Title: Slow Down
Rating: M
Disclaimer: I make no money off this & this work does not reflect on the real lives of the wrestlers portrayed.
Warnings: Language, AU, psycho!Jeff, graphic non-con
Summary: Adam is pulled over on a deserted road, never suspecting how drastically his life is about to change.

A/N: So, this is my first rape fic. It got more brutal than I intended. Blame Muse JD for coming out of the dungeon. Should be a two-shot.

Jeff Hardy watched the blue and red lights flicker over the car in front of him for a moment, holding a cigarette to his lips and taking a final drag. He'd already pulled a few people over tonight, letting them go with a warning to slow the fuck down. No one questioned him or even gave him a second glance. Just handed over their information and moved on. Sheep.

"Now I know why you pigs are such assholes," Jeff mumbled as he stubbed his smoke on the dashboard. "You're all fucking bored out of your thick skulls."

He glanced towards the backseat, but the naked body that lay there seemed more interested in staring up at the car roof with those empty blue eyes than replying to Jeff. Jeff shrugged and checked his reflection in the rearview, adjusting the police hat over his bun, making sure no loose strands hung around his face. The sides of his head were buzzed close, so with the hat on he looked like any other crew-cut pig. He'd even shaved his face for the ruse. The concealer on his neck tattoos was starting to fade, but by the time whoever was in that car noticed them it would be too late.

Jeff stepped out of the car and into the bright moonlight. The full moon and the spotlight he had trained on the other car diminished the effect of the flashing cherries, despite the lack of streetlights. His boots crunched over the gravel that scattered the back road, dragged from unpaved side roads that met up with this lonely highway. This was the only car he'd seen close to this area tonight, and Jeff had almost given up finding someone out here. He approached the driver's side with a flashlight held over his shoulder, hand on the butt of his new gun and nightstick thumping against his thigh with every step. He liked the feel of it. Definitely keeping this belt.

The car's window whirred as it came down, and Jeff smiled as he was met with the sight of waves of blond hair. Jeff had a thing for blondes.

"License and registration," he said as he shone the flashlight into the most beautiful face he'd ever seen. Soft, pink lips, pretty dimples dancing in his cheeks as he gave a polite, white-toothed smile that didn't quite reach his hazel-green eyes. The face flinched, those eyes blinded by the glare of the flashlight, just as Jeff had intended. He just wanted to watch the beauty twitch, and he was not disappointed.

Jeff didn't really care if his prey could ID him or not. He wasn't wearing gloves and he intended to leave a nice little puddle of DNA on the seat of the cop car when he ditched it. Fucking with the po' and rubbing their noses in their incompetence was half the fun. He'd disappear tomorrow, then come back to his hometown in a few years to fuck with them some more. Eh, it was a hobby.

"Do you know why I pulled you over?" Jeff asked as the blonde handed over his paperwork. Adam Joseph Copeland. Had a nice ring to it.

"I was going a little fast, wasn't I?" Adam said meekly. "Sorry." Jeff knew most cops ate that shit up. They tended to go easier on people who owned up and were polite. Unfortunately for Adam Copeland, Jeff wasn't a cop, and he wasn't going to go easy on him. At all.

"I'm going to run your information. Stay put," Jeff said, and went back to the car. Once inside, he wrote down Adam's address. He had a strange feeling about this one, and Jeff never said no to his instincts. He smoked another cigarette and chatted with the complacent officer who had been kind enough to lend him the car and uniform. When he figured he'd let Adam squirm long enough, he went back to start the game.

"Mr. Copeland, could you step out of the car please?" The tone in Jeff's voice made clear this was not a request. After a second of hesitation, the door opened and long, denim-clad legs swung out. Adam emerged and Jeff had to stop the low whistle that wanted to come to his lips. Adam was gorgeous. He was tall and lanky, with the solid musculature of a man that visited the gym often. Tattoos adorned his arms, some hidden by the sleeves of the tight tee that hugged his torso. Golden hair flowed over his broad shoulders, and his movements had a gentle elegance that were in tune with this pretty features.

