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Monday morning, 6:30am all was quiet, as Ronald Weasley got ready for work.

He smiled down at his wife of eleven years as she slept peacefully, the latest Quibbler on the bedside table next to her, notched into the only spot that didn't contain pictures of their twins and their extended family.

He put on his travelling cloak, bent down to give her a gentle kiss on the forehead so as to not wake her and left their bedroom.

He poked his head into Brandon's small orange covered bedroom to see his leg hanging out from under his blanket and hear him snoring just as Ron had begun to do at his age.

He then looked in on Alice, seeing just the slightest bit of blonde hair poking out from under her blanket in her own small neat bedroom, the total opposite of her brother, whose room was scattered with Chudley Cannon memorabilia and dirty clothes.

He closed the door on his sleeping daughter and went to the small living room of their little bungalow and entered the fireplace, quietly calling out "Ministry of Magic" and dropping a hand full of floo powder.

He stepped out of the one of the ministry fireplaces and met Harry in the entrance hall.

"All right mate?" his oldest friend asked.

Ron smiled and nodded and the two Aurors made their way to the security desk to present their wands and start their workday.

As they were now both senior Auror's and partners they shared an office, which they made their way to after getting a nod from the security guard and entering the lifts.

"Everything set for your anniversary dinner tonight then?" Harry asked as they sat at their desks and drank some coffee.

"Yeah, mum's cooking and I'm picking the food up along with the twins on the way home. I figured I'd just conjure some candles and roses when I get home, Xenophilius is keeping Luna at the Quibbler offices later for me" Ron replied.

"What about you and Gin?" Ron asked.

"Ginny knows, it's not a surprise. I'm going to take her out to dinner and a muggle movie" Harry answered.

"I hope Hermione and Draco don't mind helping us both out tonight, six kids is a lot to handle" Harry mused.

"'Mione said it was okay, and anyway in that huge house and with all those house elves I'm sure they'll manage, we're just an apparation away if they need us" Ron reassured his best friend.

Just as they finished their coffee's one of the Auror department secretaries, Madame Menot entered with a file.

"Mundungus Fletcher is up to his old tricks again," she grumbled as she dropped the file on Harry's desk and scurried out of the office looking harassed.

"Good old Dung, never leaves us without work eh" Ron joked grabbing his cloak and drinking the last dregs of his coffee.

"Let's go have some fun" Harry replied grinning and he pair left their office.


Back at the bungalow, Luna was getting the twins ready for their morning tutorial. "Come along now, finish your breakfast, we need to get to Grimmauld Place very soon" she told her children.

She eventually managed to wrangle Brandon into his travelling cloak as Alice waited patiently by the fireplace and they each took turns getting in and calling out the address of the Potter's home.

The twins joined James and Albus in the room Harry had specially decorated to be their classroom as their school tutor began their daily lessons of spelling and maths.

Luna and Ginny sat in the kitchen and chatted over tea and biscuits.

"So, any plans for tonight?" Ginny asked her brothers' wife.

"Oh Ron has planned a surprise evening for me, I haven't let on that I know" Luna replied, her dreamy smile firmly placed on her face.

"I have a bit of a surprise for Harry" Ginny said, "I haven't told anyone yet, not even mum but I'm pregnant"

"That's wonderful Gin" Luna exclaimed, engulfing her friend in a quick hug.

"I'm only three weeks in, I'm hoping for a girl now, three boys in the house is enough without adding another" Ginny laughed.

"You never know, it might be twins" Luna joked, "Come on we can find out"

"What are you talking about? It's too early to tell" Ginny responded.

"Didn't you read last months Quibbler?" Luna asked dreamily, "I wrote an entire article on twins"

"Oh Luna please, yes I read it and no it won't work, you know I don't believe in all that stuff" Ginny replied exasperated.

"Don't be silly, now lean back" Luna chided her and began a series of strange and complicated had movements over Ginny's flat abdomen.

Ginny sighed and let her have at it. After a few moments Luna sat back down. "No definitely only one" she said and carried on with her tea as if everything she just did was perfectly normal.

"Anyway, I'm sure we'll announce it to everyone tomorrow but don't tell Ron until after tonight, I want to surprise Harry" Ginny said placing her hand over her abdomen.

Luna agreed and they carried on chatting until the children's lesson finished and Luna and the twins left.

They went to Diagon Alley, Brandon grumbling through all of the shopping trip and only stopping when they sat and ate ice cream at Fortescue's.

Luna then dropped the children with Molly and went to her father's offices to work on her articles for the now infamous Quibbler, being married to one of the Golden Trio certainly helped sales.

