"No chick flick moments."

That was the motto by which Dean Winchester lived his life.

"No chick flick moments."

No feelings, not one. Ever. Feelings were distractions, and distractions got you killed. Or worse. Never show a feeling that wasn't something you could direct towards ganking some sonsofbitches. All that mattered was the mission, Sammy, and-

And the Impala.

Dean had loved her the moment he first laid eyes on her. (Sam argues this fact, considering Dean had been like, what, two days old when he'd first seen the car. Dean tells him to shut up and get his geek mojo working on finding out what was it that killed all those damn kids in Arizona.)

Whatever. The point was, Dean was destined for this car. The Impala was a huge part of his life, one of the only stable things he could absolutely rely on. No matter what hunt he went on, or how messed up Sammy got, or any of a variety of other factors that contributed to the Winchester's signature, hectic lifestyle, the Impala would always, always be sitting there, waiting for him.

The Impala broke Dean's 'no chick flick moments' rule.

When he was sad, he went to the Impala.

When he was happy, he went to the Impala.

Hell, the Impala had seen more action in the backseat than a professional porn star had, at this point.

When he was angry, and overwhelmed, and nothing felt like it'd ever be alright ever again, he went to the Impala.

The Impala was like the jilted girlfriend, who, still in love with her douchebag boyfriend, waited for him to come back to her. Because he always did come back to her.

When he was broken and crying on the inside, he took a crowbar to her, not because he didn't love her, but because…because…

Because she stood for everything good in his life.

The Impala stood for his childhood, when Dad wasn't obsessed with ol' Yellow Eyes, and he was still, you know, their dad. He hasn't acted like one in a while, and it hurts Dean, because he remembers what it used to be like. Maybe Sammy doesn't, but Dean does, he remembers what it used to be, when…when Mom had still be around.

The Impala stands for everything that they'd been before their lives had become majorly fucked up.

The Impala stands for everything Dean loves and everything he'll never have back, because now, Dad is dead, and angels are dicks with wings (okay, maybe not Castiel, even if he kind of still is, sometimes, but that's totally not on purpose, and it has nothing to do with the fact that sometimes Dean feels like he could drown in those eyes) and Sammy is drinking the demon Koolaid, and…and…and

Dean smashes the windshield of the Impala, watching the glass fly in glittering arcs across the junkyard.

"No chick flick moments."