The Kill

For Phil Brooks, anger had always been a hard feeling to battle. Once it invaded him and exploded within his psyche there was not much he could do about it, and as he sat by the edge of the bed with his jaw painfully clenched he could already feel it taking control of his emotions.

It had always been like that for him, he lived his emotions to the extreme and even though he had spent half his life trying to tame the wild impulses that anger provoked in him, he knew that one day he was going to give in and that it was going to make him sink to lowest depths of depravity.

It was that bad but what was worse, he knew he could become pretty messed up when angry and for that same reason he was trying his best to swallow down his feelings and forget all about it; after all he had no right to have those feeling harboring inside because she plain and simply wasn't his.

She never has been and she probably never would, and even though they had spent the last several months seeing each other pretty often they had barely trespassed the boundaries of a very platonic friendship. There was that and there was also the fact that she had made it crystal clear to him that she wasn't looking for any kind of relationship.

Not with him, not with anyone.

He had respected that, he was aware that she just recently walked out of a very messy relationship and he understood that. She needed time… and time he had given her.

For months he had been there without throttling her, just offering a friendship that she reciprocated without reservation. At first it had been just that, two people who lived a very similar life getting to know each other, nothing more, nothing less.

But a sane person couldn't spend so much time with her without wanting to go a step further, and after getting to know her better his view on their friendship quickly changed and he wanted them to become more than friends.

It had been so natural for him to feel that way, she was smart, she was fun, and she was beautiful; she was everything he could ever want in a woman and it only took him a couple of months to know that he wanted more than a friendship with her.

She knew it, the same way she had made it clear that she didn't want to get into a relationship with him or with anyone else for that matter he had made it clear to her that he wanted more.

Of course, she had kindly brushed him off… at first. But he didn't let her renouncement put him down because even when she said over and over again that she didn't want another shot at love he could see contradiction in her eyes. She liked him more than what she was letting him know, he was sure of that and just recently as the previous month he took a big step that corroborated his suspicious, he kissed her. He has done it on an impulse and she didn't push him away. Sure, she didn't let it get pass that but he got to do it a few more times after that day and every time his result was the same, she ended up kissing him back.

He didn't know where did that evolution in their friendship put them but it was sure more than before. After that first kiss their friendship took a new phase and he liked it, they flirted more, there were calls in the middle of the night that had no purpose other than listening to each other and yeah, there were also those sweet but very furtive kisses that made him craving for more.

He was so close of getting to where he wanted that he could almost taste it, he just needed to give her time… or that was what he thought before seeing that picture.

The image came out of nowhere, he didn't even know who sent it and when he tried to call the number back he never got an answer; but that was not important, the importance on it all was the picture itself.

Swallowing down, he lowered his eyes away from the image flashing through his phone. He didn't want anger to get the best of him but he could already feel it running through his veins, gnawing at his bones and settling somewhere in his heart.

There was no point to fight it, it was already there whether he wanted it or not.

Now, anger wasn't the only unwanted sentiment simmering within him, he was also feeling hurt. That has been the first emotion that hit him full force when he first saw the picture and not even his building anger could overshadow that one; he was just… crushed, and feeling that way only increased his anger.

But it was no one's fault but his own because he should have expected something like that to happen; after all there was a saying that said that when something seemed too good to be true, it was probably because it was not true and Beth… Beth was too good to true.

So yeah, that little picture has angered him because she knew how he felt towards her and she gave him wings to fly so very high only to let him crash down with so much impetus. It angered him because she knew she wasn't going to give him a chance and she still let him hope by letting him kiss her and by giving him the impression that she was just too fucking perfect.

A dark mood getting over him, he allowed his olive green eyes to go back to the picture, his finger tracing the outline of her face. He could only see her profile in the image and as he inspected it he couldn't help but to notice the way her eyes were closed as she kissed him, as she kissed another guy that wasn't him.

Sure, he knew they two of them were going to work a FCW event over the weekend and thus they were undoubtedly going to run into each other at some point, but it never crossed his mind that she was going to engage in a kissing fest with him and let alone that the image was going to find its way to him.

