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"Hey, Tsubasa, can we get a puppy?"


Yuu stopped walking and stomped his foot. "But why not?"

Tsubasa was also forced to stop as he backtracked to stand in front of his younger companion. He knew the park had been a bad idea…they had this conversation on the way home every single time they went.

"Because, Little Boy, I'd be the one who ended up taking care of it, and I already have my hands full with you."

The green-eyed boy huffed. "You make me sound like a problem child! I'm not that bad!"

"Wanna bet?" Tsubasa challenged, turning around to continue walking.

"Hey!" Yuu had to jog to catch up. "What is that supposed to mean, Eagle Man?"

"Nothing," Tsubasa lied blatantly, amused at the frustration on Yuu's face.

The younger of the two was surprisingly quiet as they entered their apartment building and headed for the elevator.

"Can we get a kitten?" the blond asked as soon as the elevator doors had closed.


"You always answer so fast, Tsubasa!"

The two of them exited the elevator and stood in front of their door while Tsubasa fished the keys out of his pocket and unlocked it.

"Eagle doesn't like cats," Tsubasa explained.

"AUGH!" Yuu threw his hands in the air and collapsed on a chair once they were inside. "Can't we at least get a hamster or something?"

"No, Yuu."

"Why NOT?"


"Because why?"

"Because, I said so!"

"Sometimes I really can't STAND you, Eagle Man!"

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