"Chief," Laurent called, "Chief mail is here. You have a fallow up from the case we had last year." Wearing his child form Laurent made his way through the apartment he shared with Niji, whom he discovered fell asleep on the couch. A pile of shoujo manga resting on the coffee table in front of her. "This happens every time she gets a good pay check..."

No matter how long the two of them were together, Laurent could never get used to Niji's marathons of her little girly comics and movies for hours or the occasional days. He sighed with a light smirk on his face, he shifted from his younger form into his elder one and keeled down behind the couch.

His eyes examined her with an extremely intimate gaze in his eyes. He watched the rise and fall of her chest, the way her eye lids shifted and fluttered, and slight twitches she would have every so often. The vampire debated reaching out to touch her soft ethnic skin and shake her awake, but he'd felt better just watching her sleep for a while. After all the paper work could wait just a little longer.

Neither of them could ever really remember when it was that the two of them ended up as a couple. It started with her defending him, he would get jealous if any other men got to close to her, and then...Then it just sorta happened. Laurent didn't mind though, there was comfort in the fact that she'd forgave him even just a little bit.

It was a familiar scene to the currently sleeping Rail. He was with a female figure sitting on the kitchen counter top in front of him. His shirt had been removed due to it's constant getting in the way, while the girl was in a button up of his, most of the buttons undone. This allowing him glimpses of her body through the fabric and sometimes (much like this one) he could feel her skin when they'd pulled each other closer. Locking their lips into a feverish match of who could kiss harder. (Which he'd always found some way to win)

She was close to him, legs wrapped around his waist, pulling the two of them closer and closer together. He chose to nip at the soft flesh at the base of her neck slowly he made his way from the base back up to the point where he could feel the soft erratic thudding of a heart.


His hands gripped tighter on her hips, Her hands had buried their way deeper into his strawberry blonde ginger locks. He could feel his breath becoming ragged. Pulling away he looked down into her large innocent blue eyes.

This was wrong, he shouldn't be kissing her. They shouldn't be doing this. However Rail could toss it all aside because this felt right.

His eyes watched her light skin redden slightly. "Rail, why are you staring at me like that?"

"Your beautiful. Is that enough?"

The girl let out a laugh and pulled her self into a hug, nuzzling the side of his face. "I suppose I could accept that." Rail enjoyed the purr in her voice, and braced him self feeling her own teeth teasing his neck, she'd nip down hard and then let her tongue run along the marks.

"C-" Rail's voice turned into a loud sudden blaring alarm noise and he realized this was nothing more the a dream. His heart broke feeling him self lose grip on the fabricated reality he'd made for him self.

Sitting up now awake Rail slammed his hand down on the alarm clock. His legs shifted over to hang off the side of the bed. "Dammit." His mind growled, "I can't afford to keep having that dream...Its not right." He rubbed his face, trying to get his groggy mind out of the gutter that it seemed to be enjoying spending time in. "Least, not any more."

Mean while just a floor below him nearly an hour later, Cree stretched out, her hand coming in contact with nothing, this made her jump up quickly. Usually she would be woken up by Izsak's icy body temperature.

However today there was nothing. She scooted out of bed and stood up, scratching at her hair. Walking past a mirror she saw that she'd fallen asleep in one of Izsak's shirts. (It was a simple button up with a distinctly military style to it. Her boxer style pajama shorts threw off her look by being covered in cup cakes.) "Izsak?" The songstress stepped out from her bedroom and looked about for her boyfriend. "Izsak?" No such luck. Izsak was no where in the apartment, finally returning to the kitchen she saw a note left for her from Izsak.

'Cree, ran on some errands. Be back soon.'

A knock came on the door, "Its just me Cree."

Opening the door Cree yawned letting Rail in, "What are you doing here so early?"

"I have to get to class, so I figured I would raid your fridge before heading out." He looked back and saw what Cree was wearing. "What the hell are you doing walking around in that!"

"Relax Dad I'm in my own apartment. I think this is perfectly fine for me to wear what ever I want."

"Tsk, not when you live with a zombie bassist!"

"Dammit Rail, I told you not to use that word." Cree growled, "Undead, undead!"

"The hell is this!" Rail held up a jam jar that was a little less then half full of a red liquid. "Don't tell me..."

"Yes, its blood, my blood." Cree pointed on that, "That's why I trust him, because I know that he's taking care of him self, Rail the only part of him I can't trust is the part that comes out should he not get enough."

"I don't care. I still don't trust him and think it's BS that you put so much faith in him." He growled some what throwing the jar back into the fridge, being careful not to break it.

