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Hermione lay down on the sofa in the parlor and grumbled as she tried to get comfortable.

She loved the decorations that her mother-in-law had painstakingly chosen for the Manor, but the antique Chaise Lounge with such hard contours and an unforgiving base did not help her mood when she had a three year old running around and was a week overdue in her second pregnancy.

The pregnancy from hell as she now called it.

The constant sickness from the eighth week she could handle. The inability to stay awake for more than an hour at a time after the thirty-fifth week was irritating but manageable but now that she was forty-one weeks pregnant and unable to get up or sit down without help she was just plain pissed.

She fidgeted again and managed to turn on her side to watch Anthony playing with his toy dragons. Her belly was heavy and uncomfortable, the pressured feeling made her hope that maybe today it would happen. She welcomed the sharp pain of contractions over the constant ache in her back and legs.

"Hermione dear. Why don't I go and fetch your parents for the day. It is a Sunday, their practice would be shut would it not?" Narcissa asked as she walked into the room and saw the miserable look on her daughter-in-laws face.

"Draco took dad to the Quidditch match," Hermione replied in her sad monotone.

"Hermione dear, it's dreadful to see you so down. The baby will come when it's ready, please try to relax," Narcissa soothed.

"I know it will Narcissa. But I'm at the point where I have really had enough. St. Mungo's want to induce me but you know how I feel about that. I just want to get this kid out of me," Hermione groaned, turning onto her back again and throwing an arm over her face.

"I'll go and pick up Jean. We can have a nice afternoon together while the men are at the match. I'm sure that will make you feel better," Narcissa decided. She had never seen Hermione in such a despondent state.

"Would you like me to take Anthony with me?" she asked, as she stood.

Hermione nodded and closed her eyes, rubbing slow circles into her large belly.

Narcissa placed her grandson on her hip and walked out of the living room, smiling as Anthony called out, "bye" in his sweet little voice.


Twenty minutes later Hermione pulled herself off the sofa in response to tapping at the window. Hermione flicked her wand at the window and Harry's owl flew in carrying a letter for Hermione.

She gave the owl a bit of bread leftover from her lunch and took the letter from its leg. She opened it and caught something that fell out. She turned over the piece of paper and saw a picture of James cuddling baby Albus on the couch of Grimmauld Place's living room. A grin crossed her face as she watched James awkwardly holding the baby, and Ginny's hand occasionally coming into shot to prop the little baby's head up.

She went back to the letter

Dear Hermione

James and Albus just wanted to say hi.

I feel so much better now that I'm out of St. Mungo's and back in my own bed. Although I can't fault them, the emergency cesarean scared the hell out of me and they took such good care of the baby and me.

If you last much longer you should just let them induce you. You didn't look happy the other day.

I'm glad Draco talked Harry into going to the match; he was really getting on my nerves with all his hovering and fussing. I'm guessing you had something to do with that.

Enjoy the photograph, looking forward to seeing one from you soon.

All our love

Ginny, James and Albus xx

Hermione looked at the picture again and placed a hand over her belly; where the baby was kicking again. She was definitely looking forward to reciprocating and seeing Anthony cuddling his brother or sister.

She conjured a silver photo frame and placed the photo onto the mantelpiece along with the others of their friends and family. She slowly walked around the room, rubbing circles into her side.

The mediwitch who had examined her the day before had suggested taking long walks and evening primrose oil potion to help get things going. She wasn't dilated at all and the baby was still too high and not engaged. Hermione almost cried right there in the office!

Just as she settled onto the couch again, Anthony ran into the room and bounced onto the couch, followed by Narcissa and her mother.

"Hi mum," Hermione sighed as she awkwardly maneuvered around and threw a cushion to the floor in frustration.

"Oh my darling girl. Why are you being so stubborn? Just let them induce you," Jean Granger insisted.

"No. I don't want them pumping me full of drugs while the baby is in me. It will come when it's ready." Hermione argued back.

