The sun's copper rays leak over the hills and spill over us.

Tori's lazing in the crook of my neck, happiness etched into her features as Cat's ramblings swirl around her ears. Her chestnut locks spill over my shoulder, and send a tingle rushing through my skin as she shakes her head. I don't think I'll ever get used to having her lay all over me like this, but I don't think I'll ever get tired of it either.

My eyes drift across the boat to our friends. Jade's the most interesting of them all. Occasionally, I'll catch her watching Tori and me from the corner of her eye. Sometimes she'd catch my gaze and would hurl a rude gesture in my direction. The times that she doesn't see me are what fascinates me though. It's like she's studying us, calculating our every movement and storing them for later use.

"So what are we doing tonight?" Andre asks, turning away from Cat for just a moment. She's had him engrossed in some kind of game where their hands flitter about. It's not quite thumb wrestling, it's not quite rock, paper, scissors. I guess it's something between the two. Andre's eyes fly around the boat as Beck navigates toward the shore. I shrug lightly when they fall on me, no more sure of what we're doing than he is.

"What about hide and go seek?" Tori asks, the haze drifting away from her mind and dropping her into our discussion. Jade's eyebrows cut into her nose, and she regards us doubtfully. She's about to tear the idea to shreds when Beck leans over and whispers something in her ear. The words spiral around Jade and the effect is instantaneous. Her lips curl at the edges, and the hard lines in her features soften.

"Fine." Jade announces a moment later, most of the traces of her disapproval buried in the past. Cat's reaction crashes through the air almost immediately. She leaps from her seat and traps Jade in an enthusiastic hug. As Jade struggles within Cat's deceptively strong grasp, Tori's laughter escapes from her mouth in spite of her best attempts to stifle it. Jade's standing limply in Cat's iron grip, seemingly resigned to her fate. Instead of trying to escape she's glaring at Tori, putting all of her energy into making my girlfriend burst into flames.

The instant our feet fell on dry land, I get hauled away from everybody else. Tori's got me by the wrist and we're hurtling towards the stairs of the house. Trailing behind a cloud of brown tendrils, I find myself standing before the entrance to a familiar room in what feels like an instant. I slip into the room, and Tori descends upon me almost immediately, pushing me against the wall. Her fingers roam over my shoulders, and catch in the curls of my hair as she sweeps me into a searing embrace. I feel as though a match has been lit within a field of desire, and I'm the gasoline.

My fingers linger at the swell of Tori's breasts as she grinds her hips against me and a moan rumbles through my lips. Tori's giggle vibrates against my lips and before I can respond she's deepening our embrace enthusiastically. Her tongue skitters across my lips, and without even thinking about it, my hands find their way to her back. With a simple tug, Tori's bikini falls to the floor, landing pitifully in a pool at our feet. I'm drowning in the sensations as her bronzed flesh pushes against me.

"Ready or not. Here I come!" Jade's voice spills over Tori and I, dousing our lust like ice water. Tori's teeth gnash together, and she flies away from me with a snarl. For a moment, I wonder if she's looking for something to bludgeon Jade with. It's with a sigh of relief that I see Tori pulling on a wifebeater. Chewing the inside of my cheek, I rue my lost opportunities and trudge toward the bedroom door.

The door flies open before I can grab the handle, and a flash of white greets me. Jade's smiling brightly as she hovers in the doorway. Too brightly, actually. She's probably relishing this opportunity after all of the times one of us has barged in on her and Beck in the past.

"What do you want?" Tori hisses, clomping towards us amid tangled hair and flushed cheeks. It's a total cliché, but she's hot when she's angry, hotter than usual. Usually she'd be wearing a bright smile in this kind of state, but a scowl carves anger into her features. Jade blinks with a start, taking a step away from the obvious danger lurking before her. The smile on her lips flickers and disappears as she catches the dangerous tone in Tori's words.

"We're eating…Uh, whenever you're ready." Jade announces, hurling the surprise off her features as she speaks. My eyes drift between where Jade's thumb is motioning down the stairs and Tori. She's still staring harshly at Jade and honestly it's a little funny when Jade rolls her eyes and leaves after a tense moment. I swear there's an extra sprinkle of hustle in her footsteps too.

"I swear to god Robbie, if that happens again later I am going Jason Voorhees on their asses tonight." The statement slams through gritted teeth and Tori's eyes are narrowed and sharp. There's a slight touch of humor in her words, it's nothing like her usual self. Briefly I considering hiding any sharp object she might consider using. The idle thought is quickly swept away by the implications of her words and I try to swallow the lump in my throat.

"T-Tonight?" I stutter, twitching nervously and turning to Tori. Her eyes lose that dangerous edge and sparkle in a way that makes my heart clench. One eyebrow edges up Tori's forehead, and something like a combination between glee and mischievousness lights up her features.

"You'll see." She states vaguely, before reaching out and flicking my nose playfully. It's an innocent gesture, but the smoldering look simmering within Tori's eyes is anything but. The air is like lead, and breathes are hard to come by. It's a situation that leads me to simply nod and reach for a pair of black skinny jeans pooled on the floor from last night. A few stolen glances later, and we're traipsing down the stairs.

