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Chapter 53

"Mommy! Mommy!"

Brooke smiled as she heard her sons loud shouts from the living room. With a brief glance at the clock she knew that it would be a good few hours before her mate and husband was home from patrolling. He may be the new alpha, but that didn't mean he slacked on his duties.

"What's the matter sweetpea," she dried her hands before making her way towards her son. "Mummy's cooking."

Smiling at Billy who was watching the sports intently on the screen, Brooke shook her head as she caught sight of Liam curled up on the floor, his little pink tongue poking out of his mouth as he scribbled on the white paper with his colouring pencils.

Her little boy was growing up fast that was for sure.

At seven years old he was slowly but surely filling out a little bit more. Not much considering he was still a child, but to her he was getting bigger every day.

"Whens daddy home?"

"Daddy's got a few hours yet, sweetie" she looked at him fondly.

Her smile dropped when she felt a slight tingling behind the back of her eyes. "Billy," her voice was flat. "Do you mind keeping an extra eye on Liam for a moment?"

Billy, having heard her usually bubbly tone dropping in such a way before, simply nodded before wheeling over to interact with his grandson. He did love to spend time with the boy.

With that sorted Brooke managed to get just out of view before her eyes clouded over, her posture stiffening much to her lack of knowledge as she saw the unwanted yet useful images flicker behind her eyes as if they were fragments of a movie, a memory…

The years had not changed the fact she was a seer.

While the visions had become less frequent due to the lack of vampires, she had managed to master her gift to a certain extent. Instead of it creeping up on her without so much as a warning, she had narrowed down the small, barely identifiable tingling which was present seconds before a vision.

It wasn't much, but it was enough.

Her baby knew of it of course, so he didn't freak out. He also knew that whenever it happened he had to stay close to his mother and not move until she told him to.

She would not risk his safety for anything.

She snapped out of it with a gasp.

Quickly dashing to the kitchen phone she dialled the familiar number, knowing that even on Patrol Jacob would answer it. He knew she wouldn't call if she hadn't had a vision, he had probably already sensed it.

Their bond ran deep.


"Three vampires are coming in ten minutes on the right hand side of the territory. The female will run, let her. The two males will attack with everything they have so please be careful, Jake."

"I will. Love you."

He didn't question her. He didn't ask her why the female had to leave.

He trusted her impeccably.

Leaning against the counter Brooke smiled when she heard the howls from the forest as her man called his pack to him. He was a brilliant alpha, and Sam had been more than happy to step down when it became clear that Jacob could no longer be comfortable with the subservient position.

He and Emily were now happily looking after and doting on their one year old daughter who was definitely a daddy's girl. She already had Sam wrapped around her little finger.


Turning around, Brooke's eyes softened when she caught sight of her sons worried face. He knew what the howls meant, he was smart boy and while they hadn't told him when he had figured it out they had not lied.

"What is it, honey?" she bend down to carefully pick him up so he could sit on the counter.

"Is daddy going to be alright?"

Her heart nearly broke at his soft worried tone. He may be a mummy's boy, but that didn't mean he didn't love his father something fierce. Since he was the first pack puppy that was born the entire pack were incredibly overprotective of him, Paul especially doting on her son. She knew that it had man him completely rethink his previous thoughts on refusing to have kids, especially since his own mate had made it clear she would love a little Paul running around some day in the future.

They were the perfect match.

She could still clearly remember the first time she introduced the two of them together, the imprint having been instant. After Annie had been kicked out viciously by her parents, people that while weren't as cruel as hers or Paul, were still dreadful when it came to neglecting their kids.

Thankfully, they had never laid a hand on her, something that Paul had thanked god for every single day.

The connection had been instant.

It had finally clicked to Paul why Brooke had been so keen on getting the spare room nice and clean, doing it up in bright colours that matched her personality while keeping another room spare. Annie had been in need of a place to stay, and until her and Paul had become an item he had offered her his spare room eagerly in order to have her close.

Brooke had laughed loudly when she had seen everything fall into place on his face.

It had been an incredible day.

Jared and Kim were also going strong, much like Charlie and Sue who had finally started dating as well. They were taking things slow, but with the issue of Bella being completely on the sidelines after not only her run in with the police for assaulting her, but her father demanding that if she didn't behave he was shipping her back off to her mother.

Renee when she had found out had been furious.

She may not have been the best mother to the girl, but when it came to violence it was clearly a soft spot for Renee. As it turned out, Phil's ex-girlfriend had been in an abusive relationship before they had dated a good few years back and it had hit him hard. It was probably one of the reasons he had been so upset when he had discovered what had gone down at the Cullen's house.