"You get your stubbornness from your father," her mother grumbled.

"I need to put Anthony down for his nap," Hermione ended the conversation; she was too irritable to listen to her mother admonishing her.

She began to struggle to pull herself up off the couch until Narcissa stood and picked Anthony up. He cuddled his toy close to his chest, his eyes were already dropping as he laid his head on Narcissa's shoulder, "I'll take him; your mother has come to see you."

"I'm just feeling irritable mum. I'm fine." Hermione said as soon as Narcissa had taken her young son from the room.

"I know my darling. And Narcissa says that your doctor suggested some things to get labour to start but it's not working." Jean countered.

"It was only yesterday," Hermione was exasperated.

"Well there is a lot more you can do, long trusted methods, here..." Jean handed Hermione a book, knowing that Hermione wouldn't be able to pass up the opportunity to read up on her problem.

"The big book of Old Wives Tales... Oh mum, don't be ridiculous. I'm sure my mediwitch knows what she's talking about," Hermione scoffed.

"Don't be so pessimistic Hermione. My midwife was just chock full of medical terminology when you were overdue and it was a combination of the methods in that book that got you out. Now, I am going to kiss my grandson before he goes to sleep and go home. Your father will be back from the game Draco took him too soon." Jean insisted, standing and kissing Hermione on the forehead, then turning to leave the room.

"Quidditch isn't like football mum, we don't know when the match will end. It could be some time next week," Hermione called after her mother, who had already left the room.

She sighed for what felt like the millionth time that day and opened the book to the contents page. She read down and then turned to the pages that gave advice about getting pregnant, ways to choose the sex of your baby and how to kick start labour.

Well it was far too late to read the first two sections so she skipped straight to the third. She skimmed through the pages at first and then shot a wide-eyed look at the door her mother had not long before stepped through, she really didn't want to know which of these methods her mother and father had used!

It was information she never needed!

She slammed the book shut and put in on the side table, covering it with her letter from Ginny, another book and her lunch plate just to be safe.

She would look later, when she was feeling braver and Draco was with her, hopefully stopping her imagination conjuring images of her parents using some of those methods.

She got up off the couch and decided to lie down and have a nap. That would get her energies up for later when she dragged Draco on a long walk around the grounds of Malfoy Manor.


Draco returned much later that evening, singing a Puddlemere United song at the top of his voice as he swayed in the foyer of the Manor.

"Oh Draco, please say you didn't send my father home drunk?" Hermione groaned as, dressed in her dressing gown, she walked out of the lounge, where she had been waiting for him.

"Your father is *HIC* fine, and Potter took *HIC* him home, neither of them *HIC* had a drink" Draco slurred and hiccupped, trying to lean forward and plant a slobbery kiss on Hermione's mouth.

"Oh No you don't Draco Lucius Malfoy. You stink of firewhiskey. You were supposed to be home so that we could go for a walk and try to get labour going." Hermione griped at him.

"Don't be mad baby *HIC* the game finished late..." Draco began to sway forwards and Hermione had to quickly put a hand on his shoulder to stop him falling flat on his face.

"I listened to the score on the radio three hours ago Draco!" she admonished him. His eyes glazed over and he started to lean forwards again. Hermione huffed and summoned a potion from their bathroom. She caught it as it flew down the stairs, opened the vial and forced it into Draco's hand.

"Oh please don't make me drink Sober Up potion. I hate this crap," Draco groaned.

"Drink it. I need to talk to you." Hermione demanded.

"Is something wrong?" the desperation in Hermione's voice seemed to start sobering Draco up all on its own.

Hermione crossed her arms over her ample chest and waited for him to drink the potion. When he finally drank the fowl smelling blue liquid down she spoke.

"Nothing is wrong, except that I need to get this kid out of me! And I need your help."

Draco unscrewed his face after swallowing the horrible potion and instantly sobered up. His head began to pound and he felt sick.

