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Bolt P.O.V.

I didn't know where we were going, Mittens had just said that she 'had a surprise for me' when I woke up and told me to follow her through a couple streets of Vegas; it was crazily hot out and I could feel sweat dripping down my forehead before we finally got to the edge of the city. I had thought that that was where we would stop butt Mittens just turned to me and asked me to close my eyes. Now we were walking through the sand outside Vegas and my paws weren't exactly happy with me. Everything was black; I had no idea where I was and the hot sand burned the pads of my paws but I trusted Mittens and if she said that this surprise was worth it there was no way I'd not go to see it.

"I groaned a bit letting the heat get to me and asked "How much farther Mittens? I can't stand this heat much longer it's just too much!" I had been through the amazon, through the arctic, and through a ton of other deserts; they were never this bad! Then again I guess they weren't ever too real, probably had something to control the weather. I can't believe that all this time I wasn't really a super dog, just a normal dog with no special powers.. But Penny still cared about me, she still loved me! Every time she looked into my eyes I could tell that she genuinely loved me. And that's why even if I'm not a super dog, I'll find my person.

Mittens waited a few seconds before replying, my ears sticking up listening for her voice but all I heard were the soft footsteps ahead of me. We were going pretty quickly, Mittens must be really excited about whatever the surprise is. But then her voice finally came, it sounded refreshing against the sound of footsteps and the wind. "Just a little farther Bolt doesn't worry! We'll be there in no time at all." She sounded confident as always, I don't know what it was about her voice that made me listen to it so much more than others. It had a certain tone, a certain.. I don't know how to describe it. It was Mittens.

"Fine.." I replied a little reluctantly. "But it better be an awesome surprise or else-" The cat cut me off, asking "Or else what Bolt? You'll super bark me?" I was silent, trying to think of something to say back to the sarcastic animal in front of me but nothing came to mind. She continued, adding "Don't worry it won't disappoint. And there's shade there, so we can rest for a little bit and try and enjoy it. I tried really hard.." There was something in her voice that confused me, it sounded as if this cat was trying to impress me or make me happy. But why would she do that, she was going to leave me right when I found my person. But as those thoughts traveled through my head my chest tightened a bit. Weird.. Maybe I'm hungry again.

"Watch where you step bolt we're going through a fence" Mittens said and I heard her make a little jump ahead of me. I moved forward slowly feeling a little too vulnerable with my eyes closed; feeling around for the obstacle with my front paws. See-through eyelids would be a really awesome superpower, then I could pretend to be asleep when really I could see fine! But then my paw hit the bar and I moved towards it stopping over carefully onto the hot sand on the other side. I could use that shade right about now. "Okay, okay no peeking Bolt" Came the cat's voice and I couldn't help but smile a little bit. We were there, I'd be in the shade soon enough, I just had to keep myself from opening my eyes which seemed harder than it should have.

Finally I heard Mittens footsteps come to a stop, and I moved a little more forward stopping beside her. The cat wasn't even talking yet and I could almost feel her excitement seeping out of her short black fur. "Alright, now.." Mittens said happily and paused for a second. Probably trying to build up the suspense. "open them!" I complied and opened my eyes, looking quickly at Mittens who was beaming with energy before turning my gaze forward to the object of her affection.

There were two rather big cardboard boxes, lying on their sides with the flap on the top being held up by a stick. One was easily twice as large as the other and inside each of them seemed to be a cushion, similar to the one I had back in my home by my stuffies. And that one was for sleeping, so I could only guess what these were for. There was also an upside down Frisbee which was being used as a bowl with some water in it and a small pinwheel poking out of the ground between the boxes; probably just for decoration. All of this was placed under an old broken sign and I had to admit to myself that it looked pretty good.

Mittens voice came again and I could tell how happy she was just by the tone. She was proud of herself as she said "Haha, Bask in the glow baby!" The cat's tail was waving back and forth slowly, but I knew that cats tails didn't have to be fast like dogs to show their excitement. Was she planning to.. stay here? I tried to tell her no before she could do anything else, stating "Mittens, I-"But the small black cat cut me off again.

She trotted towards the small box, saying "Just let me give you the grand tour!" She seemed so happy, and my chest tightened up again. "This one," The cat stopped by the small box and turned to me. "This one's mine." But then she stepped towards the larger box with her smile growing even further across her face. "And this one is all yours," The cat turned to me still smiling, the most genuine smile that I had seen on her to date. I couldn't interrupt her, I just couldn't.