When we walk past the kitchen, Cat and Jade are already ferretting away in the kitchen, handling the preparation of dinner. Considering Cat's tendency toward skittering off on random tangents and Jade's explosive anger, my expectations are not high.

Not long after we sit down, Jade stomps across the room and tosses some sort of spaghetti laced abomination in front of me. I eye it with apprehension. Peering around the table, I notice several expressions matching mine. The table seizes until Jade's venomous glare hurls us each into action.

I lift what would vaguely be called Taco to my lips and take a bite. Honestly, it's actually kind of amazing too. That first bite is followed by several more and a few moments later we're all complementing Jade and Cat on their cooking.

Beck and I wash the dishes, and the evening flitters past. Soon we're standing on the porch as Jade addresses us. Tori has latched onto my hand once again, and she's huddled against me. It's a little colder than it was last night, or at least, the perfect excuse for hang all over each other in her mind. I'm not really bothered either way, truthfully. Jade's instructions are short and terse, kind of like an army general I suppose. If you peek past her tone, the amount of detail she's going into is actually quite endearing though.

"…And so help me, and any of you go outside of the boundary's Beck and I set up, I will hunt you down and make you suffer." Her words say death, but the implication that she wouldn't throw a party upon our collective demises rings even louder. Nodding in agreement, I'm about to wish everybody luck when Tori encircles my wrist and drags me into the darkness. I guess it's a good thing Jade already said she'd be "it" first. This kind of thing would probably send her flying off the handle if she hadn't.

Tori hauls me into the forest behind her. As I try and keep up, I notice her head flying all around the area surrounding us. Finally, she screeches to a halt and leans over. My eyes narrow as I notice her picking up a small rucksack. Suddenly the ten minutes that she disappeared for during dinner don't seem so strange.

"You planned this!" I cry incredulously. I watch helplessly as Tori shoulders the bag and entwines her fingers through mine. The icy wind sweeps between us, hauling a chill in its wake. I wonder if she's got a sweater of some sort in there.

"I sure did." Tori counters, not looking repentant in the slightest as she reaches into the bag and wordlessly passes a woolen jersey to me. My jaw hurtles towards the ground and Tori just rolls her shoulders in response. It's a tad frightening that she'd known exactly what I had been thinking just then, but that's eclipsed by how endearing it was.

"So what's with the bag?" I ask, pushing my head through the jumper and tilting my head slightly. It's quite a large bag. I feel sort of pathetic with the realization that Tori's not crumbling under its weight like I would.

"I was the Sherwood Elementary School hide and seek champion three years running. If there's any way we're going to get some time alone, this is it." There's triumph in Tori's voice and she looks exceedingly proud of herself. Tori's hand balls and comes to rest on her hip as she reveals her plan to me. She'd look like a superhero in this pose if only there was a cape on her shoulders. I've got to admit, it's more than a little gratifying to realize that a superhero is going to all this trouble for me.

"Sooo…" The words get lost between my tongue and my lips as I close the distance between Tori and I. I'm leaning in for a kiss when Tori's finger cuts between our lips and scatters my thoughts. My eyebrows bunch together in displeasure, but the giggle that flies through Tori's lips is enough to drag me out of my bad mood.

"Not here, our left flank is totally exposed." Tori states, eyes darting around the forest suspiciously. My girlfriend disappears, and suddenly I'm standing beside a survival expert of some kind. She wraps her fingers around mine again, and soon we're sweeping through the woods in search of Tori's ideal hiding place. Tori walks with a start and a stutter. She pauses for a moment when she thinks she's found an ideal place to hide, but inevitably moves on when her eyes detect a fault.

"Oh my god, it's perfect!" Tori finally gushes, coming to a halt after what feels like an eternity of exploring the woods. My lips split into a smirk as she buzzes around a small clearing excitedly. It doesn't look any different to me, but if Tori's satisfied, then I know I am. She kneels down in front of me, plunging her hands into the rucksack I've just dropped to the ground. A few moments later, a blanket flies into the air and I'm watching Tori smooth it's edges.

Her eyes land on me, and suddenly the forest doesn't seem so big. My hearts in my throat and there's a million and one reasons for me to at least try and talk Tori out of this. But then my lips are on hers and there's one perfect reason to just shut up.

I'm still flailing against her embrace when Tori and I topple backwards. We land with a thud on the blanket Tori's laid out, and the space between us all but disappears. I'm still reeling from the collision when Tori's dives into the crook of my neck, nibbling at the tender flesh. A ragged breath shudders through my lips and coherent thought sails into the darkness that blankets us.

Tori's fingers deftly pop the button on my jeans, and her slender fingers dive between where skin and my undergarments meet. Her fingers brushing against my manhood are the fuel that jars my body back into action. As blood rushes south, I bring my hands to the small of Tori's back. Running them upwards, I expect to stumble over the strap of her bra. I never do.

