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Title: Slow Down
Rating: M
Warnings: Oh lord. Basically, if you're squeamish, don't read it. Non-con.

Jeff approached the shitty apartment complex. This was it. Where his Adam lived. Where he ate, drank, showered, jacked off, brushed his teeth, slept. All the little things Jeff wanted to see him do, experience with him. The blonde burned in his veins. Possessing him once tonight just wasn't enough. Usually after a game the prey was out of his system, a toy to be discarded and never thought of again. But Adam...

Jeff had thought of nothing else as he ditched the pigmobile not too far away. Only Adam as he changed into his own clothes and pissed on the interior of the car ("Whoops, sorry about the splash back, Officer Runnels," he'd giggled). Adam Adam Adam, as he trudged to the address he'd copied from the license. Adam's lovely face, his responsive body. He'd found a true masochist, someone he'd never have to hold back with. And the look in his hazel eyes told him that Adam was indeed his. Forever. They were soulmates. Jeff was certain of nothing else as he climbed the fire escape to the third floor. Only a few precious hours with his Adam before he'd have to leave him and go on the run again. He was going to make the most of it.


Adam huddled on the floor of the tub, watching water from the shower swirl down the drain. No more traces of red seeped from between his legs, but his asshole still burned and his stomach cramped from the nightstick rearranging his guts. He could still feel its smooth, rigid chill deep inside him...

Adam groaned as his cock stirred. His attacker was right. He was sick, a freak. He remembered nothing of the drive home, set on auto-pilot until he pulled into his space in front of his apartment building. All he'd heard during the drive was Jeffy's voice. Jeffy telling him what a slut he was, how no one could get him off like he could.

It was all true. Adam had never cum so hard from anything. Not even when Randy was drunk and in a fighting mood. Randy never even noticed how hard Adam got when he hit him, or how forcefully he'd cum when he writhed under his boyfriend, pretending he didn't want it. It was part of the reason he wanted Randy, despite his venomous tongue and words that cut to the quick when he was angry. In some sick way it made Adam want to please him more. But now there was Jeffy.

He didn't want to get off on what had happened to him. He'd been raped, for fuck's sake. He was disgusting. Used. Trash. And so goddamn stupid. He shouldn't have taken the long way home from work, savoring a few extra moments with his thoughts and music. He'd known something felt off about that cop, should have driven away when he said to get out of the car. Adam had looked at that badge. The first initial had been C, not J. The guy probably wasn't even a real police officer. Stupid stupid stupid. He bowed his head as the water pattered down on him, failing to wash away the filth inside.


Adam crept out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, hoping Randy was passed out. He couldn't stand to have his boyfriend looking at him, touching him right now. Maybe in the cold light of day it would be easier, but right now he still had Jeffy's menacing, sparkling green eyes burned into his brain, his purring drawl telling him who he belonged to.

He groped his way in the dark to the dresser, quietly opening a drawer and pulling on a pair of soft sleeping pants. He was closing the drawer again when the bedside lamp clicked on, revealing Randy sitting in bed, blue eyes staring at him with ice in their depths.

"Where the fuck have you been?"

Adam swallowed. "I... I was at work, Randy."

"Your shift was over two hours ago." Randy flung the covers aside and was on Adam in a second, hand in his damp locks and beer breath huffing on his face. "Since when do you shower before bed, huh?" Randy shoved him into the wall where Adam cowered.

"Randy, baby, I didn't... I'm sorry..." He looked up at the intimidating figure of his boyfriend. He stood in his boxers, tattooed arms folded over his bronze, sculpted chest. Lips that fit with Adam's like puzzle pieces, that were capable of soft, feathery kisses that drove Adam wild, were now curled into a sneer.

"Sorry for what? You cheating on me, Buttercup?" Adam cringed at the term of endearment, hissed and twisted with anger.

"I didn't mean-" He cut off with a yelp as Randy grabbed his sore wrist to peel him off the wall.

"You didn't mean to?" Randy shouted into his face. "What, fucking some other guy was an accident? Skeezy bitch. What was his name?" He grabbed Adam's shoulders and shook him hard enough to make his teeth rattle.

"Randy, I-"

"What's his fucking NAME?"

Adam's eyes seemed to lose focus, looking past Randy as they widened. He swallowed, suddenly looking ill. "J-Jeffy?"