Oh but it had, he saw the picture alright and the image had angered him and upset him more than he would have thought, and when he was angry he didn't think things before doing them and his mind was telling him to go to her and let her get a piece of his mind, perhaps something more.

It was the least she could get from him, after all she has been playing with him and that was what hurt the most, that he trusted her and even though she pulled that one on him.

Getting up to his feet, the man known simply as Punk walked to the door and out of his room. He had a visit to make. Beth was in that same hotel and he felt like he needed to see her… and show her a lesson in kind.


The first thought that ran through her mind when she heard the initial knock on her door was that it better not be Cody. The last thing she wanted in that moment was to hear her ex-boyfriend go on with his continuous rant about why they should be back together.

It was bad enough that she had to endure his presence and his begging all day through Saturday and it would be more than disquieting to open the door and find him there.

Wasn't it clear to him that she didn't want to see him and let alone go back into dating him? She knew she has been clear with him in their last conversation and after flying out of Florida and making it to Atlanta, she has been able to reach a state of pure nirvana and it was not her intention to listen or see him so late during that night.

She was not going to open that door and let him ruin her peace.

But as she turned over to her side and hugged the pillow closer to her body, realization washed over her. It couldn't be Cody, her ex-boyfriend was now four States away for a Smackdown house show and thus he couldn't be the one knocking.

Sighing deeply, she pulled the comforter over her head and shut her eyes tightly; Cody or not she was going to completely ignore the continued knocking, after all it was late at night and by all rights she shouldn't be disturbed. She was already in bed and even though she wasn't sleeping yet, she intended to drift off in Morpheus' arms very soon.

But… what if it was important?

The battery of her phone has died on her a couple of hours ago and since she forgot to pack her charger, the iPhone was turned off and laying over the nightstand. That meant that whoever was at the door could have been trying to reach her for hours.

It could be an emergency for all she knew.

What if Nattie needed support after her messed up break-up with Tyson? The last time she saw her, the younger woman was very upset about it after being there before, she knew how hard it could be to deal with the aftermath of a separation.

Yeah, it could be that…

Still feeling reluctant, the blonde diva grunted under her breath and blinked whatever trace of sleep she had in her system while dragging herself out of the bed. Once up she walked on bare foot to the door and looked through the peephole.

It was kind of dark out in the corridor and the looking glass distorted the image on the other side, but that was no impediment for her, she could recognize the man outside anywhere, anytime.

It was Phil.

Unable to keep her lips from curving into a smile, she quickly combed her fingers through her hair, hoping that she was doing an okay job… but as her hand occupied itself with that task her eyes took a glance down her body to realize that her hair was the last of her problems.

She looked a complete mess, wearing her flannel red pajama bottoms and a plain white tank top that screamed nothing but ordinary.

That was the last thing she wanted to look in front of his eyes, ordinary, and if she had known that he was going to show at her door in the middle of the night she would have made herself look more presentable.

But she hadn't know, the last time she spoke to him was two days ago so whatever his reason to be knocking on her door so late was a mystery to her.

Now Phil… as much as she has been trying not to get too much into him it was difficult, he made it extremely difficult. Little by little he was undermining her once strong resolution about not dating another wrestler in her life and she was seriously considering things with him; her reluctance was turning into dull acceptance and deep within she knew that a day would come when she would just give in.

That she was letting things take their time was nothing against her platonic friend, but after a messy relationship that left a bitter taste in her mouth, she just wanted to focus in job; her plans just didn't include letting another man into her life…

Or at least that was until he came along offering a friendship that soon blossomed into something more.

At first she fought it, trying to turn a blind eye to the palpable attraction between them, but now things had come to a point where there was not much to do about it but let it happen… and that it was going to happen seemed imminent.

The whole thing made her feel a bit antsy because she really liked Phil and even though she knew he was nothing like Cody, she still had some reservations; after all there was so much of the same she could handle and she didn't want to be in a position where she and Phil would be at odds.

She cared about him too much to let that happen.