"Pardon me?" She asked this jumping up onto the counter. Rail's electric green eyes flicked over to her. "What?"

Rail stood up and sighed and walked over standing in front of her. "Cree." His voice took on the most serious of voices.

Cree's blue eyes focused on him. "Rail what's your problem?"

A fresh coat of snow had fallen out side over the night, the morning air still crisp with a cutting chill. "Thank you for helping Char."

"Its no problem Izzy." She smiled back. "So you got her a necklace and now that...What else are you gonna do?"

"Hm? What else am I going to do?" Izsak's red eyes were filled with nativity.

"Like are you guys doing anything special? A date or something like that?" Char clarified for him, a giggle in her voice.

"Oh, Yeah. Cree suggested that we go out to the sushi joint that we went to on our first date."

Char smiled, "So she's finally considering that a date?" She couldn't help, but to laugh. "Gosh the two of you are cute."

Izsak was so confused, yet again he often felt that way around Char. "Thank you?"

"No need to thank me Izzy, its the truth. You guys just kind of both fall right into place with each other. That's the kind of way a lot of people hope their relationship would go."She stopped walking and let her head hang down a bit, "I mean there's some people that change them selves so much just to feel like they'll be accepted better by the person that they love." Char hugged her self, a look of sadness that Izsak hadn't ever really known registering across her features. "Yet sometimes, they're still never what they really wanted."

Izsak reached out to her shoulder. "Char?" He looked in all honesty as worried as possible.

"Oh, Uhh..." She shook her head and put on the same old smiling face, "Don't worry. I'm fine. Come on! We should go meet up with Cree and Rail before he has to get to school."

Izsak watched her as she sped up trying to get away from him. "Yeah..."

"The diva has arrived!" Char sang after Izsak and her entered the apartment. "Hm?" Her eyes opened to see Cree sitting alone in the living room, a note book in her lap and a pen balancing under her nose. "Where's Rail?"

Cree flinched and looked over to Char, blush lining her cheek bones, "He left!"

Izsak had managed to sneak off to hide Cree's gifts, "Working on a new song?"

"Yeah..." Cree let out a nervous laugh, "However I seem to be getting further a long with my balancing act." She tilted her head looking over to Char, "Good morning by the way."

"Thanks, so um..." Char shuffled nervously, "I'll see you guys for band practice later at my place."

"O-okay?" Cree stood up and walked over to Char, "Are you sure you don't wanna chill out? I need some help with the new song and I think your just the person to help me with it. Not to mention you could come up with some outfits for the show we debut it at."

"No, I really should get home, I think is starting to act up again..." Char threw her hands in the air, attempting to add in that he must have been feeling jilted out of time alone with her, but Cree quickly acted stopping the words before they left her mouth.

Cree rolled her eyes and gripped Char's arm and the slipped out into the hallway, "Spill it." She said stepping out into the hall way with her friend.

"Spill what?"

"Something is bothering you Char, you've been acting like this since the other day. " Cree's hand was still resting on the taller girls forearm.

"I-I haven't been acting like any thing, honestly."

Cree rolled her eyes. "Char, please?"

"Cree...I still really really-"

"Hey Cree where did..." Izsak stopped mid-sentence seeing the look of death in Cree's eyes for interrupting Char. He didn't say anything, but slowly slid back into the apartment and close the door behind him.

"Now what were you going to say?"

"Nothing, the moods ruined now." Char laughed and patted Cree on the head and spun around on her lolita esque heels and quickly darted away, leaving the blue haired girl standing confused in the hall way. A moment later Cree walked back in and joined Izsak on the couch, he lifted his arm and she curled up next to him.

"You didn't get anything out of her either?"

Cree, defeated let her head fall onto his shoulder. "No, I was close." She smirked slightly adding in, "However someone got in the way of that." A sly smirk playing on her lips.

Rail could barely keep his mind off of his dream, it had been troubling him so much that he could hardly stand it. His mind drifted back to the look in those big innocent eyes. "I must be going insane..." He sighed looking out the window, then back to the clock that hung over the classroom's door. "Ten more minutes to go, then I have to pull my self together for practice..."

Rail felt a sting, one he'd felt all morning since he'd told Cree about the dream that he'd been having. After wards, Cree had been shocked, and confused as to how to take the confession. She looked as if she wanted to ask more questions, all more then likely along the lines of how, when, and why.

However Rail would have answered any of them if she'd actually asked. The next few moment quickly passed and Rail found him self sighing and quickly hurrying off to Char's apartment. He felt horrid, after telling Cree everything, how would he be able to face her?


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