"Jeffy?" Randy snarled. "Well, I hope you and Jeffy had fun, cheating whore." He backhanded Adam, splitting his lip and sending him to the floor. "How much fun you having now, lying skank? Huh? How much fun you having now?" Randy advanced with his fist cocked, an action that the man sneaking up behind him with a nightstick did not approve of one bit.


Randy woke with a fuck of a hangover. His head pounded so hard he didn't want to move, didn't want to open his eyes. Even the mattress seemed to throb underneath him, making him feel vaguely seasick. He grimaced, trying to remember what had happened last night.

He'd been trying to lay off the booze. Randy knew he wasn't a pleasant drunk, to say the least, but last night Adam had been late, and to take the edge off his worry he'd had a beer. As time passed he drank more, convincing himself that Adam was out whoring. He really didn't think Adam had the balls to cheat on him, but Randy had been burned before, and he couldn't stand the thought of another man's hands on his Buttercup.

Of course, this was a bit of a double-standard considering Randy's little side dish, a cute cop by the name of Cody Runnels that frequented his bar. Randy had a tough job, he needed to let off a little steam in the back room once in a while, especially since he wasn't drinking so much anymore. It didn't mean he loved Adam any less. Plus the arrangement kept the fuzz off his ass when making more illicit dealings out of the bar, and they turned a blind eye to any reports of possible domestic violence at his apartment.

Randy groaned as he remembered hitting Adam last night. One of those things that seemed to make sense in the moment, but he always felt terrible about it the next day. He'd have to find some way to make it up to his beautiful blonde. Another groan caught his ears, and he tried to screw his eyes open, squinting against the dim light of the lamp.

"Fuck... oh, Adam... yes, squeeze my dick, clench it just like that... fucking slut..."

"Noo... god not again... please... not... not with him here... oh god oh shit..."

Randy snapped out of his haze, jerking and nearly wrenching his arms out of his sockets. Pain stabbed his wrists from hard metal digging into them. Despite the renewed throb in the back of his skull, he looked up to see his hands cuffed to the iron headboard. His own bed selected just to tie a bed partner to was being used against him. A low blow, especially when he realized he was naked and his ankles were tied to the footboard with his own nylon rope. All this registered in a second, the final thought being that the bed had stopped rocking.

Randy looked to his right and saw a pair of pretty green eyes staring back at him, framed by mussed locks of long multi-colored hair. The man next to him would be extremely attractive if he didn't have his dick buried in Randy's boyfriend's ass. Adam's legs wrapped around the man's slender waist, hands clawing at his back and tattooed shoulder. His Buttercup sniffled and whined when the man pulled out of him and sat up.

"Well well, look who's awake. Thought you were gonna miss all the fun for a minute there," he said, taking Randy's pack of cigarettes off the nightstand, pulling one out with his teeth and lighting it.

"Randy... Randy, I'm sorry, please, I didn't want to." Tears streamed down Adam's cheeks before he covered his face with his hands. Randy saw the bruises that circled his wrists, and the situation was suddenly clear. Jeffy. Oh, his poor baby, and then he'd come home to Randy's anger. It was all this man's fault. Randy thrashed against his bonds, trying to get at the man sitting calmly between his boyfriend's legs, smoking his cigarette.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" Randy shouted through bared teeth.

"Now, now, Randy," Jeff soothed. He lifted the hand hidden by Adam's body and pointed a gun at Randy's face. "Is that any way to talk to a guest?"

Randy's stomach dropped through the bed and into the floor as bile rose in his throat. He swallowed, trying to hold the sick in as he looked down the barrel. It was a cold, black, endless vortex that sucked in his vision along with his breath.

"No, Jeffy, please don't." Adam's voice cut through Randy's trance. "I'll do anything, anything you want. Please, don't kill him." Adam had sat up, his hands fluttering over Jeff's shoulder and down his arm. He took Jeff's wrist and slowly, gently lowered the gun. Jeff's attention snapped to Adam and he clamped the cigarette between his teeth before gripping the blonde's throat.

"You don't belong to him anymore," he growled.

"No, Jeffy. I'm yours," Adam replied. His head tilted back, and an odd, languid expression settled over Adam's face that Randy did not like at all. Adam reached up and took the cigarette from Jeff's mouth and blindly set it in the ashtray, then leaned forward into Jeff's grip and pressed his split, swollen lips to the other man's. Adam's eyes rolled to Randy and his brow furrowed before those eyes closed and he deepened the kiss. Jeff hummed low and laid him back on the mattress, devouring that lovely bruised mouth, hands roaming to places only Randy should be allowed to touch. Only Randy should be allowed to swallow those precious whimpers. Randy felt a growl rising in his chest.

