Summary: After Puck serenades Rachel, Quinn sees that them being together is the best thing for her own relationship. But as time goes on she gets more and more jealous of them. But is she jealous of Rachel or of Puck?

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The Glee kids were busily talking amongst themselves as Mr. Schue entered the choir room "So, any ideas for the mash-up?" he questioned them. The commotion within the team stopped as they awkwardly muttered out excuses. None of them had really paid any mind to the assignment. "Anybody? Oh, come on guys. It's like your daring me to start dancing." There was a roar of protest. It was really quite embarrassing to see their teacher preform.

"I've been workin' on something," Puck called from his position over by the band with guitar in hand. The rest of New Directions instantly became quiet, and gaped at him.

"Oh, yeah?" Mr. Schue was intrigued and confused just as much as the rest of the room.

"It's my personal tribute to a musical Jewish icon," his eyes went to scan Rachel momentarily, and as their eyes met Rachel's heart skipped a beat.

"Uh, fantastic. Let's hear it," he went up to take a seat as Puck began to play. As the notes began to play Rachel adjusted herself in her seat feel just a little lightheaded.

"Where it began, I can't begin to know when. But then I know it's growing strong." Rachel couldn't help but blink. This wasn't happening, was it?

"Was in the Spring," now after their initial shock most of the team were now getting rather in the song. "Then Spring became Summer. Who'd believe you'd come along." A wide smile spread across Rachel's face. This really was happening.

"Hands, touching hands, reaching out, touching me, touching you. Oh, sweet Caroline. Good times never seem so good. I've been inclined to believe they never would."

Quinn's eyes become glued upon Puck as he sung. Never before has she been in awe of him. The ironic thing about it was that this time he wasn't trying to impress her. Instead his attention was fixed upon one Rachel Berry. The blonde tried to understand the insanity of those thoughts. How could she, Quinn Fabray, lose out to Man Hands? Why would Puck choose RuPaul over Head Bitch in Charge, Quinn Fabray?

Why do you care?

Now that was a question, and she had to admit that it did hurt to know that Puck chose the brunette. But he didn't actually choose her, did he?

No, Q you rejected him and he moved on. You should be glad.

Then realization hit Quinn. If Puck was serious, which she doubted he was, then he would have no reason to chase after her anymore. And to make it better he would distract Treasure Trail so that she would stop her futile advances on Finn. It was perfect. She silently scolded herself for not having thought of it herself.

Now it was only a matter of keeping them together, easier said than done. There was the fact that the dwarf was Jewish. Puck's mother would certainly approve, and keeping his mom happy was surprisingly an important thing to Puck, although he typically failed in that endeavor.

But then there was Puck himself. The boy could barely stick to the same girl for a week. Heck, he was probably just trying to get in her pants…

Like he got in yours.

For a moment Quinn felt sorry for the brunette, but those feelings were immediately pushed aside. Berry wouldn't give it up that easily, and perhaps the challenge might just be enough to keep Puck around, NOT. As the song came to a close Rachel into Puck's arms the moment he put his guitar down.

Quinn could barely contain the smile that threatened to appear. As it so appeared one of Quinn's problems were solved yet there was still one. One that was potentially more dangerous: the threat of another slushie attack. She knew that joining glee club would have negative effects on her reputation, but at the time it wasn't of much concern. Losing Finn, to midget of all people, would have been far more catastrophic.

Though the thought of that icy beverage being tossed at her with reckless abandon causing her eyes to burn, her beautifully long hair to become sticky and then to have it all slip down her body into, and possibly ruining, her underwear made her cringe. And she wondered if Finn was worth all the torment.

Of course he is.

As Glee came to an end Quinn purposely gathered her things slowly and gave Finn an excuse to go on ahead of her. She eyed the tiny brunette carefully, completely disgusted at the looks she was giving Puck. The redness in the divas cheeks, and the fluttering of her eyelashes made the blonde want to dry heave. Only a second later was she through with waiting and decided to step in.

"Excuse me. Berry, may I speak with you? Alone." She shot a look at Puck. The boy proceeded to give the brunette a kiss on the cheek, causing her entire face to redden, before exiting leaving the two girls alone. Rachel was gently rubbing a hand over the area which Puck's lips had just occupied.

This girl is truly is pathetic, you'd think no one had ever given a kiss on the cheek before.

Quinn cleared her throat, snapping Rachel out her daze. Putting on her best face she asked, "So what was it you wanted to talk about?"

"That," the blonde motioned in the direction the Puck had left.

"Honesty Quinn, I do believe that our relationship," Quinn scoffed at the word causing a defensive look to on the face of the girl opposite her. "As I was saying our relationship is none of your business. You were right, Quinn."

Is she apologizing to me?

"It was wrong to try anything with Finn," the words were filled with guilt. "Especially considering that you're having his child." She straightened herself out, and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. "But to answer your question, Noah and I have started a relationship." This time Quinn was able to stifle the groan that she so wanted to let out. "I know it's unexpected, and I just hope you'll stay out of it."