"What's the trouble, Officer... Runnels?" he asked, peering at the badge on Jeff's chest. Clever bitch. He was making sure Jeff knew that he had a name to report if the situation went sideways. Of course, Jeff didn't care if Officer Runnels got reported. At this point the good officer himself didn't give much of a shit, either.

"This car's been reported stolen. Place your hands on the hood."

"But that's impossible!" Adam said, his eyes going wide. "It's my car. My name is on the registration!"

"Hands on the hood, sir. You can sort that out downtown."

"I don't have time to sort it out downtown!" Adam cried. "Listen, dumbass, my car has NOT been stolen!"

Jeff glared and unsnapped the strap that held the gun in place. Adam didn't miss it, and shut his big mouth quick. Jeff kinda hoped he got mouthy later, too. It would be nice to shut him up properly. "Hands. On. The. Hood. Sir." The false cop growled the last word and Adam gulped, turning his back and placing his palms on the car's hood.

Jeff felt his dick stir against the fabric of his uniform slacks. Such a sweet, round ass. Jeff licked his lips and stepped behind the other man as he bent, buttocks so temptingly upturned. This bitch was begging for it.

Jeff placed his hands on Adam's shoulders and patted down his sides, feeling how tight his muscles were wound. He kicked at Adam's feet, knocking them wider. "Spread." He couldn't help the purr in his voice. Adam made a little noise of irritation that turned to a gasp when Jeff's hands slipped under his shirt.

"What are-"

"Shhh..." Jeff soothed, sliding his fingers up hard abs and over his chest. That's when the light clicked on for Adam. He shouted and tried to jerk out of the other man's grasp, but Jeff shoved a knee between his legs, forcing him against the hood and pinching his nipples. "There are two ways we can do this," Jeff growled in his ear. "You be a good boy and let me search you, I'll forget all about this car thing and by morning you'll be tucked in your bed, thinking this is all just a bad dream. Or, you can fight me and i'll take you downtown, book you and put you in a cell."

"Book me for what?" Adam snarled back.

"Resisting," Jeff replied with a smirk. "And I have the keys to that cell, darlin. Little jail in a sleepy town like this, it'll be just you and me. All night long." He twisted the erect nubs of his nipples slowly, pressing his stiffening cock into the back of his jeans and loving the way Adam bucked against him. "Don't forget, I'm the one with the gun."

Adam stilled. Jeff liked it when they fought and struggled, but Adam had the potential to put up a mean fight, and Jeff didn't feel like physically subduing him. It had been a long night and he just wanted to play. He flicked the taut nipples with his fingernails and caressed down his sides again, hands resting on his hips.

"Please... don't..." Adam whimpered. In a flash Adam had his face pushed against the still-warm hood and his hands cuffed behind his back.

"I told you to be a good boy." Jeff knelt behind Adam and lifted the pant legs, sticking his fingers into the tops of his boots, actually checking for weapons. A hidden knife or something would be bad news, but Adam was clean. He ran his hands up each long leg, feeling his muscles through his jeans. He would love to have those strong legs clamped around his waist. Maybe he would have to do a home invasion. For now, though...

Jeff reached between those legs to grope at his crotch, feeling the warmth radiating from his thighs as he squeezed his balls. He heard a low groan from the blonde and smirked. "Let's see what you've got in your pockets, hm?" He stood and checked the back pockets first, finding only his wallet attached to a chain. He unhooked it and tossed it through the still-open driver's side window, then dug his fingers back into the pocket. His other arm wound around Adam's waist as he felt the firm globe of his ass, rubbing his hard-on against the other cheek. He took his hand out and shoved it into Adam's front pocket, finding nothing but digging deeper anyway as the blonde grunted.

"What have we got here?" Jeff asked, grabbing the swelling width of Adam's shaft through the thin material of the pocket. "Getting hard from this? What kind of slut are you?" Oh, he was going to make this one cum. Nothing broke a man quite like being forced to orgasm with another man's dick in his ass.

"Please... I don't... don't want..."

"You don't?" Jeff asked, rubbing. "Feels like you do. Or maybe that's not your dick. I should make sure it's not a weapon." He removed his hand to unbuckle Adam's belt and pop the button of his jeans.