"Such a sweet baby," Jeff murmured, caressing Adam's cheek. "Begging for his life after how he treats you."

"Get your fucking hands off him, you psycho bastard!"

Jeff rolled his eyes and tutted. "I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this." He raised the gun and Randy's heart skipped, but Jeff just turned the safety on and tossed it across the room where it landed on a pile of clothes. He grabbed a scrap of purple that Randy recognized as one of Adam's thongs and one of Randy's neckties from the nightstand.

"What are you doing with his panties, you sick mmphh-" Randy almost choked when Jeff stuffed the wadded thong between his lips, then used the tie as a gag, knotting it next to his ear. The taste of copper and salty musk filled Randy's mouth.

"Much better," Jeff purred, moving to straddle Randy's thighs. "How does my cum taste, Randy?" he asked, then giggled as Randy obviously fought not to retch. His hands ran up Randy's stretched, muscled torso. "Oh, it's not as bad as all that, is it? Hm. Damn, Adam, you sure did land a fine one. Too bad he's an asshole." Jeff pressed his hard-on into Randy's thigh, leaning down to caress his tongue over one brown nipple. He bit down when Randy tried to buck him off, making the bound man hiss through his gag. "Ah-ah-ah. You wanna keep all your parts, you'll lie still, won't you?"

Randy seethed and glanced over at Adam, who was frozen, watching with horror on his face. Useless bitch. He didn't have it in him to go for the gun. Randy was fucked.

Jeff also knew Adam wouldn't go for the gun. Not because he didn't have it in him, but because deep down, Adam didn't want to. Jeff could see it in his eyes, he'd felt it in the way Adam's hips thrust up to meet his when he entered him, crying be damned. The fact that Adam hadn't even tried for the gun while Jeff was lost in the blonde's body just confirmed to Jeff that Adam was his. He didn't know how he was going to leave Adam after this.

Jeff pushed that thought away to concentrate on the pissed-off man under him. Randy had stilled, and Jeff's plush lips stretched into a smile. "Good boy," he murmured, reaching down to coil his fingers around Randy's cock, then pulled. Randy grunted and scrunched his eyes shut, face turned away, and Jeff leaned down to put his lips to the other man's ear.

"Don't fight it, Randy," Jeff panted softly as he stroked him. "Don't it feel good? C'mon, Randy. Bet you're so big when you're hard and needing. Uhm, I'll need that big, thick cock." His tongue darted out to lick at Randy's earlobe before he blew cool air over it. The dick in his hand had started to stiffen and Jeff rubbed his own hard length against it, grinning against Randy's neck when the man groaned. "That's it. Ah, yeah. You like that, don't you?"

Jeff closed his eyes, grinding his hips. It did feel good, that shaft swelling against his, balls brushing together, power rushing through Jeff's veins. He had to stop before he lost control. He moved off, not missing Randy's shudder when their bodies separated. He wondered briefly if it was from relief or disappointment. Jeff crawled to his Adam, taking his chin in his tattooed fingers.

"Use that pretty mouth on him, baby. He better be rock hard real quick, or I'll have to punish you. Got it?" He gave Randy a meaningful glance, and saw understanding in those eyes that blazed hatred at him.

"Yes, Jeffy," Adam whispered. Jeff went to rummage in the nightstand while Adam kissed up Randy's neck. "Please, baby, just do what he says. I don't think he wants to kill us. Just cooperate baby, please. Don't make him hurt me more..."

If Randy hadn't been gagged, he'd have called Adam a coward and a fool. As it was, Randy couldn't save them, and Adam wasn't willing to. Randy closed his eyes and nodded, resigning himself to his fate... for now. The second he found a chance he'd take it, no matter how small.

"It's just us, baby," Adam murmured. "Just us here. Let your Buttercup make you feel good."

Randy let himself be taken away by the feeling of Adam's mouth on him. Adam knew exactly how to touch him, how he liked to have his dick licked and kissed, soft grazes of teeth running up the shaft. Adam took him all the way back, sucking and humming around his cock as Jeff giggled.

