The Tykes Are Back

December, 2011

Author's Notes: The Teen Titans are owned by DC Comics/Warner Brothers/Cartoon Network.

[A month after "Return of Malchior"]

Robin, Leader of the Titans, writes…

The battle against evil continues, even after what happened to Raven recently. She's still recovering from the mental and emotional damage caused by Malchior. Luckily, Edward fought for Raven in her mindscape and here in the real world.

Edward's acting like he worried that I'd ask him to leave the team after the fight against that other dragon. He's got nothing to worry about, though. We've made it clear that we understand why he was acting like he did. He wasn't fighting for the Titans…He was protecting Raven. He is also being affected by what happened though. He doesn't say much about it, but, the telepathic link between them allows Raven's more intense emotions to bleed through. It's hurting him as much as she is.

But, there's a side of Raven that she doesn't tell us about. I had sent her on a mission to escort some children to a safe place and, I think she actually bonded with them. Yeah, tough, private Raven has a soft side after all. And, we're about to see how these children have affected her as they are here…

Chapter 1
[Titan Tower - October 5, 2010]

The Titans were enjoying a film one afternoon after Edward treated the team to a pizza party that was long overdue. Raven had finally recovered enough that Edward green lighted the pizza party to celebrate Malchior's ultimate defeat. It was also his way of smoothing over any rough feathers from his reaction to the threat.

As they were eating, though, the communications system went off. Terra was pulling communications duty, so, she went over to the system and punched up the visual.

"Titans Tower, this is Terra," she said.

A man who looked like a monk appeared.


Raven's ears perked up hearing the voice.

"May I help you?" Terra asked.

"Is there someone named Raven there?" he asked.

"I'll take it, Terra," Raven said instantly, her instincts at a higher alert.

"Here she is," Terra said and moved away as Raven sat down.

"Raven here," she said.

"Hello, Raven," the man said. Edward turned his head and saw a guy that looked like a monk there. He was heavy-set with a beard.

"What's up?" she asked.

"The children have been asking about you," he said, "They'd like to see you."

"Why?" she said.

"It was Melvin's idea," the man said, "she, Timmy and Teether miss you."

"I don't know if I can take the time away from the team," she said.

Edward joined her, curious.

"I can take you, dear," he said, putting his hands on her shoulders.

"Go, Raven," Robin encouraged, "You can take a day or two off if you want."

"Looks like I'll be there," Raven said. They heard several children cheering in the background.

In fact, a girl, about 6 years old grabbed the communicator and was smiling broadly.

"Raven!" she cheered, "You're coming to visit?"

"Yeah," Raven said. Edward heard something in Raven's voice he hadn't heard before and that was a gentleness towards her, more of affection.

"Who is that?" the girl said, "Bobby wants to know as well."

"This is Edward, a special friend," Raven explained, "He's very friendly."

"Is he coming?" she asked.

Edward nodded, "Hi. Yes, I'll be with Raven. I have to bring her to see you."

She said, "Neat! I'd like that!"

"Melvin," Raven said, "We'll be there shortly. Ask Bobby to be there as well. I want to introduce him to Edward."

"OK," Melvin replied, "If you trust Edward, Bobby says he will as well."

"Edward's saved my life more than once," Raven said calmly, "I trust him."

"OK! See you soon! Bye-bye!" Melvin said and the connection went dark.

"Friends of yours, dear?" Edward said cheekily.

"Yeah," Raven said, "I had to escort them a few months ago. The Brotherhood of Evil was targeting them and other young folks with special powers. A giant ape named Mallah was chasing us. Powerful and intelligent. He almost took my kids before Bobby showed up and chased Mallah away."

"Your kids?" Edward asked.

"Well, I sort of bonded with them," Raven said.

"Dude…she got like totally attached to them," Beast Boy said, earning himself a classic Raven smack.

Edward raised an eyebrow. "I take it you're protective of them?" he asked.

"Of course," Raven said.

"Good enough for me!" Edward said, "Let's go see them. But, who is Bobby?"

"You have to see it to believe it," Raven deadpanned.

"For far is it from here?" Edward asked.

"Far enough you'll want to teleport, unless you want to fly for a week."

"Fair enough," Edward said.

Raven floated to her room and grabbed some gear before returning.

"You going to grab anything, dear?" she asked.

"I'm good," he said.

She smiled at him, "Let's go."

They headed for the roof, where he shapeshifted to Dragon and when Raven got on, she said, "Get the destination from my mind, please."

She sent him the location via their telepathic bond and as Edward ran for the edge of the building, his wings extended and soon as he leapt from the edge, he took the important downstroke and became airborne. A moment later, the Titans saw them disappear in a flash of light.