"Oh god, stop, please..." He tried to wiggle away in panic, and Jeff leaned over to chuckle in his ear as he pulled the zipper down. He shoved the jeans down his hips, eyes meeting with a purple cotton thong.

"What's this, slut?" He hooked a finger under the thong and yanked up, making the man on the car hood jump and whine prettily before letting loose a sob. Jeff slid his fingers around and over the front of the panties, running over Adam's solid length, then pulled them aside to openly fondle his cock. Adam's eyes screwed shut and he bit his lip against a pleasured grunt.

"Okay!" Adam gasped when Jeff gave the base a light squeeze. "Okay, you've had your feel. Please, let me go now. I... I won't speed anymore. I won't report anything. Just please, let me go."

"Why? So you can jack off while you drive away? That would be a traffic hazard," Jeff said with a barely suppressed giggle. "I'm not done searching you yet. Damn, you are so fucking hard. What kind of freak are you, getting off from a police search?" He let go of Adam's cock and tugged the thong down to his thighs. Adam started to raise up, but Jeff's hand on his back shoved him down onto the hood before grabbing a handful of blond locks and pulling him back up. "Now just reLAX!" he said through his teeth, slamming the side of his face into the car.

Adam blinked, dazed, and Jeff took the opportunity to spread those round cheeks apart, gazing at his tiny pink pucker. Oh, he was going to make it so red. He leaned down to spit into Adam's crack and pressed his fingertips to his entrance.

"Sorry I don't have any gloves for the cavity search," he said. He wriggled his fingers, opening that tight ring of muscle and shoving inside. There was nothing gentle about the way Jeff dug into Adam's constricting hole. He crooked his fingers and jerked his entire hand around, stretching him ruthlessly while Adam screamed and writhed, feet scraping at the asphalt as he tried to squirm away from the intrusion. Jeff laughed and pushed deeper, looking for and finding his hidden button. He rubbed into it and Adam gave a strangled cry, arching and going to his toes. "Feel good, slut? Such a naughty cunt. Hm, I don't think I'm going deep enough."

Jeff withdrew his fingers and reached for the nightstick. He slid it out of the belt loop and rubbed its cool, smooth length into Adam's crack.

"No no no, no don't, oh god..." Then the water works really started.

"This would be a lot easier if you would calm down." Jeff pushed the rounded end of the nightstick into Adam's entrance, watching the poor hole stretch around the black width and ignoring the blonde's shrieks. He slid the nightstick back, seeing wetness gleam in the light of the spot and the cherries that still flashed over them. It was impossible to see the deep red against the black of the rod, but Jeff knew it was blood.

"I wonder how deep a slut like you could take it?" Jeff asked, shoving the cold stick in again. It would warm soon enough with friction and Adam's body heat. He placed a hand on the small of Adam's back, fingers dipping into the shallow dimples there. Back and forth he slid the nightstick, the movement getting deeper and easier with each pass as blood slicked the makeshift toy. Adam was reduced to a whimpering, teary mess, hands clenched and wrists straining against the cuffs.

Jeff reached up and dragged back the hair that stuck to the tear tracks and light stubble on Adam's pretty face. So beautiful, those plump lips pouting, then curling back to show perfect, chattering white teeth. Jeff badly wanted to feel those teeth sink into his neck. Adam's eyes were bloodshot and puffy, showing dark green against the red as they rolled wildly up at him.

"You... you won't... get away with this," Adam gasped in a harsh voice. Jeff wiggled the stick deep inside him, watching those eyes roll up as Adam groaned.

"I'm sure you know every car is equipped with cameras. We're being recorded right now, no way I can erase it. Wave hi," Jeff said, waving at the cop car with a giggle. "They'll review the tape, see what a whore you are, seeing this thick rod sticking out from between your pretty cheeks." He smacked one for emphasis, loving how the flesh bounced and the handprint fill in with dark pink. Adam squeaked, eyes glued to what he could see of the car that looked suddenly menacing, bearing down on them both, angry lights twirling. Jeff reached under him to feel his dangling cock. He'd softened some, but Jeff would take care of that. "My buddies and I will watch this over and over again. I'll think about it at night while I cum in my hand, picturing my cock inside you. So will they. All of them, they'll get so turned on, watching you writhe."