"Perfect," Jeff said, pulling a bottle of flavored lube and a good-sized dildo out of the drawer. He went back to the couple on the bed, dragging Adam off Randy's dick by his hair. Jeff squirted a large helping of lube in his palm and checked Adam's work, squeezing Randy's cock and spreading clear gel. "Ooh, nice. How do you fit all this in there, Adam? Guess we'll find out, hm? Sit on it."

Adam flinched, but straddled his boyfriend's hips. His hands rested on Randy's wide chest and he wet his lips as Jeff helped line up the swollen cockhead with Adam's pucker. Randy tried to meet Adam's eyes as he slipped into that familiar heat, assure him it would be okay, that he still loved him, but Adam turned away. Jeff caught his lips and Randy wanted to scream in anguish as his boyfriend kissed back, hips raising up and dropping down in Randy's lap.

"So hot, bouncing on that dick," Jeff murmured as he pulled away. "Fuck yourself on it, Adam. Trust me, this will be the most mind-blowing goodbye sex either of you will ever have."

Randy's eyes widened, his hard-on starting to wane as the implications of Jeff's words sunk in. Adam ground his hips down, keeping Randy firmly lodged inside and stilling under Jeff's guiding hand on his shoulder. Jeff spread lube over his own cock, pushing Adam down onto Randy's chest. Randy's half-shrunk width was probably a good thing, making it easier for Jeff to shove his fingers inside that tight channel next to it.

"Oh fuck, no.." Adam whimpered as Jeff's fingers wiggled in his lubed hole. He was so raw and sore from the nightstick that it felt like his walls were tearing as Jeff dug inside. The smooth roundness of Jeff's cockhead poked between the fingers and cock stuffing that pretty ass. Randy groaned and started to thrash, only making him thrust up and begin to swell again from the friction.

"Ooh yeah, get feisty," Jeff giggled. "Gonna feel so good having you jerk against me when we're both crammed in that ass."

Adam whined, dripping tears onto Randy's neck as the hard dick trying to enter him slipped out of place. Jeff growled and stretched his hole further with his fingers as he wedged himself in. "So sorry, Randy.. oh god, so- AAHHH-"

Jeff removed his fingers and clapped a hand over Adam's mouth as he sunk his length in to the hilt. Adam's sobs made obscene noises under Jeff's palm as it soaked with saliva and tears. Jeff gave him no time to adjust before pulling out partway and thrusting back in, careful to make sure neither slipped out of the vice that engulfed their cocks. Randy screamed into the thong, trying to fight the pleasure, but it was too much. Adam was too tight, Jeff's flesh too hot. Randy's cock was choked and throbbing, growing back to full strength inside Adam, stretching and filling him.

I'll kill him. Kill him. Kill, kill, kill... The word repeated like a scratched record through the bound man's mind, even as he found his own hips rocking. Adam cried and groaned behind that vile tattooed hand, but at least he was no longer screaming.

"Fuck, Adam. Your ass is incredible. So fucking tight..." Jeff took his hand off of Adam's face, grabbing the blonde's hips as he jammed his cock into that crammed space again and again. The sight of blood mixing with the lube that shone on his plunging dick made Jeff light-headed. "Tell me how it feels, baby. You like it? You like being full to splitting?"

"Ah fuck, yesss..." Adam replied in a voice Randy had never heard before. "Hurts... hurts so bad. Please, Jeffy, harder... Destroy me, fucking wreck me!"

"With pleasure," Jeff growled, and snapped his hips, dick sliding against Randy's & making him shudder and arch up.

"Come on, Randy... move!" Adam moaned, rocking back. "Tear me up. Need it. Oh god, ow..."

It suddenly hit Randy that Adam was not sorry because this was happening. Adam was sorry because he was enjoying it. Fuck, that dirty whore! Randy shouted again and pushed his hips up sharply, stabbing into Adam and grinding into Jeff's cock. The bitch wanted more? Fine. His anger was directed ay his slut of a boyfriend now, that reptile part of his brain taking over. He went at it, fucking up into Adam as best he could while stretched and tied.

"Shit... too full... can't..." Adam reached to touch his angry, leaking cock, but Jeff pulled his wrist away.

"Not yet," Jeff said when Adam whined. "Who gets you off?"

"Uhhnnn... you do, Jeffy."

"You need me," he sneered.

"Yes... Jeffy, please... need you..."

