Hi, this story has mentions of abuse in it, I'm not sure where the idea from this story came from, but i finished it at 1 o'clock last night and i am uploading it at 12 tonight, so please forgive errors. I don't know about updates sorry! Please Review :)

I didn't know they had pushed me this far, but standing in front of them now, I let all my emotions run wild. I now stood near the end of my oval, with my four so called friends sitting in front of me, in my hand a gun, pointed at them. I'd had the gun in my school bag the last 2 days, just in case they started following me, but today when Kelly accused me of doing something I hadn't done, I just snapped. I ran to my locker and grabbed the gun, and ran downstairs at lunch to find them in our usual spot.

As soon as I brought out the gun, Lisa screamed but when I brought my finger to my lip she stopped immediately. I knew how to use the gun, having had I shoved in my face on numerous occasions. I have an alcoholic mother, and an abusive step-father, and nobody knows. I used to feel like nobody cared for me, like nobody cared if I lived or died, until I met these girls. I had met Tess through a girl in my homeroom, and she had introduced me to the others. After that I spent every lunchtime with them, instead of in the library. I finally felt like I belonged somewhere. Until about 2 months ago.

One morning I arrived at school to find all my friends had bracelets on, all identical, almost like friendship band. I waited all day for one of them to give me mine, but they never did. Not only did they never give me one, they lied about it on the way home, saying that they all coincidently all went to the same shop and brought the exact same bracelet over the weekend. It made me feel sick to my stomach, that my safe spot, had just turned against me, even though they didn't know about my home life.

But it didn't stop there. After that there were trips to the beach, friendship lockets and a trip to the movies. And every time I found out, and every time I looked past it, making myself believe that they had just forgotten to invite me, or had known I wouldn't be able to come. Til it became too much. One weekend while all this was going on, my step- father's brother came over, and he's worse than my step- father. He yelled at me when I dropped his coffee, and he hit, yelled and hurt me many times over the weekend. I had bruises on my arms and face and when I went to school on Monday, I just broke down to find they had again gone to the beach together, without me. That was it.

I skipped first period, to speak to the coordinator, and ask her for help. But she was too busy to care. I had run out of options, I didn't have the courage to speak to the school counsellor, and I knew I had the gun in my bag. At recess a message was passed along to me that I needed to return Kelly's belongings or more trouble would follow, but I had no idea what they were talking about. That was it, I had run upstairs, grabbed the gun, and run to find them in our usual spot.

No one had noticed me pull my gun, on my so called friends; neither had they heard Lisa scream. I pointed the gun at all of them , each in turn, none of them moved, all in shock I suppose, until Kelly looked at the others and stood up.

"What are you trying to do, scare us, we just don't want you hanging out with us okay, can't you take a hint. Hey, I bet she doesn't even know how to use it!" she said before turning to the others, "let's go, she's ruined our spot-", but I cut her off.

With a gunshot, now I had all their attention, including everyone on the oval, and all the teachers. I looked over my shoulder to see a teacher, standing about 100 metres away from me.

"What's going on over here?" she said as I turned to face her, the gun in my hand still pointed at the four girls in front of me. "Go Away" I shouted at her, as I hear police sirens coming from up the street.