Mittens padded into my box smiling and saying "And guess what, I found this really awesome pillow for you!" It was just like my one at home, blue and it was even the same size and shape. I couldn't help but smile a little, it brought back good memories. "And look at this!" The cat continued, pounding on the pillow to make a pink object pop out of a little hole. "I stuffed it with Styrofoam; which I though was both creative and ironic, y'know what I mean?"

I tried interrupting, saying "Mittens I don't thi-" But she couldn't let me as she continued speaking over me. She was on a roll; she didn't want to hear no. "And check this out!" The cat grinned before using one of her back legs to kick out the stick supporting the flap making it fall down to cover her. "Complete privacy, and it's soundproof too! Okay well maybe it's not sound proof.." I frowned a little, it hurt in my heart to see how much Mittens wanted to stay here with me. But I had to get my person back; I had to find my Penny.

Then I sighed to myself, Mittens hadn't said anything since the flap had closed and knowing her she was probably finally letting it sink in that I would say no. She was probably scared, and afraid as I had only seen her once or twice but I hated it. I liked the outgoing and sarcastic Mittens much more. What could a few more hours hurt, or a day? I could stay here just a little longer to make mittens happy, and then we could go to get Penny tomorrow when the sun comes up! Besides, I need her. She's my map and my compass. Without the small black and white cat I would be lost between here and Hollywood.

"Mittens," I said softly walking towards the flap of the box. She didn't reply; but I heard a soft whimpering and knew that my friend was scared. I needed her to be okay; I needed her to come with me. I moved closer, now standing right outside the box. "Listen Mittens, I don't want to have to choose between you and Penny." I started, frowning a little. Penny was my person but Mittens was the best friend I had ever made. Well and Rhino of course. They were my only friends. "Mittens you know that I have to go to Hollywood and find her." Again there was no response.

I stepped a tiny bit closer, moving my paw under the flap as I said "Listen, I'll stay for one more day. I'll stay and be here for you, I won't leave you but you have to promise me that tomorrow morning you'll come with me to find my person. I need you Mittens.." There was a long pause where I couldn't hear anything except for the wind and the pinwheel spinning, and then finally she spoke up.

"You're still going back to her?.." The cat asked, in a fragile voice that I would never want to break. It hurt, but then she continued "You really think that she cares about you Bolt?.." I nodded, even though she couldn't see me moving and replied confidently "I know she cares about me Mittens. It may have been a T.V. show but every time Penny looked at me I could see it in her eyes." Again there was a heart breaking silence and this time for much longer. Mittens was thinking, but I had no idea if they were good or bad thoughts.

After what seemed like hours her voice came. It sounded broken, it sounded crushed and I had never heard Mittens so down. I had never heard her speak as her spirit got ripped out of her. "Bolt.. What will happen to Rhino? What will happen to me?" That was the problem, that's what Mittens was so worried about. This is what had been scaring her so and causing her to try and keep me away from finding my person. I frowned once again, thinking deeply on how to answer. There was no easy way to get around it, I didn't know for sure what would happen. But Mittens and Rhino were my best friends now, there was no way that I could leave them..

I made up my mind and lifter up the flap to find Mittens on my pillow holding a piece of Styrofoam close to her chest and curled into a ball. She looked up at me with her big green eyes; they were tinted red around the edges as she had been crying softly and still was. "Mittens," I said softly stepping forward with one paw into the box. "You and Rhino are my best friends, my only friends. And I promise that I will never leave you if you see this through with me. When we find Penny I know that she will adopt you and Rhino with open arms! I won't let her not take you. But.. If the very tiny possibility that she doesn't becomes a reality I will leave with you, I know Penny loves me so she'll adopt you! But if not.. I won't argue with you anymore."

Mittens' tears stopped, she didn't move at all for a second until she reached out to put her paw on my own that was closest to her. "Bolt.." She started; still shaken and finding it hard to get words into her mouth. "Do you mean that?" I simply nodded firmly letting her know that she had my word. And I knew I had hers, in the morning Mittens would come with me. The black and white cat continued, saying "Bolt, I told rhino that we would be back for him tomorrow.." She stopped, and looked down at the pillow beneath her. I stepped closer, sitting down on the edge of the pillow.

"Do you think.." Mittens didn't seem to be doing too1 well with whatever she wanted to say but I sat patiently and just watched her. Her green eyes widened into wide orbs, they were still watery and I couldn't help my heart from melting a little. I had never seen Mittens so.. Dependant on something. She always could support herself. And she finally finished, asking "Bolt could you stay the night with me here? Just one night?"

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