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Stella had decided to tell the team her decision after their shift. Christian was the only one on the team that wasn't aware of the fact that she was pregnant, she didn't want to hurt his feelings by him finding out that he was the only one that didn't know. She was with Josh and him in TR2 so she was going to break the news to him sometime during the day.

Leon hadn't been told either, but he found out when he barged into Kerry's office that morning, while they were discussing Stella's options.

Stella hadn't had the chance to talk to the boys much all morning, they had been at a domestic involving drugs, so they had to spend the morning fucking around waiting for the drug squad to get their shit together. Then they were called to an armed rob at 'The Joint' in Elizabeth Street. Two guys had gone in with a knife and handgun of some sort and attempted to get some cash. When the bartender refused they had reportedly gotten violent and ransacked the place, glassing a young woman in the process.

The call was put out to all available units, but having a tactical component was essential. Lawson and Shannon arrived before TR2 and began assigning jobs to the uniforms, such as securing the area and setting up a cordon.

TR2 arrived shortly after, Lawson was talking to some uniforms about the situation and making it clear that everything was to be run past him before acted upon.

Josh called Shannon over to where he, Christian and Stella were standing, "alright, we're gonna have to do a reccy, and get some cameras up where we can, we have limited information about these guys so just watch your back, right."

All members nodded and Stella opened the rear of TR2, "I'll get the cameras and come with you-"

Josh cut her off, walking slightly closer, "Stel, these guys glassed a woman, I'm not comfortable having you closer than you need to be. Not right now, you're not the only one to consider anymore."

Stella began to argue back, "Josh, I'm not disabled, I can do a reccy, and we need Shannon here, she's the only negotiator available apart from Lawson, and he seems a bit busy right now." Stella folded her arms, eyebrows slightly raised. Shannon watched on, showing little emotion about the spar between her friends, she knew Stella wouldn't take kindly to special treatment. Christian was just confused, he wasn't aware of any problems with Stella currently apart from losing Michael, but that wouldn't make Josh stop her from doing a simple reccy.

Josh's tone softened slightly, "Stel, I know this is difficult for you but it's happening alright. Lawson will be back in a sec and until then you have negotiation experience, but we won't contact them yet, the only way that you'll have to negotiate is if they try and call out."

Stella was pissed but complied, handing the cameras to Shannon who gave her a compassionate look and walked off after Josh and Christian. Stella got the laptop out, ready to bring up the camera feeds once they were in place.

As they were walking towards the pub, Christian looked at Josh, "why couldn't Stel do the reccy? Shannon's a chick and she's here, so it obviously isn't the fact that she's a female. Is she okay?"

"You'll have to ask her, Christian. For now, focus on what you're meant to be doing."

Josh, Shannon and Christian were back after 10 minutes and joined Stella and Lawson who were looking at the video feeds on the laptop. Lawson looked at Shannon as she approached, "right Shan, you're going primary. Stel I want you covering from the GD cars, with them, I need someone I can trust there. Josh, get the rifle and head up to a higher level of the building behind us, I need you covering everyone on the ground in case they come out, and Christian, bean bag shotty, but make sure you're service weapon is easily accessible, yeah?" The team nodded, before making their way to their positions.

Five hours later and the situation was resolved, Shannon had negotiated to get medical assistance for the woman that was glassed and then eventually talked them out. They were arrested and handed over to the GD's to be dealt with.

"You did well Shannon" Lawson said with a smile as he was packing up some of the gear.

"Thanks" Shannon said with a smile.

Stella and Christian were collecting the cameras from around the building, "Hey, Stella?" Christian asked.

"Yo?" Stella said as a smirk covered her face.

"How come Josh wouldn't let you near the pub this morning? Everything's alright isn't it?"

"Everything's sweet, Christian." Stella said with a smile. "Josh is just being protective of me because he knows something you don't." teasing was a good option right now, her relationship wasn't great with Christian so she wanted to make it as light hearted as possible, before she told him the serious stuff.

Christian looked worried, Stella let out a little laugh, "Christian! I'm pregnant. Josh is being over protective. I'm fine, honestly. But thanks for asking." She said, as a genuine smile spread over both of their faces.

"Congratulations!" Christian wrapped her in a hug, much like the one they'd shared when they first met, he was the most openly emotional, straight guy she had met.

"It's not that simple…Michaels the father." He had to know, and now he did.

His smile faded somewhat, "are you okay?"

"I will be, now come on before Lawson kicks our asses for taking so long."

After their shift the team sat in the TR kitchen with a slab of beer. Each taking one except for Stella, who drank a coke, "This tastes shit without any JD!" she whinged, with a little laugh. The team smiled, Josh placed his hand on her shoulder, "You made a decision yet, you moll?"

Stella punched him, "Good on ya, fairy!"

He smiled but waited for her to continue.

"But yeah, I have…"

Drinks stopped moving and eyebrows rose momentarily in anticipation, before Stella continued, "I'm gonna keep it. I don't think I could do the whole adoption thing."

Smiles covered her friends faces and congratulations were spread throughout the TR base, Shannon hugged her tightly, "I think Michael would love to see this, you made the right choice, Stel."

Josh followed after, "I'm proud of you tubby, and if you ever need help, you just ask, alright? None of this independent bullshit you throw around. And I hear Kerry is a good babysitter" he said with a wink and pressed a light kiss to her cheek.

"Thanks, Scarface, and I'm sure you'll be able to help with nappy changes?" she replied with a cocky smirk and punch to the arm.

Josh smiled and wrapped his arms around her again. She had made the right choice, and Michael would be so proud.

The End.

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