That she was holding back was just a case of her being silly because she knew she shouldn't worry about him. After the months she had spent knowing him better, she was sure that he would never hurt her in any possible way and she was sure that she could trust him with closed eyes.

So with that in mind she bit the inside of her cheek and opened the door to let him in.


At the other side Phil stood still, facing the door and waiting. He knew she was in that room and he was determined not to walk away without at least telling her a thing or two about the fact that she played him for a fool. He needed to get it off his system or else it was going to consume him.

On his way there he tried to convince himself to let it go but it was near impossible; he was feeling betrayed. After a few bad experiences of his own, betrayal would always leave a bitter taste in his mouth and it was hard for him to swallow it down. She knew that, she knew all about that and look what she did.

It was true that they were not officially going out or anything but it was all about principles; if she had plans of getting back with Cody, the least she could have done was let him know so he wouldn't get his hopes up. But no, instead of doing that she decided to lead him on into believing the sweet promise that her lips would leave on him when he kissed her.

Now that was gone, he basically lost her before even having her… she never gave him a fair chance.

He remembered that one day not too long ago he asked her if she was ever going to give him a chance, the question came out of nowhere and his tone had been playful even when it carried some seriousness in it. Her response had been a smile, a teasing roll of her eyes and a change of subject.

A sensible person would have told him right there that his chances were zero; yeah it would have stung some but at least he would have respected her for being honest. Now instead of respect he felt only anger… maybe some disappointment too.

If this had happened at the beginning it wouldn't have hit him so hard because at the beginning her reluctance was strong, but after that first kiss the relationship underwent an evolution that edged in two people exploring the possibilities of taking the next step… or at least that's what he thought, how wrong he has been.

It was always like that, women loved men who treated them bad and treated bad the ones who loved them. That was the story of his life; maybe he should switch teams and act like the jerk everyone thought he was, because being one of the good ones hadn't done anything for him.

That was the thought that was running through his mind when the door of the room finally opened and the woman who was stealing his sanity greeted him with a smile.

"It's one o'clock in the morning so you better have a good reason to be here, Phil." Her words would have sounded harsh if it wasn't for her sweet tone and the little fake smile that he used to like so much.

She was truly a master when it came to playing him. But not anymore, now the roles would be inverted and he was going to show her how it felt to be used and discarded. He needed to do it before she would do it herself.

With a rush of determination splashing over him, he took three steps forward that made her retreat as he entered the room, his darkened eyes never leaving hers.

"Is everything alright?" She asked, knitting her brows as he closed the door behind him. Her face showed concern and he wondered if this was really what he needed to do, after all one wrong didn't justify another one… "Phil, what is it?"

Instead of granting her an answer he reached for her waist with one arm and swirled her around so he could corner her against the door, trapping her between the wooden barrier and his body; then before she could voice any kind of protest he descended his face towards her and kissed her hard.

Her initial response was resistance but that was probably due to surprise; she tensed and tried to move her face away but he didn't allow her any of those things and pressed harder against her. By the time he finally broke pass her lips to do things properly, her contention crumbled down and she started to reciprocate the kiss.

It was not the first time they kissed, but their kisses from the past had been nothing but a few brief meetings of their lips and now… now it was so much more than that.

Now her pliant lips parted on their own accord to grant him access and that right there made his head spin, and the way her tongue followed his dance made his breathing stop for a second.

She felt just fucking great and that did nothing to dissipate his anger, on the contrary, that she was kissing him back with the same fervor as his only made him remember her betrayal.

Did she kiss Cody in that same manner while they were in Florida? Did Cody enjoy as he was enjoying the sweet taste of her tongue moving against his?

Now, he wasn't sure if passion with anger was a good mix but he was going to allow both to run free and dictate his actions. So without breaking off the kiss he slid his hands down her back until they reached the edge of her pants, then he moved them down so his palms could sneak beneath the fabric of her underwear, cupping her flesh and bringing her closer to him; making her feel the stiffening erection inside his own pants.

That's when she pulled her head back and ended the kiss. "Wait-" She breathed out, her hands resting on his chest while she tried to formulate a coherent thought. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing yet." He said in a dark whisper, his hands kneading her naked behind while his eyes took in her appearances.