She knew that Ron was going to take the children to Draco and Hermione's but pretended to be blissfully unaware when he flooed her from the Burrow to ask what time she would be home.


After finishing the Floo call and profusely thanking his mother for the Lasagne and Garlic Bread she had cooked and charmed to stay warm, Ron apparated the children to the boundaries of Malfoy Manor.

As they entered he heard the Floo activate in the parlour and walked down the long hallway to find his sister with James, Albus and Hermione.

"Are you sure you can handle all of them?" Ginny was saying as he entered the room.

"Of course, go and have a lovely anniversary" Hermione replied smiling, "the same goes for you Ron" she said as he opened his mouth to ask the same question.

"Go on now the pair of you" she said after giving them both a hug.

Ginny went first and after thanking Hermione again and warning Brandon to behave Ron followed his sister and Flooed home.

As soon as he entered the bungalow, he set to work.

He plated up the food and reinforced his mothers heating charm before placing it all on the table.

He conjured candles all around the room and in their bedroom then waving his wand, placed a trail of rose petals from the front door to the table then onto their bedroom, where he placed a bunch of eleven roses on the bed wrapped in a red velvet ribbon.

When he heard the crack of Luna's apparation outside the front door, he lit the candles and stood at the table waiting for her to come in.

She entered and smiled as she took in the scene in front of her.

"Happy anniversary babe" Ron said as he took her cloak from her shoulders and planted a small kiss on her neck.

"This is beautiful" Luna whispered as she walked towards the table. The candles gave the room a warm glow and the smell of the Lasagne was making her mouth water.

They sat at the table and began to eat just taking the opportunity to talk without having to work around Brandon bashing his knife and fork against the table and fighting with Alice.

Luna told Ron about the extension being built at the Quibbler offices, the need for bigger printing presses and stock areas becoming extreme.

Ron told Luna what he could about his cases, being very careful not to give out information that was to be kept strictly private. They enjoyed their meal and held hands over the table as they drank Elderflower wine.

Eventually Ron got up from his seat and walked around the table to wear Luna was looking up at smiling at him.

He bent down and placed a kiss on her lips and slipped an arm under her legs and around her shoulders, lifting her like his bride and making her shriek and laugh at the surprise movement.

He placed his lips upon hers again and walked them to the bedroom. He placed her on top of the bed and continued to kiss her as he reached over for the roses.

He pulled his lips from hers and handed her the roses, "one for each year" he whispered, kissing her neck and sucking on her ear lobe as he settled himself between her legs, pulling her shirt off and her skirt up, bunching it at her hips.

They kissed and touched and whispered their love to each other in the glowing light of the candles, the roses giving the room a sweet scent.

Ron moved over Luna's body gently, touching and caressing every part of her, with his fingers, lips and tongue.

Luna's body arched and she moaned every time he touched a sensitive spot, gripping the sheets and writhing under him.

Eventually he settled his face between her thighs, pulled down her lacy panties and pleasured her with his tongue, eventually slipping his fingers into her entrance to aid his quest of bringing her to the first of many orgasms he planned to give her that night.

He curled his fingers inside her as he assaulted her with his tongue from the outside and quickly had her crying out his name.

He continued to pump and curl his fingers in her as she rode out her ecstasy, eventually crawling up her body, leaving kisses on her skin along the way and eventually made it to her mouth where he allowed her to taste herself.

Luna moaned at the taste and used her thighs to flip them over, crawling down Ron's body and removing his work trousers and underpants with her wand.

She immediately engulfed his hard length in her mouth and began to suck, hollowing out her cheeks to take him as far as she could.

She pleasured him the way she knew he enjoyed, humming each time he hit the back of her throat and massaging his balls with her hand as she bobbed up and down on his length.

Ron got close quickly; he gripped her hair and helped her find a quicker pace, thrusting up slightly when she gagged around him.

The feel of Ron's hand on her head turned Luna on even more and she began to lick and suck in earnest, eventually tugging on Ron's balls and making him cum instantly, which she swallowed without missing a drop.

Ron grunted and moaned as she swallowed everything he gave her and eventually fell back against the bed panting with Luna climbing up to lay on top of him.

They curled around each other, kissing and touching, Ron rubbing himself against his wife, making himself hard again, rolling them so he was on top of her and slipping inside of her, thrusting slowly into her over and over.

He held her hand above her head and thrust his tongue into her mouth as he slowly pushed them both to the edge.

They made love well into the night calling each other's names and whispering their love until the sun came up.

"I love you babe," he whispered into his sleeping wife's ear before curling around her and going to sleep.

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