"No way that's going to happen, Berry," the girl in question began to pout. "Look, I've known Puck longer than you," Rachel then began to look downcast probably expecting some insult on how Puck didn't care about her, "And he would never do anything like this." Brown orbs lit up, and Quinn couldn't help but notice how beautiful her eyes were. "I'm guessing he really likes you. He's a good guy deep down you should go for him, and I also wanted to say that you were right too. Soon I'll only have Glee Club. I was hoping this could a fresh start. We'd no longer have to be enemies. I'd have Finn and you'd have Puck. Truce?" she reached out her hand.

"Of course," she took Quinn's hand in her own.

Wow, she has really soft skin.

"Well I'll see you later Quinn." Rachel bounced off merrily.

Oh, this is too easy. And to think that she thinks she can act.


The following day, despite the lack of advice Ms. Pillsbury had given them, she and Finn had decided to go with the idea of wearing sunglasses. She wasn't very comfortable with the idea, much less so as she couldn't help but feel that Finn was staring at the boobs of every cute girl they passed by. But it seemed to be working. That was something to be proud of.

Halfway through the day and all seemed well, until they ran into Karofsky. And so now here she was in the girls' restroom, with the sink on, splashing water on her face. She heard the door swing open, and instantly thought to hide in one of the stalls to avoid the smirks and laughter. She turned and found the form of Rachel Berry approaching her. "Need any help with that?"

Minutes later Rachel had Quinn sitting on a chair with her head back leaning into a sink. "… cleaning up Noah. He's a lot luckier than us when it comes to this." She'd been rambling on since she had started and the blonde had done her best to ignore her. Her efforts had been fruitless until she noticed the noise had stopped. She quickly corrected herself upon realizing the brunette had actually paused. "He said that he'd be choosing football over Glee Club."

What! No!

"It makes sense." her fingers still running through Quinn's hair, getting out any remnants of the sticky substance. "Well, I think that should do it." The blonde got up flashing small smile to show her thanks. "I've got some spare clothes in my locker for just this kind of situation. It'd be kind of small for you but if-"

"No thanks, Berry. I appreciate what you did, but I wouldn't be caught dead dressing like you." She regretted the words as they left her mouth and caused a hurt look on Rachel's face. The blonde didn't know why it hurt her so to see the girl like this. She had to get of here. "I'll see you in Glee Club." Quinn Fabray was on a mission. She needed to find Puck.


It was nearing 3:30, and between avoiding potential slushie facials and still being showing she was Head Bitch, Quinn had not seen a single trace of Puck. Now it was only a matter of time. Rachel would be single and would start fawning over Finn all over again.

They were all starting impatiently at the clock. As it struck 3:30 they simultaneously turned towards the door. No one.

"I guess they're not coming." Mr. Schue was the one to voice the fears they were all sharing. "I'm really sorry guys."

"I can't believe this. I thought they were our friends. How can they just abandon us?" Mercedes questioned, voicing her thoughts aloud.

The gloom soon lifted as Matt and Mike enter the room slowly, their hands in their pockets. They were greeted with some laughter of relief as well as hugs from Santana and Brittany. Rachel did her best to hide her hope. She continued to look downcast as Noah had come with the others, but maybe just maybe he would… and right on cue there he was. A few gasps were heard as she approached her boyfriend.

"Are you- Are you sure about this, Noah?" her eyes were shifty, hoping she wouldn't regret asking this. "I mean choosing us over the team means you might get a slushie in the face every day."

He moved his eyes over to the rest of New Directions, then back at those brown eyes. "Bring it." He said finally before bringing her in to a tight embrace.

Quinn felt a twinge of jealousy in the pit of her stomach. It had been a while since she and Finn had moments like that. Nowadays they just seemed to argue. But things were bound to change now that Rachel and Puck were out of the way.

Later on as Glee Club ended the blonde chased after Puck. "That was unexpected. Rachel told me you'd be choosing football." The mohawked boy turned on his heels.

"Well, I had a change of heart." When that didn't seem sufficient for Quinn he added, "She's actually pretty cool. Reminds me of you." Quinn let out a sarcastic laugh. "She's beautiful, smart, determined. Sounds like you to me."

"What, so you decided to settle for a third rate, not as hot, version of me?" She was amused.

"If it helps you sleep at night, sure."

He left and she was surprised to find that that feeling of jealousy had yet to leave her. The rest of the week went by instantly for Quinn. Finn never came back to Glee Club. She was officially kicked off the Cheerios. Thankfully those two seemed for the most part to cancel each other out. She would still get the occasional slushie, but it was far less than Rachel or Puck.

She'd see them when they entered the restrooms together. Noticed how long they would take in there. And then after when they'd smiling and laughing together, as though they hadn't just had their clothes ruined. They would work out, she was sure of it. This plan was flawless.

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