"We can go for the walk tomorrow love. Why did I have to sober up? Weasley and I were just wetting baby Albus' head since Potter won't drink while Ginny is recovering." Draco explained, rubbing his temples.

"It doesn't matter, just come upstairs." Hermione sighed, taking his hand and leading him up the grand staircase.

She led him into their bedroom and crawled into the bed, struggling, just as she had been all day, to get comfortable.

Once laying in a position she could just about stand she handed him the book. "We need to start trying some of these methods of kicking off labour, I don't really believe in old wives tales but my mother swears by them and I want this baby out of me."

Draco rubbed his eyes and opened the on the page Hermione had dog-eared. He began to read down the list.

Eating Pineapple


Bounce on a birthing ball

Eating Spicy Food

"Hermione, what the hell is a birthing ball?" Draco asked, imagining some soft of ball that magically pulled the baby out.

"It's a big ball, like a gym ball that you can sit on and bounce. I've already owled mum and asked her to get us one." Hermione explained.

"You don't expect me to eat Pineapple with you do you? You know I hate Pineapple." Draco whined.

"Well if you don't do these things with me, then don't expect to do any of the other things on the list with me ever again!" Hermione growled. It really peeved her off when Draco whined about doing things such as this, considering all the fun he got to have getting her pregnant and the fact that he had to feel none of the pain.

Draco closed his mouth and looked down at the rest of the list

Nipple Stimulation

Ingesting Semen

Sexual Intercourse


"Well I definitely have no problem with helping with the lower part of the list." Draco quipped with a cheeky grin on his face.

"Oh ha ha ha. Well let me put it this way, no Pineapple, no blowjob." Hermione sarcastically quipped right back.

Draco's grin dropped immediately into a frown, "of course I will do anything you want baby. In fact..." he tried to run his hand down her side but she pushed him away.

"Don't even think about it. That potion might have sobered you up but you still smell like a brewery." Hermione bit out, turning over to go to sleep.

Draco sighed and went into the bathroom for a shower, grumbling about hormonal pregnant witches.


Over the next few days they tried a combination of eating Pineapple everyday, taking long walks around the Manor with Anthony and bouncing on the birthing ball just as the book suggested.

Hermione threw Draco out of the room after the first time she tried the ball as he spent the entire time ogling her bouncing breasts as she held onto his hands, and not being supportive at all.

They then turned to eating spicy curries and having chilies on their food every night. The only thing being affected was Hermione's stomach, as she had always hated spicy food, meaning she just vomited every day and still not so much as a twinge


After another week and another visit to see her Mediwitch Hermione was forced to concede defeat and agree to book an induction. She now had seven days to go into labour or she would be going into St Mungo's to have her water broken with a potion.

So far she had avoided the lower part of the list. She was too uncomfortable and too irritated to try and have sex and she most certainly wasn't in the mood to orally pleasure Draco, but she was getting desperate.

She gave in and tried the nipple stimulation with a breast pump. Draco found her sitting in their en suite with a baby bottle half filled with colostrum and the pump and began to get stroppy with her, as she had made him eat things he hated but wasn't including him in the things he actually wanted to do.

"Draco I'm not doing this for your pleasure and I am certainly not enjoying it!" she yelled at him when he grumbled.

He apologized and she put the pump down, grabbing his hand and gently placing it on her breast, jumping when he began to tweak her nipples. They sat for over an hour as instructed by the book and had to stop when Hermione's nipples became too sensitive and Draco's pants were so tight he thought they might burst at seam.

The next day they went for another long walk, this time without Anthony and once they got to the outer limits of the Manor, which was surrounded by the privacy of a large wall and a long line of oak trees began to make out like teenagers. Hermione was fed up of being fed up and decided to make an effort to be happy and have a little fun, whilst still trying to use any method she could to go into labour.

She pushed Draco against the wall and hidden by the trees, unzipped his trousers and began to pump his already stiffening penis. They kissed as she worked her hand up and down his length and once Hermione began to see the signs that he was getting close, very slowly got down on her knees and took him in her mouth.

