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Cree looked down at her enemy, blue eyes twitching in annoyance at her foe. One arm crossed over her chest while the other held a cigarette to her pierced lips. She let out a huff, and a long puff of smoke slipped from her lips. "When did having a boy friend come with paper work!" Char added off handed.

Impertinently Cree tapped her fingers lightly on the kitchen table. "I thought me agreeing to being his donor was enough, but now I need to fill out a yearly report?" Cree let out another annoyed rawr and leaned back in her chair.

"Well look on the bright side!" Char's arms wrapped around Cree, "It'll help you remember when your Anniversary in near. "

"Pardon me for not feeling as enthusiastic as you'd hoped, but home work doesn't really get me into the mood..." Cree took the final drag of her cigarette before rubbing the tip against the bottom of the ash tray and extinguishing the small smoldering fire. Choosing not to voice her annoyance that Char would think Cree would forget such a thing. In fact the blue haired songstress had been counting down the days to their first anniversary.

Striking her best (and more then likely practiced) 'as a matter of fact' pose Char spoke the next few words with a wicked smile,"Now, now dear, you haven't seen some of My professors!" Cree kept a straight faced questioning glance settled on her dear friend, after a moment both girls broke out into hysterics. "Speaking of Izzy, Where'd he and Rail go?"

"Izsak said that Rail invited him out to 'learn more about each other', which I'm pretty sure meant, 'I'm going to look for a gift for you and this is the best lie I can come up with'."

"That boy needs to learn how to lie." Char sighed shaking her head.

"No! He doesn't need to learn that, I'm perfectly fine with my boyfriend not being skilled at deception!" Hissed Cree.

"So...What are you getting him?" The clock ticked for a good full minute before Char realized, "You have no idea yet do you!"

"Would she like this?" Izsak held up a necklace that consisted of three chains, one bright silver -this was the shortest of the three-, a medium length tarnished gray looking silver, and lastly the longest was a solid black, a music note with bright sliver around the edges, gray and black acrylic were mixed together in the 'foot' of the note, was the pendant that hung off the black chain.

"Eh, maybe." Rail shrugged his shoulders.

"Well what about this one?" This time it was a hot pink acrylic skull with a black bow that had a single gem in the center of the bow, the chain wasn't a chain how ever, but thick black ribbon that could have gone around the wearer's neck a number of times.

"I don't know." Now the blond male was leaning against the small display, his head resting in one hand while the other looked down to his cell phone that suddenly sprang to life.

'Cree and I are going shopping for Izsak, any ideas?' - Char

Electric green eyes flicked up to Izsak who was looking between the two muttering to him self. 'Why does everyone keep asking me for gift ideas?'

'Lol, I don't know, guess you were the first person we'd thought to talk to.'

'Well I'm touched, but seriously I have no say on the matter, let the two of them pick out something for each other on their own.'

'Crap, Need to stop her before she buys something stupid, talk to you later. 3'

Rail smirked wickedly before sending a last message, 'Char, if your helping her she is going to by something stupid. I mean look at your sense of fashion.' Already he could imagine the look on his long time friends face when she opened the message and the hour she'd spend fuming to his adoptive sister about what an ass he was, not that it bothered him of course. Infact Rail never mentioned it, but he really did enjoy seeing Char angry. Dare he say that he thought it was cute?

He stared down at his cell phone, some what hoping that he was going to get a message, but Izsak approached and ruined that chance before it really even raised. "You done?" Rail asked.

"Yeah, who where you texting?" Izsak asked, noticing the ever so slight improvement in Rail's attitude.


"You actually sounded a little happy."

"Oh, No. It was just Char, the girls are out looking for your gift."

"So Cree is gonna take advise from Char on what to get me?" Izsak asked, the nervousness in his voice rather obvious.

"Don't worry, unlike Ed I'm sure Cree actually likes you, so chances are she's gonna ignore what ever Char says."

"The nerve of that rotten ass whole! Who the hell does he think he is telling me that I have no sense of fashion! Tsk, who does he think dresses him for the damn concerts we do! Like hell he could pull of some of the outfits all on his own." Char seethed.

"Well that's just Rail Char, take it easy." Cree soothed the petticoat-ed beast, "I'll yell at him later."

"You'd better." Char snorted crossing her arms. "So let us think on our lovely little Izsak."

"Well he never wears that watch I got him, so nothing for his wrist." Cree lifted up one finger, then another as more thoughts popped into her head. She looked down to see all ten of her fingers up, each one representing a failed idea for an anniversary gift. "Crap."

"Well rather then something he could wear what about something you could wear?" Something about the haughty tone in Char's voice made the hair on the back of Cree's neck stand on end, and a light blush color drift up along her cheek bones.

"No!" Both girls jumped seeing Izsak and Rail. Izsak was nearly the same shade of red as his eyes and Rail well, he was turning red with anger. "The hell are you doing suggesting that!"

The two blonds began squabbling and Cree found her way to Izsak's side. Her arms wrapped around his, her knee bumped the small bag. "Mine?" She asked looking down at the gift bag.

"Yes, but you don't get it yet." He laughed seeing the pouted puppy dog look Cree gave him. "No."

"Fine then, I'll just have to settle for this." She leaned in capturing Izsak's lips with her own. His free hand came up and rested on the side of her face.

Unknowingly to them though, the fight between the other two Faust members stopped. Both eyes on them. Rail coughed to make the two of them jump back and begin to stammer out apologies to the two of them, while Char looked away, but still found her eyes falling onto Rail.

'I wonder what its like to kiss him now?' She asked her self. Char lost her self to memories, thinking back to high school and when she was still Charles and had kissed Rail.

His lips weren't soft, but they weren't rough. Even though the kiss only lasted a moment Char remembered every detail perfectly. 'He was so mad after wards,' Char lifted her hand up to the shoulder Rail grabbed and pushed her away with (back when she was still a he that is), 'I felt so guilty for being so happy I had actually managed to kiss him.'

"Char? Hey lunatic. You in there?"

Her eyes widened and Char looked about, realizing that everyone was staring at her, their expressions looked worried -a side from Rail, who just looked at her with an annoyed glare-. "Oh, Yeah I'm fine! Honest."

"That's not what we asked." Cree laughed, "You hungry?"

Char nodded and watched as Izsak and Cree lead the way, Rail didn't move until she did, neither of them said anything as the four of them started on their way. Stealing a glace she looked up to her unrequited love, asking once again. 'I really wanna know, what it would be like...' Rail looked down at her with an eye brow raised up and she looked away, quickly running up to join Izsak and Cree. Trying to act more like her self then she'd really felt.

Rail watched Char run ahead to Cree and Izsak and a part of him felt a little more empty, with a sigh he shook his head. 'Come one get it together man...' His eyes fell onto Char's retreating form, realizing that he'd stopped walking. 'There is no way that it was Char you had that dream about...Its Char, I don't feel like that for her.'

Char looked back to Rail, her head tilted and concern in her eyes. She ran back and took his hand, "You day dreaming again?" She asked with a laugh. "Come on." The girl turned back her hand still holding onto Rail's own. There was no give from him when she began to run, looking back she watched him with worried eyes. Then looked down to their joined hands, she let go and he quickly stuffed his own hand back into his pockets and began walking with out Char.

"Char! Come on, you don't wanna get left behind do you?"

With out any words Char started to move once again, feeling a bit more pain in her heart then she'd like to admit. 'I should be used to this...'