"You're not wearing-" My shuddering words come to a halt when Tori sits up and grins wickedly. Her fingers encircle my shaft, and whatever I had wanted to say slips away again. I drag her into a passionate embrace, pushing my lips against Tori's. More than a hint of desperation seeps into my actions as I run my tongue against her bottom lip.

The embrace between Tori and I lingers, and by the time we break apart neither of us are wearing a thing. Tori's already eyeing a condom that lays just at the edge of our blanket, and leans towards it. As she looms over me, I reach between her legs and run my fingers along the tender folds of her sex. Tori's movements grind to a halt and she bucks against my fingers, driving them into her depths.

I curl my fingers almost unperceivably and hit the nerves within her, causing Tori to call out her pleasure. Words come to life on her lips before dying under the weight of her moans of pleasure. She rolls her hips, and I feel slender fingers running up and down my shaft in an unsteady rhythm. The flames of desire burn between Tori and I, distorting our movements into pale imitations of our intentions. Even so, I don't think I've felt like this before. It's so different to last night, so much more primal.

When Tori slides across me, I feel the swell of her breasts on my chest and the pleasure is almost blinding. With a smirk, she drags her hand away from me, and plucks the condom away from the ground. There's no ceremony when Tori's fingers tear open a small foil container, or when she slides its contents over my manhood.

When Tori straddles my waist, I feel searing desire envelop me. Breath skitters from Tori's lips as she slides down my length. My hands run up and down Tori's body as our hips meet. I close my eyes as Tori pauses and the sensations almost drown us as she begins to grind her hips in slow circles. The rest of the world melts away as I begin to match thrusts with Tori. Seconds and then moments drift past us. I can only try to match Tori's thrusts as she drives herself towards an even higher plane of pleasure.

I pull my eyes open and run my fingers over Tori's chest, pausing at her nipples. Tweaking the hardened flesh, I try the separate myself from the inevitable by pulling Tori along with me into the heights of ecstasy. It's like she knows exactly what I'm trying to do. Just when I think I've distanced myself from the pleasure screaming through my every nerve, Tori bends down and catches my lips with her own.

A moan rattles through my lips and the vibration draws a similar sound from Tori's mouth. Our hips continue to collide, and our frenetic kisses begin to miss their target. Tori pulls away from my lips for an instant, and drags deep breathes into her lungs, slowing her relentless pace if only for a second. Her normally warm chocolate orbs are almost totally blackened by lust. As my eyes travel up Tori's bronzed abs, I'm certain I'll never see a sexier sight.

I'm dead wrong.

I feel Tori's muscles contract around me, drawing me ever deeper into her molten depths as an orgasm tears through her body. With Tori's head peaking just through the clouds of ecstasy, I run my fingers over her clit at just the right moment, sending her into the astrosphere. As Tori arcs her back and thrashes along the crest of her orgasm. When she finally returns to the real world, Tori slumps down, peering at me through half lidded eyes and matted hair. Her damp hair like a feather's touch as her rhythm slows to an almost grinding pace.

Electricity jolts my bones as Tori thrusts sharply, catching me off guard. I peer up at her in a daze, just barely catching that wicked smile that's once again on her lips. I briefly recall Tori's shyness from last night before another jolting thrust from the girl in question perishes the thought. I'm like a ragdoll when Tori's arms encircle me, pulling me into a seated position. Molten lust begins to well up within me, and Tori's writhing dance of lust is no assistance in holding it at bay.

Things that I'd never expected to hear from Tori spill directly from her lips, and into my ear between cries of pleasure. I feel her clamp down on me again, and the spark of her orgasm is the first ray of light toward my own end. Locks of Tori's hair catch in the wind, blowing away from her lithe body and exposing more of her tantalizing golden brown skin. More and more rays begin to appear as I feel the end dawning upon me.

A final collision with Tori's hips and its daylight within our little world.

When I finally drift back into the real world, it's through the tangles of Tori's matted hair that I view the night. She's laying on my chest, and although it's a jagged rhythm, I could swear our hearts are beating in time. With my thoughts finally beginning to fall into something resembling a logical order, I begin to wonder just how long we've been gone. It feels like an eternity since the blanket we're currently cloaked in was laid down. We lay together, drawing lines in each other's skin as the moon bathes us in a pale glow. I point out shooting stars and Tori makes the wishes, it's kind of strange, but neither of us ruin the moment for once.

"Hey Robbie, look at this text I got." Tori chuckles, draping herself over my chest and tilting her phone in my direction. It takes a few moments, but my mind finally re-engages, and I tear myself away from the feeling of her breasts pushed against my ribcage. Lifting my head, I peer at the screen of Tori's phone. The words fly past my eyes, and it's pretty obvious why glee is etched so firmly in Tori's features.

New Message Received: Jade West

I give up Vega. You win. Reply soon so that I can tell Beck you didn't die.

"Congratulations, Vega." I state, lowering my voice and mimicking Jade's tone. A warm breath containing Tori's laughter sweeps over my collarbone and before I know it, I'm laughing along too. I wonder if this is a perfect moment, or another ruined one between us.

I'm not even sure it matters.

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