin or kawarimi to dodge tag (even involving some explosions and running away in bird).

In the end, Deidara was caught by that metal cord from Sasori stomach, and being hanged upside down.

"I'm sorry! I will never say that you don't have a heart again!" he shouted in shrill voice. The older shinobi dropped him unceremoniously to the ground. Deidara dusted off and straightened his Akatsuki uniform. "Really, Danna… that's quite degrading." he pouted.

"Just remember your place, brat." Sasori replied coldly.

"Hey hey, Danna. Can I ask you something?" all embarassment seemed to be gone, and curiousity took place.


"Why do you always look so gloom, yeah? Why don't you ever look… happy?" Deidara obviously ignored the rejection.

Sasori put one hand on his hip and one hand rubbing his temple and said with a low voice, "Deidara… I swear…"

"No, I mean… it might be fun, yeah. To be happy once in a while." he grinned, oblivious to the murderous aura.

The puppeteer looked at him for a moment, and then smirked, "You think you can make me happy? And by making me happy you mean by keeping me company, instead of being a mission partner?"

"I'm still your mission partner, of course. But I'll be your roomate too, I guess…"

Something about Deidara made him want to believe it. Maybe he can relax too once in a while. This annoying brat is usually irritating, but it won't hurt to let him stay with him for a while… Probably.

"You can stay in my room. Just don't touch my stuff, don't use my blankets, don't talk to me and don't bother me." Finally the Suna-nin gave in.

Deidara grinned even wider, "Yosh! I'll start moving my things, Danna!"

Sasori stared at him blankly, "Didn't you already moved your blanket and your clothes?"

"Huh? Danna, you can't be serious, right?" and laughed away. Later, the redhead found on his desk a pile of animal design sketches, samples of mixture of clay with other materials (Deidara was experimenting if he can make the bomb any stronger), an even bigger clay pouch, a few hairbands, a comb, toothbrush, an extra scope, and two bottles of shampoo.

Sasori had immediately regretted his decision.