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Stella woke to her blaring alarm, groaning she rolled over. She sleepily hit the alarm to try and turn it off, glancing at the clock, 6:52 am.

"Shit" she muttered, she was supposed to be at TR in exactly 8 minutes. She lazily got up and gathered some clothes, heading for her bathroom.

After she showered, Stella gazed into her cupboard searching for her tooth brush, when she saw something that reminded her to have an urgent girl talk with Shannon, 'ill call her in the car' she thought.

Stella walked down the stairs of her apartment block, into the garage below, she quickly walked to her silver Subaru WRX Wagon, unlocking it and throwing her bag in before driving towards Base. Once she had gotten out of her street she dialled Shannon's number through the Bluetooth stereo in her car.


"Shan, it's me, I need to talk to you about something…"

"What is it, Stel?"

"…I'm late"

"Yeah, I know, Stel, What do you want me to tell Kerry?"

"No, Shan…I'm late"

"Shit, Stel…Alright, look, ill talk to you when you get in, yeah?"

"Yep, cya soon"

Stella hung up and continued driving to base, 'Shannon is becoming more and more like Lawson in the way she talks' she thought with a smirk, but couldn't shake the heavy, nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"Stella, running a bit late are we?" Kerry asked as Stella walked through the doors of TR.

"Sorry, Kerry"

"Get your gear on, Shannon and Josh are waiting to go out"

Stella nodded and walked into the change rooms, 'at least I'm riding with Shannon and Josh, they're both my best mates, so I can trust them'. She quickly got changed and walked out to the garage, where Shannon and Josh were playing around near TR2, she greeted each, Shannon's compassionate smile was what she really needed to see before getting into the drivers seat of TR2 and taking off into the busy streets of Melbourne.

The day had gone incredibly slowly, it seemed like all the crime in Melbourne had taken a day off, leaving the cops with nothing to do except twiddle their thumbs. Josh had run into a deli to grab them all some lunch, Shannon took this as the perfect opportunity to talk to Stella. She checked to make sure her comms were off before she began.

"Stel, when did you realize that you are late?"

Stella checked her comms.

"This morning, unopened box of tampons in my cupboard"

"Do you know how many weeks late you are?"

"I dunno, 'bout 6? Maybe 7?"

"Shit, have you got a test?"


"Okay, come to mine after we finish, ill grab one on the way home, and we can get some answers before we jump to any conclusions."

"What about Lawson?"

"I'll tell him that I wanna spend some time with you, we haven't really spoken a whole lot since Michael…"

They spotted Josh heading back to the car

"M'kay, Thanks Shannon" Stella added as Josh climbed back into the car with 3 baguettes.

Shannon let out a quiet sigh, this was the last thing Stella needed, Michael had only passed away about a month ago and Stella took it pretty hard. She'd only just started to open up to people again.

Josh noticed the absence of the usual bubbly atmosphere between the two women, "whats up with you two?" he asked.

"Nothing" Stella smiled when her and Shannon had simultaneous responses.

"Bullshit, Stel, you've been quiet all morning"

"Josh, please, just leave it? Christ, you're turning into Lawson" she added with a laugh.

"Nah, I'm way better looking" Josh said with a chuckle.

Stella scoffed, "Right-O"

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