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Chapter 2

Hermione walked through the halls of the castle confidently. It had been a year since she'd gotten Harry on board. They'd snuck into the wizarding world and into Gringotts, and the goblins had been more than happy to help them. They'd do anything to get one over on the ministry. And this was definitely a big one. The Goblins had given them means to purchase any number of wizarding books or artefacts through the bank. They also had access to a credit card that could be used in the muggle world. Then, there was also the ledger that contained the information on the Potter funds, and their properties. It turned out that Harry had properties everywhere. But they had come to Potter Castle in Mid Wales. It was in the heart of Potter Valley, which was heavily warded. And that was their base and home.

Over the year, they had trained, and gathered allies to them. Now, their power base was massive. Hermione hadn't thought, though, that she would end up in charge. But she had. And now, she had many answering her orders. The first to join them had been the Werewolves. Fenrir Greyback had been easy to convince. She'd simply promised that werewolves would have the respect they deserved and would be treated as equals in the new order. Fenrir was now one of her top people, and one of the most trusted. But, her most senior general, as they had started calling themselves, was Harry. He only answered to her. He was her right hand man, her most trusted confident and most importantly, to her, her lover.

She walked into the planning room, and saw him bending over maps, examining them. She smiled. Over the past year, he'd filled out. Thanks to certain potions and rituals he was now what he should have been had he been treated properly as a child. Muscled, but not so much that it was unattractive, tall and his eyesight was now perfect. She came up behind him, and wrapped her arms round his waist.

"Planning again, love?" She asked.

"I want to make sure we're not going to fail. This is so important."

"Yes, but you can still have breaks, Harry. You don't need to work so hard all the time."

"I just want to come through this with as few casualties on our side as possible." He said.

"Of course you do." She said, smiling up at him. "Anything new?"

"Nothing." He said, sighing. "But I think it's about time to put several people to the test. What do you think?"

"I think you just read my mind. So, to London it is then. Come."

He followed her from the room, and down the stairs. They passed Vladimir, the leader of the largest coven of Vampires in the world and another of Hermione's generals. He nodded to them as they passed.

The two both activated their glamour bracelets, which were impenetrable, thanks to the goblins, before leaving the castle and then the Valley, and apperating to London. They'd sent letters to certain people, and were heading to meet them. They found the group of four standing near the entrance to the London Eye. Hermione now had straight blonde hair, and blue eyes with tanned skin, while Harry had sandy brown hair, brown eyes and slightly tanned skin.

"I'm glad you could all make it." Hermione said to the four. "Let's go." She nodded to the London Eye.

They all got a compartment together and waited until they were quite high up, before Hermione turned to the four. She removed her glamour, and Fred, George and Neville gasped. Luna just smiled.

"I'm glad you finally decided to contact us Hermione. Hello Harry." She said.

Harry grinned as he removed his glamour. "Hello Luna. We should have known you'd know it was us."

"Harry, what, how? Hermione, you disappeared!" Neville spluttered.

"Blimey." Fred said.

"You two," George continued.

"Are a," Fred added.

"Sight for sore eyes." They finished together.

Hermione and Harry laughed. "It's good to see you all too." Harry said.

"But what we want to know is if you supported Dumbledore's decision at all?" Hermione said.

There were cries of outrage. All four of them looked aghast at the suggestion.

"Quiet!" Hermione said. They all shut up. People listened to Hermione now. She had an air of command that people dare not disobey. "No offence, but we're going to need a magical vow. One that states you did not support Dumbledore, and what is said and done here today, will not be told to anyone else, unless I say you can."

"I Luna Lovegood swear on my life and magic that I never supported Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore in his decisions about banishing Harry from the wizarding world, and turning people against him. Whatever is confided in me today will not be told to anyone unless Hermione Jean Granger gives me permission of her own free will."

The other three then copied her vow, inserting their own names, of course. Hermione and Harry smiled at them.

"Well, when Harry was banished I was so angry at everyone, but when I calmed, I began to plan." Hermione said. "Thanks to Voldemort, the Wizarding world in Britain was in a shambles, it would be very easy to take over. The ministry is corrupt. It needs to be sorted out. And people like Dumbledore and the Malfoys hold too much sway. For goodness sake, we're stuck in the middle ages! Just with radios and better plumbing! It needed to be sorted out. Anyway, I collected Harry from the Dursleys, and we snuck into Gringotts to get things sorted. We went to one of Harry's families properties, and began to train and gather allies."

"What for exactly?" Neville asked.

"Well, two things. Control of the wizarding world, and revenge." Hermione said.

"Who would be in charge?" Fred asked.

"Hermione." Harry said. "Everyone answers to her already. And it would be an extra nail in the coffin to certain pureblood bigots that a muggleborn is leading this."

Fred and George looked at each other, grinned mischievously, and looked at Hermione and Harry. "We're in."

"So am I." Neville said.

"And me." Luna said.

"Harry, give them the portkey's." Hermione said.

Harry pulled four necklaces out of his pocket. The pendant was in the shape of a dragon curled round a sword. He handed them to each of the others. "These will take you to base tomorrow night at nine. Be ready. They will only take one person each. If it's anyone bar you, they will be killed. Understood?"

They nodded, all of them beginning to see just how serious they were. The rest of the ride was spent talking, and catching up.

"So, how long have you been together?" Neville asked.

"Since we moved to base." Hermione answered as she and Harry reapplied their glamour's. "And remember, everyone at base is on our side. Don't attack anyone. Harry and several others will greet you when you arrive tomorrow. I'll be busy."

With that they exited the London eye, and went their separate ways.

When they reached Potter Castle, Hermione pulled Harry straight to their suite. They quickly undressed each other, and Harry pulled her onto the bed with him. Harry positioned himself at her entrance, and swiftly entered her, as he had so many times the past year. Hermione wrapped her legs round his waist. Their lips crashed together, and his tongue ran over her lips, which opened, allowing him access. She moaned as he set a fast pace. Her hands ran through his hair as he broke away from the kiss and trailed his lips down her throat and chest, before latching onto one of her taut nipples and sucking it.

Hermione moaned again as her walls clenched around him. Suddenly, her world exploded around her. "HARRY!" She screamed, feeling him spill inside her.

They collapsed, panting on the bed, and holding each other as they came down from their high. For what seemed to be an age they just lay there, Hermione's head on Harry's chest, her arms round his waist with one of Harry's arm's round her as he stroked her hair. It was a long time before either of them spoke.

"Sometimes I wish we could just stay like this." Harry said.

"I know what you mean." Hermione said. "But the wizarding world will destroy itself. We have to do something. And we can't let them get away with what they've done either."

"You're right. Again."

"I'm always right." She said, smirking.

"Of course you are dear." He said.

She laughed, before sighing. "I'm glad that Luna Fred, George and Neville are on our side."

"I am too." He kissed her forehead, before laying his head back on the pillow. "At least there are some from the wizarding world that we knew before that we can trust. It makes it easier in a way."

"I know what you mean. Now, come on, we'd better get cleaned up and dressed. It's time to check the wards."

That was something they did regularly. They maintained the wards and kept them at full power. That way, there was no fear of being found out. The two got washed and dressed, before the both of them left for the perimeters of Potter Valley.

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