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I didn't know what to do, but standing in the centre of a circle made up of cops, one thing became very clear. I was wrong, the cops weren't the bad guys people made them out to be. They had only just spent the last ten minutes trying to get me to open up, to tell them what was going on, staying here talking, asking questions, even though I hadn't said a word. She hadn't given up, she just kept talking and asking question even though I had only looked up at her once. I spent the time trying to blank my mind out, ignoring all the thoughts running through my head when I suddenly realised. All they were trying to do is help me, it's all they've been trying to do for the last ten minutes. So when she asked her next question, I, used the courage I got from my realisation, and answered.

"I never wanted to hurt anyone you know" I said and she looked surprised to finally hear me speaking, "I don't even really know how I got out here, I was sitting in front of the coordinators chair and then suddenly I was in front of them firing a warning shot" I explained as she looked at me nodding her head, seeming to understand.

"And now that you're here, you're unsure on how to get out of it, it feeling like no one understands?" She asks surprising me

"Yer, how'd you know?" I asked her, looking at her properly for the first time, noticing her uniform. It was advanced, a lot more advanced than the standard uniform. I was in big trouble.

"Trust me, I'm no perfect cop" she said before looking over her shoulder at her Senior Sergeant, who was standing a few feet behind her, "Anastasia, just because I'm a cop, doesn't mean I don't know how hard life can be. My best friend was killed while working under cover and I made a few mistakes trying to find myself again after losing him. One of them very similar to where you are now, so trust me I know where you're coming from but hurting someone today will not be the best idea in the long run" she explained looking straight at me, "Anastasia, what's happened?"

"I don't trust people you know, but I trusted them, and they knew that, but they went and did it anyway. You can't do that to someone's trust!" I began to yell getting angry at the girls sitting opposite me, I raised the gun from them to point it at the cop, as she moved backwards I heard people behind me move and come closer. I was mad, it wasn't right that I was here with the cops; it wasn't fair what they had done to me nor was it fair what was happening at home. I was drawn from my thought by the sound of a twig snapping behind me, I turned to see 3 more members of the squad around five metres behind me; a Senior Sergeant, a Sergeant and a Constable. I panicked at the look the Senior Sergeant was giving me and began to shout.

"Go Away!" I shouted at no one in particular as I turned my body so I could see both groups of cops. It annoyed me that I hadn't noticed them before.

"You know I can't do that Anastasia, please just put the gun down, let them go, they don't need to be a part of this, let them go so me and you can talk." She spoke calmly in response

"They're already a part of this!" I shouted as I threw up my arms in protest. That was my biggest mistake. I had forgotten that I bruise on the hidden side of my arm, a fairly purple and large bruise at that. I heard all the five cops gasp when they saw it along with my friends, and Lisa began to cry again. Kelly looked devastated. She'd put together the pieces and now I was going to cop it. I never planned for this to come out. I'd planned to tell my friends about my family life when they all turned on me, so my secret had remained a secret till now.

"Annie, who did this to you?" asked Kelly as I tried to come up with a cover story.

"I did. I fell into a wall" I replied quickly lying

"Anastasia, what about the other ones, the ones on your face and arms? They from the wall too?" The cop asked and I knew it was out. They'd want to talk to my parents now and that wasn't going to end well.