Her lips were parted and swollen, her face was flushed and her deep blue eyes were dark and sparkling. She had never looked more stunning in his eyes, standing there in her cute pajamas and with her hair all tousled.

He wanted her… no matter what she did he wanted her more than before.

Reassuming his sweet attack on her, he buried his face into the nape of her neck, inhaling her scent while his tongue tasted her skin until she trembled. Maybe it was true that Cody was the one she loved, but judging by her reactions he could tell that she at least felt attracted to him in some way and he was going to use that against her.

So with that in mind he traced a path of warm kisses from her throat to her collarbone, his teeth nipping and his tongue tasting. When he reached her shoulders he took his hands away from her ass and lowered himself just enough so he could kiss her stomach.


She gasped, her muscles tightening as she felt his hands pulling her pants lower while his lips kissed their way down her stomach and then even lower, reaching that part of her anatomy that was screaming for attention.

"Phil…" Beth had no idea how things progressed so quickly, but she was not in a position to muse about those things now… or even stopping them. She knew that this was going to happen sooner or later but never in her mind was it like this, so raw. He just walked in, kissed her like never before and soon things got out of control.

Now he was crouching down in front of her, his hands firmly set on her hips while his lips moved around until they reached her core.

Her breathing stopped when she felt him there, teasing her, his tongue darting out to run along the most intimate part of her being through the moistened fabric of her panties. But even though her sensitive flesh was covered she couldn't help but to let a moan escape her mouth, the sensation of his lips on her was too intense.


The raspy moan she emitted worked sorcery on him, the simple fact that she was enjoying herself making his body act on primitive sensory level. This was Beth and he was making her moan and tremble without even showing her half the things he could do to her.

Wanting to take things further he pushed with a lone finger the edge of her silk panties out of his way; once uncovered he used that same finger to probe her, parting her and feeling the warm wetness of her arousal, his eyes drinking on the sight of her.

She was pliable, encouraging him to go on with a series of soft whimpers that made his arousal twitch inside his pants, and because she was so much into it he leaned his face to her, pressing his lips against her bare flesh as the tip of his tongue tasted her.

"God… Phil-" Another moan, this time he felt her fingers tightening on his hair, encouraging him to keep going. Not like he needed the encouragement, he was going to keep going until she begged him for more.

The taste of her was intoxicating, this was her in the most intimate and he couldn't get enough, he lapped at her entrance and he sucked into his mouth her special bundle of nerves until her body was a trembling mess.

"Do you want me to stop?" He asked, his voice low in his throat.

"No… don't stop." She whimpered.

"What was that? I can't hear you, Beth." He pulled away from her and looked up. He has been wrong before, now it was when she found her more stunning… she was just beyond beautiful. But he wasn't going to let that take him away from what he came to do…

"Don't stop, God don't stop." She moaned, her darkening eyes casted down on him.

He complied to her needs, his tongue going back to work on her until her breathing got even more ragged, until her grip on his hair got stronger and until she reached the edge of her passion with a symphony of soft moans that made him ache for her.

As she rode down her wave of pleasure, Phil got to his feet and unzipped his pants, freeing his trapped arousal out of its bondage.

Watching her reach the edge was an experience he would never forget, he was the one who brought her there and even if the circumstances were kind of wicked, he couldn't help but to feel his ego burst; after all she reached her edge for him.

Ready to keep things going, Phil looked at her, she was still resting against the door so once he was face to face with her he pressed himself to her, lifting one of her legs off the floor and positioning his body in a way that it was going to take him only a little push to get inside of her.

"Not here… let's go to bed," She breathed out while brushing her hair out of her face.

Phil pursed his lips and looked at her through eyes of steel. He didn't want to go to bed, he was trying to detach his feelings from his lust and if he took her to bed he was going to end mixing both and ruining all. Just the thought of her body underneath his in a skin to skin full contact was enough in his mind to forget about the fact that she was still seeing Cody; he could end up begging her to leave that jerk in his favor and that would be no good. "I want it here; I want to fuck you through that door." With that said he pushed deep inside of her with a single thrust, closing his eyes and grunting at the sensation.

