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Chapter One

Jacob couldn't help but feel his eyes mist over as he thought about his heartbreak, how Bella had chosen the leech over him when he could have offered her everything. He may not be as wealthy as the leech but he knew money didn't matter to her, he could have offered her the touch of a man without fearing she would break, they could have grown old together and had children, a family. But did she want that, no! She didn't because he wasn't good enough compared to the fucking leech! Even after he had left her in the woods heartbroken she had gone back to him, even though he was the one who put her back together and made her who she was now she didn't even consider the fact she could have been happy with him. But did that matter to her? No, it didn't because he still wasn't good enough for her.

As he continued to watch he found his body humming with anger and pain, watching as the love of his life talked to the man who left and broke her. Didn't that matter to her? That he could and had left her at the drop of a hat, what made her think that he wouldn't do it again?

He could feel his heart breaking even more as he watched the pair, why did he have to feel such heartache for the girl? Some part deep down in him knew that he should let her go, that if she choose to date a blood-sucker then she was basically digging her own graze. Even with this on his mind though he couldn't stop, he couldn't help loving her and he knew he would try and fight for her until her last breath. It was all he could do after all.

He was snapped out of his thoughts of Bella when he felt the tremors in his form settle down, effectively calming him when an incredible and unique scent filtered through his senses. He was stunned to say the least, he had been so close to phrasing yet one breathe of whatever it was had him calming in seconds until he was back to normal and nearly completely relaxed.

Concentrating on the smell which had prevented his wolf from appearing he only found himself more drawn to it the more he took it in, the sweetness of the scent making his mouth water as the pure delectable smell of it. Whatever it was, both he and his wolf wanted it.

Being the rightful Alpha by blood his instincts and senses were stronger, more pinpointed so he couldn't help but breathe in as he scanned for the source, temporarily forgetting about his current and first love as his wolf clawed inside of him. His wolf wanted the source of the scent and to be honest so did he, the man in him was to curious about it to try and ignore it.

Scanning the parking lot quickly, taking in every student and passer-by that was near he tried to locate the source of the scent that had captured his attention. His wolf was growling impatiently, wanting the person who smelled so good and wanting them now. He continued to scan everyone quickly, knowing his wolf wouldn't let him leave until he found them he suddenly located her. And what a vision she was.

The girl looked to be a tad older than him, maybe by a year or two since she looked about 17 or 18. She was standing at the edge of the parking lot, a bunch of textbooks in her arms as she leaned against the wall. Due to her facing him and thankfully looking in his direction he could take her in completely, his wolf howling in delight as his eyes raked up and down her small form.

She looked to be a little shorter than average height but only by an inch or two at the maximum, she was definitely a petit little thing, looking both small and fragile in his eyes but nothing less than absolutely perfect. She had long raven black hair which looked silky and thick and he wanted nothing more than to run his fingers through it, the thick curls tumbling down near her mid-back making her look nothing other than amazing.

He let his eyes continue to rake over her form hungrily, something he found he had never done to anyone other than Bella before, but even then he had never gotten the reaction he had by looking at this girl.

She was dressed what he thought to be quite peculiar, but seemed to suit her none-the-less. It was a bright yellow summer dress which contrasted against the dullness of the day, also bringing out the whiteness of her skin as it did so. It was as if she was made of snow, the paleness though seemingly giving her an almost angelic glow rather than making her look ill or pasty.

She had matched it with a white cardigan which was wrapped tightly around her to protect her from the slight chill in the air and a matching pair of flats, the way she was dressed making his wolf practically moan at how innocent she looked. The tightly wrapped cardigan though didn't hide her figure in the slightest; after all he could make out her little toned body, how her legs seemed to go on forever and the fact that most students were watching her with confusion and interest. It was clear she was new here and he knew he was going to get to know her, she had captured both his and his wolfs interest and he wanted to know why.

He couldn't control where his thoughts led him, let alone his imagination as he couldn't help but let his thoughts drift to what she would look like naked, splayed out on his bed. The fantasy turned him on so quickly he found himself immediately hard and aching, more so than when he first spotted her after catching her scent. He couldn't help but let his eyes rake over her with a new found hunger, taking note of how he could tell her stomach was flat and even though her bust was covered by the top part of her dress he knew God had be generous to her in that department. Was it bad of him to wish she had worn a lower cut top, just so he couldn't have gotten more of a peak?

As he continued his assessment, not even being shy about the way he was looking her up and down he couldn't help but want to take in the face of the angel who had a body which was hot enough to be considered a sin. Reaching her face he froze when he noticed that she was still looking in his direction, even though he knew it had been at least 5 minutes since he had started eye-fucking her.

Taking in her features, knowing it would be impossible for her to have spotted him from where he stood he shook it off, continuing with taking her all in even if it did look like she was smiling at him. Shaking those thoughts away he only found himself grow harder if that was possible as he took in her soft and extremely feminine features, from her cute button nose to her plump lips which she had covered in a light shade of pink lipstick. He found he wanted nothing more than to take that bottom lip in his mouth and suck on it, wanting desperately to hear her moan for some reason.