Jeff angled the nightstick, knowing by Adam's hitching breath and the twitch of the cock in his hand that he'd found his sweet spot. He slid the hard length across it, the moans and whimpers of the cuffed man making his own dick ache to be inside him. He pulled the rod out of his ass and brought it up to Adam's mouth.

"Lick it." Adam shook his head and Jeff grabbed the back of the blonde's neck, digging his nails in. "I said lick." Adam whined and hesitantly opened his mouth. He stuck his tongue out and barely touched it to the nightstick. "You can do better than that."

Jeff shoved the tip past swollen lips, Adam's eyes and jaw opening wide. At the same time, Jeff unzipped his slacks and freed his throbbing cock, slamming into his loosened, blood-slicked hole with one swift movement. Adam screamed around the nightstick, his own blood dripping off it around his lips, and Jeff pushed into both openings further, burying his cock to the hilt and jamming the stick into the back of his throat. Adam gagged and Jeff pulled the nightstick out, flinging it to the ground as Adam coughed and gasped. Oh, shit.

The coughing made Adam's white-hot channel spasm and clench around him, squeezing his dick with ungodly pressure before relaxing, then tightening again. Jeff thought his eyes would bug out of his head with each cough. He pulled back to the tip and pushed in again slowly, making Adam feel every hard inch penetrating him, filling him.

"Shit, you are so fucking tight. How does a slut like you stay so fucking tight?" Jeff wasn't going to last long. He reached under Adam's squirming hips and took his shaft. He was fully hard again. "Man, I thought I was a freak," he mused aloud, stroking Adam in time to his sharp thrusts.

"Stop, please stop! I don't want this, please!" Adam cried, sobbing.

"Keep begging, slut. Makes me hard." Jeff placed his other hand on the car and shifted, driving down into Adam at an angle and flicking his wrist as he stroked him. Adam arched under him, turning up his sweet ass and bucking back into his hips. "Oh, you gorgeous little slut. Gonna ruin you. You need this now. No one will ever get you off like I can, bitch," Jeff hissed, and Adam gave a shuddering moan.

"No... please, don't make me cum... oh god oh god... no... don't... gonna..."

"Oh, yes. I can feel you tightening up, tensing. Building inside you. Let it go, cunt. Cum on my dick."

The chain of the cuffs rattled as Adam pulled on them, surely chafing and cutting into the flesh of his wrists. Jeff thrust harder into Adam's secret spot, snapping his hips again and again as he jerked on the hot, throbbing dick in his hand. Adam whimpered one last time before he lost the fight and bit his lip, body jerking as jets of white splattered the side of his car and dripped over Jeff's fingers. Jeff raised his hand to his mouth and tasted his Adam. He was fucking delicious.

Jeff grabbed his hips and tugged him back, watching the wrecked hole swallow his blood-smeared dick. That was it for Jeff. He threw his head back and let out a feral yell, pistoning into the broken man laid out on the car, burning his insides with his cum. When he caught his breath, Jeff leaned over to purr in the blonde's ear.

"You belong to me now, Adam," he drawled, using the man's name for the first time. "No matter what you do, where you go, who you fuck, you'll always know you belong to Jeffy. Say my name."


His name sounded so lovely in his Adam's voice, harsh and stuttering as it was. It had never sounded sweeter. "Good," Jeff said, petting his hair. "And who do you belong to?"

"Y-You, Jeffy..." Adam stared straight ahead, blinking. Jeff kissed his cheek and stepped back, soft dick slipping out of its tight haven. He pulled the thong up over that contracting pucker, blood and cum soaking into the fabric. He rubbed over the area with his thumb, earning a groan before tugging the jeans back into place. He patted Adam's round bottom gently and uncuffed him, fixing his own fly before guiding him into the driver's seat and handing back the paperwork he'd kept in his pocket.

"Go home, Adam," he said, and stroked the trembling man's hair back."Remember, it won't do you any good to call the police. Drive carefully. And slow the fuck down." Jeff strolled back to the pigmobile, picking up the nightstick on the way and wiping it on his slacks. He got in the car to turn off the lights and smoke while waiting for Adam to drive away. He still had a lot of work to do tonight.