"Tell me something, beautiful," Jeff purred into Adam's ear. "How often do you cum on your boyfriend's face?"

Battered and fucked as he was, Adam still managed a little pout along with his groan. "Never."

"So fucking wrong," Jeff growled. "I'd love to have you cum on mine. I'd worship your body until you came all fucking over me. Why don't we fix that, show your selfish boyfriend what he's missing."

Randy hadn't been paying attention to their murmured words, and he gave a muffled whimper of frustration as the mind-numbing heat and pressure on his cock disappeared. Jeff smacked Adam's rump and told him to kneel over Randy's head, grip the top of the headboard. Adam did so and looked down, biting his lip, then lowered his hips to drag his sack across Randy's face as Jeff cackled.

Randy shook his head in shock and looked up into Adam's face. There was nothing of his Buttercup in the lust-crazed eyes that stared back. Holy shit. He wasn't just a whore. His baby had broken.

Adam's face was blocked from view as Jeff pushed the blonde's hips forward. Randy's vision was filled with Adam's straddle, the tip of the dildo pressing against his entrance. It glistened with lube as it wiggled in, Adam's reddened bloody pucker stretching to accommodate. His erection bounced as his hips writhed and pushed back to take in more. Once the dildo was fully sheathed, Jeff wasted no time taking his place behind Adam, thrusting into him a little more easily this time. Adam didn't scream, but his shouts and moans finally prompted pounding from the other side of the wall.

"Fuck off, Murphy!" Adam cried. "Just because you're not getting any doesn't mean I can't!"

Jeff laughed and wiggled his hips, the wide base of the dildo resting against his pubic bone.

"Fuck, oh fuck wait... hurts... uhm..." Surprisingly, Jeff did as Adam asked and waited, hands caressing Adam's back and sides while his head lolled back, lips parted and panting. "So stretched... can't stand it... ugh, fuck me, Jeffy," Adam moaned, hips rolling back against Jeff's.

Jeff grabbed Adam's hip with one hand, the other pressing on his lower back to hold him down as he started a slow rhythm. Randy could do nothing but stare up at Jeff's cock as he sank into his boyfriend again and again.

"Like that, Randy?" Jeff grunted. "Watching my dick split your boyfriend's ass? Fuck, he's so tight around my cock... but you know that, don't you? You know how sweet and hot he is. Sweet little slut, he loves it. Listen to him moan like a whore in heat."

Randy wanted to block it all out, but he couldn't. Adam was always so responsive, and he was responding now, low whines and half-uttered curses leaving those plump pink lips, ass grinding and bucking back into both cock and toy. Jeff picked up the pace and his hands came into view, painted fingernails digging into Adam's inner thighs and brushing over their balls as they slapped together, just inches from Randy's nose. Randy groaned, not wanting to be so turned on, but dammit he was still a man, and he couldn't help his straining need when he had a faceful of fuck. He saw Adam's muscles tense, and those tattooed fingers wrapped around Adam's darkly flushed cock, holding the base tight. Shit, that was Randy's dick to fondle and stroke and play with. He was on fire from rage and lust, and all he could do about it was pull at his bonds, further bruising his wrists.

"Almost... almost... fuck, Adam... ah, ah... oohhh..." Jeff railed into that tight channel, still holding onto Adam and blocking his orgasm. Randy could actually see Jeff's sack tighten up, see the large vein on the underside of his shaft pulsing as he pumped into that stuffed hole. A mixture of lube, blood and cum dripped onto Randy's cheek as Adam growled in frustration.

"Fuck, Jeffy, lemme go! Oh god, I can feel you cum inside me... please, need..."

Jeff pulled Adam's hips back, dick still buried, and aimed Adam's cock at Randy as his fist worked the shaft. "Cum, beautiful. Cum on his face. Show him how much you love me fucking you. Even if you didn't want it, I'd make you cum, so fucking hard, you need it."

"Yes, Jeffy," Adam gasped. "Make me cum... need you... make me... gonna... fuck, oh, Jeffy..." Adam trembled as his orgasm took him, and Randy glimpsed hazel eyes watching as Adam growled and cried out, then Randy had to close his own eyes against the hot juices that splashed over his cheeks and nose, onto his forehead and chin. Randy tossed his head from side to side, his enraged screams muffled by the gag and covered by the sound of Jeff's laughter.