It was when he got to her eyes though that he realised why his wolf had been so eager to locate her, to take in every detail of her and not to mention the effect she seemed to have on his body. She was his imprint, his mate. Just one look in her light grey orbs confirmed it, he had imprinted and what a gem she was. His world span, seemingly realigning itself since he knew that the only thing chaining him to the earth now was this tiny slip of a girl. Nothing else mattered but her, his ties to Bella Swan seemed to be cut as he couldn't help but gap from where he stood in the woods. He had done the one thing he never thought he would do, imprint.

He felt all the tension, all the built-up heartbreak in his chest deflate as he gazed at her with nothing but love and adoration. He knew he wouldn't fight it, how could he when she looked so perfect standing there, smiling as she seemed like a light in a coal mine by the way she seemed to make all of his troubles just…disappear. He wanted her, oh god did he want her.

His wolf was screaming at him to run and grab her, to take her into the woods over his shoulder claim her, to fuck her into submission so she knew she belonged to him like he belonged to her. He wanted to sink his canines in her throat, a physical claim to warn off all males that she was taken, that if they messed with her then they would have to deal with him…personally.

Snapping out of his daze he couldn't help but feel his eyes darken as he took in all the looks she was receiving from the interested students, the males who gazed at her with lust while the females turned their noses up at her in distaste. He couldn't help but let a growl rumble in his chest, it slipping though his throat causing the students close enough to either rush inside or pass it off as nothing. He froze though when he heard her giggle, the sound making a smile break out on his features before he knew what was happening.

The sound made a rush of warmth spread though him, his heart melting as he gazed at her with nothing but adoration as she stood there smiling. He couldn't help but shake his head as his blissful haze began to fade slightly, leaving him with a pleasant feeling in his chest as he watched her grinning in his direction. She was incredible.

Just as that thought passed he took note of how the few people left in the parking lot were looking at her as if she was crazy, and while there was something slightly different about her he couldn't help but look past it straight away to gaze at her. He was in his element until she suddenly started walking over, a broad smile on her lips causing him to panic.

Did she know he was here? How?

"Hello Jacob" she beamed as she bounced on her feet, shifting the heavy looking books in her hold as she tilted her head to try and see him threw the foliage. She knew he could both see and hear her perfectly even though she couldn't him; she stood directly in front of him after all.

Jacob stood there in shock, stunned straight at both the fact she seemed to know both his name and the fact he was here. How was that possible, he was completely out of sight and the only one who should have known that he was close would have been the fucking leeches who were too busy with their own problems to draw attention to his presence? Even though he was stunned he couldn't help but feel his wolf purr at the sound of his name passing her lips, her voice soft and airy making him both shiver in pleasure and sigh at the gentleness of it.

"How did you know I was here, let alone what my name was?" he asked cautiously, stepping out of the woods so she could take him in. And take him in she did, her eyes rapidly scanning over him hungrily he couldn't help but shiver under her gaze, pleased that she found him just as attractive as he found her.

Finding himself standing up straighter, crossing his arms over his chest to cause his muscles to bulge she couldn't help but moan slightly at how he looked, pleasing him no end since he had taken the time to check out her appearance now she was closer.

Her skin was still as pale as he first thought, meaning she would contrast against his dark tone completely but he couldn't bring himself to care. Her eyes were slightly darker shade of grey as they continued to look him over and even he realised he was holding himself different to make him as appealing as he could to her gaze, he had done it almost instinctively as he tried and successfully make her lick her lips at his appearance.

Fuck that was hot he thought as he twitched in his denim cut-offs, breathing in her more concentrated scent and groaning under his breath when he caught the slight change in her natural aroma as her arousal surrounded her.

Fuck, did she want him to fuck her right there and then?

"I know lots of things Jake, I also know you are my entire world" she smiled, pleased beyond belief that he didn't seem put off by the strange vibe she seemed to give of, causing people to call her a freak, hell even her parents did and they were blood related to her. She shook her head as she thought about the bloody arseholes, the both of them were horrid people in her books.

"What…how?" he stuttered, openly gaping at her as he did so. He didn't have a clue what to say to that, what exactly did she know? Thankfully all the students had gone in, it was one of the reasons he allowed himself to step out in front of his gem since he knew he had caused problems here before, what with Bella and all. He smiled at that thought, no longer feeling the heart-breaking pain he usually did when he thought her name.

"Pick me up later" she winked, enjoying leaving her very attractive soul-mate in suspense as she skipped back into the building, not caring about the looks she received as she did so. She like him was already counting down the seconds till the end of school, already feeling the ache in her chest starting to make itself known but she welcomed it, knowing it was proof that she had finally found him, that she was finally complete thanks to her wolf.