Beth was warm and tight, that was the first thing he noticed, that and that it felt great to be buried inside of her. In the past when he envisioned that moment it never happened against a damn door, he thought she was worth more than that and it was his intention to give her more; but that was before and the only thing that he wanted now was to get what he could and walk out.

Once settled he felt her nails digging into the skin of his shoulder, it made him open his eyes for a second before capturing her lips in a hungry kiss.

She kissed him back as soon as his lips touched hers, letting him know that she was very much into the whole thing even when she had rather made things a bit different.

"Do you still want me to keep going?" He mumbled against her lips, slamming into her insistently.

"Yes." She panted, the sound of her voice giving him more fuel. It made him kiss her even harder.

Her acceptance was too much for his body to take and after a while he began to feel his momentum reaching its top. It was going to be a matter of a few more thrusts and he would be a goner.

Refusing to let go of her lips he grabbed her hips and increased his rhythm, going at her fast and hard, banging her against the door until his climax reached him and he exploded inside of her.

He grunted, his mind getting so fussy that he couldn't coordinate well, he had to end the kiss because of that but let his lips pressed to hers, focusing on the feeling of letting go inside of her.

He had wanted to cum in her; to mark her… it was going to be a reminder for her that he has been the one who made her reach the edge that night. After that she could go back to Cody and live a farce of a happily ever after, but in her mind she was always going to remember that she was his for a while and that she enjoyed every minute of it.

With a growl he pushed into her one last time and pulled away from her lips. For a second he rested his forehead to hers and breathed in, enjoying the calm before the storm.

Beth… why did she have to play with him?

It would have been so easy to fall for her…

But it was what it was so he pulled completely away from her, turning around while gathering himself up, accommodating his still dripping manhood into his boxers and zipping his pants up. Back in his room he was going to need to take his underwear off and put them in his laundry bag, but that was for later.

Now it was this…

His body felt heavy and his legs wobbly, but even though he walked towards the door without giving her a glance. As he walked he was making a count in his mind to know how long it would take her to call him. She was a woman and whether she has been playing with him or not, women didn't like men to turn their backs on them after living something like that.

"Where are you going?"

And it had been four… he was hoping for a lower number…

Keeping his face neutral, Phil turned around and shrugged. "To my room, I already got what I wanted so I just need a shower and a good night rest to keep going."

Beth shook her head and frowned. She already had her pants up and he assumed that she put them back up while his back was to her. Now, she was going to need to put her underwear in her laundry bag as well, another reminder for her about what happened there. "What?"

Phil took a deep breath, forcing his eyes to remain in her confused ones. The look on her face was almost daunting enough to make him walk to her, kiss her and promise her that he was better than Cody; but he didn't, he stood his ground. "I gotta give this to you, Beth, you sure like to play difficult. It took me months but at the end I only needed the right moves to get you." He shrugged once more. "It was worth it, could have been sooner but you know, like they say, the wait makes it better."

Beth blinked, her face reflecting pure shock. It made him feel like the lowest scum in the face of the earth, but then he remembered how she had let him fuck her while the day before she has been with Cody playing the happy couple.

She was not what he thought she was and he was not going to be deceived again.

"You are not serious…"

"About what?" He said, crossing his arms up to his chest. "Leaving? Well, if you want a repeat I'm more than willing." He walked to her and circled her waist with his arm until she was pressed against him, his lips kissing her hard and punishing.

It only took her a second to push him away. "Get off." She hissed, her face flushed in anger and shame. "You are a…"

"A what, Beth, a jerk, a pig? You can call me whatever you want and I won't care, not when minutes ago you were moaning as I fucked you and…"

She didn't let him finish, she slapped him right across the face, making his face jerk with the impact. It stung; he was not going to deny it, she had one hell of a slap and maybe he deserved it.

"Get out." She hissed under her breath, her lips trembling with the intensity of her anger. "Get out of my room!"

Phil nodded, flashing her a dark smile that made the muscles of his face ache. Then he turned around, walked to the door and left…