Brooke gently stroked her sons cheek as she thought about the Cullen's. Peter and Charlotte had visited them last year for a few days, finally meeting in person after the phone call she had put in to the comic vamp. He had been thankful, not to mention incredibly grateful that she had gotten him away from the pixie bitch.

Jasper and his proper mate, Elena, were very much in love. It was a beautiful thing to watch.

She had been a human when he had found her in an alley, but unlike when Brooke found Paul's mate for him, she knew she had to stay out of it. She had given him the information he needed to track her down, but the rest had been up to him. If he had wanted to change her right there and then than she could not have been present. She would have been seen as a threat and put her life in risk.

She couldn't have wished for a better outcome though.

No longer was there a tenseness with the coven and the pack, and while they were still times fights broke out it was nothing that ended in a serious manner. Even Paul had softened up and had become close to Jasper as a result of his own mate forming an attachment with Jaspers.

Life was good.

"You know how strong daddy is, don't you sweetpea?" Brooke stared down at her beautiful boy. He nodded. "He will be just fine."

Liam perked up. "Good," he grinned. "Does that mean me 'nd uncle Billy can go fishin'?"


Brooke laughed as she heard Billy's shout as he came wheeling into the kitchen. The birth of his grandson had affected the older man greatly, and was eager to spend as much time with his grandson as possible.

It seemed fishing was a family trait.

"Really?" Liam grinned.

"Of course. Me, you and Charlie are going fishing tomorrow morning. Can you be up early young man?"


Brooke subtly nodded when Billy made sure to raise a quick brown in her direction, making sure he wasn't overstepping his bounds. As if he could, Brooke thought with a giggle as she let her son down so he could run to his uncle.

She glanced at the clock. A kid free morning meant she may get some lovin' if Jacob didn't have to patrol. He was going to try and get one of the youngers to cover it, but whether they agreed on not as up to them. Jacob wasn't one to push, but Brooke knew if it meant one of the younger wolves could get rid of a shift they didn't want they would be eager to agree.

She didn't need her gift to know that one.

"It alright if I invite Sue and Charlie round tonight, Brooke?" Billy asked absently as his main focus was on Liam who was showing him his drawings. It made him almost tear up when he saw his own image in the bright and slightly messy pictures.

They were perfect.

Brooke turned to the kitchen cupboard to grab some cups when she caught sight of the time. "Of course I don't mind, Billy. I'm doing chilly."


It wasn't just the wolves who adored her cooking.

"According to Sue Seth imprinted the other day," he admitted absently before rolling his eyes when he caught Brookes sly smile. "When did you know?"

She bit her lip with a shrug." A few months ago," she admitted sheepishly. "She seems nice, a little on the shy side but she's perfect for Seth. Being around the guys will snap that right out of her."

Billy laughed. "You know Leah's still dropping hints around the pack mind about Jacob pushing you to find out about her own imprint. She's getting impatient."

Brooke frowned. "She knows it doesn't work like that. When I told her years ago that there was a man out there for her, I didn't really predict she would get this…obsessive over it."

Billy snorted. "She thought she couldn't have kids, sweetheart" he looked in her direction with a soft smile. "When you told her otherwise, it changed everything. She even has an alright relationship with Emily and Sam now, not the best, but at least she doesn't seem to hate them anymore."

That was a perk, she thought.

"Sue isn't coming around to ask me, right?"

It wasn't that she didn't like Sue, on the contrary she really cared for the elder woman, especially after Charlie found out about the wolves and didn't flip his shit. If he had considering Sue had two pack children there would be no way that relationship would work.

It had been a relief for everyone.

"I doubt it, Brooke" Billy soothed her worries, knowing with a cringe that his son had probably already sensed her unease. They were as closely bonded as any members of the pack which meant if someone upset his darling mate then they were in the shits, period. "She's not like that. She understands that your gift isn't something that can be used on cue, when it's time it's time."

Brooke chewed her bottom lip. "Is she mad that Seth imprinted first? Before her?" Billy cringed. "She is?"

"It just makes it more obvious she hasn't got anyone. When she finally imprints it will be fine, stop worrying about it."

Brooke nodded. She doubted she could not worry about it but it wasn't that long until her mate was arriving anyway. Leah wouldn't end up alone, it just meant she had to wait longer than the rest. Hell, Embryo had come up to her and shyly asked a few years back and in the next few days he had imprinted on an adorable sweet girl called Rebecca.

They were taking it slow but both were happy.

Shaking her head it wasn't until her lover jogged through the door and swept her up in a kiss that she felt all her worries fade into nothing.

She was home.


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