Moments later, the two men were snuggled up to either side of Randy's trembling body, Jeff smoking and Adam brushing his fingertips up and down Randy's purpling length. Jeff gazed at the gun, hating what had to come next.

"Adam," he said, raking back his colorful locks, "I have to go back on the run now. And leaving you with him, well. If I can't have you... I think you know what I have to do."

Adam nodded. "You have to take me with you."

Jeff shook his head and reached over Randy to stroke Adam's hair. "No, baby. It's no life for a precious angel like you. Never knowing where you'll be, always staying a step ahead of the law. And I can't stop... doing what I do," he said, gesturing to Randy's tied body. This time Adam shook his head.

"I don't care. Maybe I want to do it, too. Maybe I want to get off watching you take them. Jeffy..." Adam paused, tracing fingers over the lines of Randy's hard abs. "This may sound sick, but no one's ever made me feel as desired and beautiful as you. I don't want to let that go. Please, let me try. If I get too much in the way, then you can shoot me, or whatever you want."

Jeff gazed at Adam a moment, his twisted heart welling. If Adam was trying to fool him to escape, he didn't envy the hell the blonde would pay. "Okay, beautiful. We'll try it out," he said, and got up to get dressed.

"Jeffy? Mind if I say goodbye?" Adam gave Randy's dick a squeeze, earning a tear-choked groan.

"Sure, baby. You need the closure. Make it quick, though."

Adam nodded and brought his mouth to Randy's cock, sucking it into the moist warmth. He bobbed his head and Randy spurted almost immediately, filling Adam's mouth with a muffled sob. Adam raised up and put his face close, letting cum dribble from his lips onto Randy's and soak into the tie gagging him. Their lips no longer felt like puzzle pieces to fit together. Adam had found a better-fitting piece. He gazed into those tortured blue eyes and whispered, "Fuck you." He spit the last of Randy's taste out of his mouth, making the bound man flinch.

They didn't kill Randy. They left him there, tied, gagged and covered in spunk, alone with his screaming mind. Randy hoped someone would miss him at the bar soon. Hopefully Cody. He needed someone to comfort him, he thought, and imagined all the ways he could take out some "comfort" on the blue-eyed officer.


Jay Reso had a smug grin on his face as he wrestled the brunette into the alley.

"What's the matter, Johnny?" he asked. "You were teasing that ass enough on the dance floor. Don't wanna let me have a piece?" He chuckled as he shoved the boy against the wall, pretty face scraping against the brick.

"No... please..."

"Don't worry, pretty," Jay panted into his ear as he fought Johnny's pants down. Fuck, it turned him on when they begged. "Daddy's gonna make you feel real good. You wanna cum for Daddy, don't you?" Jay leaned over the sobbing boy's shoulder and licked up the side of his face as he ground his denim-covered erection into that round ass. "Hope you're a size queen, baby," he purred, reaching for his fly when he heard a giggle.

Jay looked up to see two men standing in the alley with him, watching. Fuck. He stepped away from Johnny, hand in his long, soft hair and slammed his temple into the wall, knocking the boy out cold and dropping him to the ground. He never took his eyes off the couple.

"Just walk away, man. This doesn't concern you," Jay said, cracking the knuckles of his large fingers. One of the men, the one with multi-colored dyed hair, grinned at him.

"Nah. I don't wanna. What do you think, Adam?"

The tall blonde giggled again. "I think he's hot. Can we keep him, Jeffy?"

"I dunno. He's sloppy. We caught him," Jeff said, then saw the pleading look in Adam's hazel eyes and sighed. After two years, the bitch still had him wrapped around his finger. "Okay, we can try him out. But you got a lot to learn... Daddy." He pointed at Jay, who blinked back, confused. "Come with us. And bring your toy," he said with a grin spreading over his plush lips. "We'll have some fun tonight."

Always thought my 1st all-male DP would be Jeff/Adam/Jay. Damn you, Randal! :P For the record, I don't hate Randy Orton. If I did, I wouldn't write him. This wasn't meant to bash him in any way. There are no good guys here.

About halfway thru writing this fic Terrahfry proposed a plot where Jeff was a serial rapist, Adam was his insane 'wife' & Jay was one of his partners in mayhem. Damn, I hope she writes it, & I'll admit, it inspired the last half of this chap. This isn't really meant to be a prequel or tie into it at all, just feeding off her inspiration. Thanks, Terrah. *loves on*