She licked and sucked exactly how she knew he liked and continued to pump her hand around him until he gripped her hair and spilled his seed into her mouth. She swallowed and took his hand as he helped her back up. She crossed her fingers as they walked back up to the house that maybe that night be the night.


By the next day her bad mood was back as she was still pregnant, her back still hurt and Draco was in far too good a mood.

She threw her hairbrush at him when he greeted her fresh from the shower in the morning and he thanked Merlin that it could only be another five days before the baby would definitely be out and he would have his wife back.

"What time will you be finished with work Draco?" she asked, as he was about to leave the bedroom.

"Not late. I'm working in the home study all day today anyway," he responded, ready to duck in case a surge of hormones sent another object flying his way.

"Good, I think we should try ingesting semen and nipple stimulation today, I'll be eating pineapple for breakfast lunch and dinner." Hermione informed him in a regimented tone, and Draco left the room before letting out a sigh. Since when had the idea of a blowjob been so depressing?

He worked all day in his study, grumbling when his house elf Tipsy brought him a plate of pineapple and yet another curry for his lunch and decided that he would have to try and do whatever he could to get the baby out of his wife otherwise he may never want to talk to her again!

That night he ran a bath filled with rose petals and scented oils, set candles all around the bathroom and bedroom and put some soothing music onto the small gramophone in their bedroom.

He sent her to lie in the bath while he put Anthony to bed and came back to the bedroom to find a much more relaxed Hermione sitting at her dressing table, combing through her wet hair.

He walked over and laid his hand on her shoulders, massaging them as he laid a kiss on top of her head. "Are you feeling better love?"

Hermione nodded with a smile, "I'm sorry about the mood swings, I'm just so exhausted and uncomfortable. I can't sleep all night and then I fall asleep all throughout the day. I can't get up or sit down on my own. The bath was amazing but it was a mission to get back out again and I want my body back. I just can't stand being pregnant anymore."

"I know love. Let's see what we can do about it." Draco coaxed, helping her up from the dressing table and leading her over to the bed.

He gently directed her to sit on the edge of the bed and climbed on behind her, undoing her towel and carefully massaging her back. He tried his best to work all the knots out of her shoulders and back whilst sensually placing light kisses to her neck and collarbone.

He ran his hands down her sides and around her belly, laughing with her as the baby kicked his hand and eventually brought his fingers down to her clit, gently rubbing circles in it.

She sighed and laid her head back against his shoulder, spreading her legs a little more and closing her eyes. Draco used his hand to very gently play with her nipple giving her pleasure and sticking to the nipple stimulation plan all in one go and kissed her neck and earlobe, biting down gently as he worked her nether regions with his skilled fingers.

Hermione very slowly began to move against Draco's fingers and groaned when he moved away from her. Before she had the chance to admonish him for stopping he climbed off the bed and down on the floor between her legs.

He leant forward and gently moved his tongue against her entrance, finding her wet and ready. He nudged her legs and she opened them a little more bracing herself on her hands behind her.

Draco slipped a finger into her entrance and began to slide it in and out whilst flicking his tongue against her now engorged clit. He placed his other hand around her back to help support her and continued to lick, suck and nibble until she cried her orgasm and her whole body shook, groaning to himself as he felt her walls contract around his finger.

She moaned as he slid his finger out.

Draco kneeled up, his long body against hers and kissed her, pulling her to him, they kissed until Hermione could no longer sit in that position.

Draco helped her up from the bed and turned her so that her back was to his chest, gently pushing against her shoulders, bending her forward and sliding his throbbing erection into her slick folds.

His strokes were gentle yet firm. He worked them both to the brink, then bent forward and slipped a hand around her to send her over the edge, following as her walls squeezed around him.


The next morning Hermione went into labour.

The mediwitch was called to the Manor and came just in time to deliver Jessica Louise Malfoy, weighing 7lb 12ounces.

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