Note: So, here we go, with my least changed character: Iron Man! For his origin I really just mixed the movie, 616, and some of the Iron Man fanfics I've read. The title for the first arc is also taken from the TV show. Tony is in his mid twenties. Also, Iron Man will be the first superhero since Cap. So, without further ado…


Iron Forged in Fire Part I

October 20, 2010

"…And with Captain America, the Superhuman Arms Race began. But shortly before the end of the war it was stopped abruptly by the disappearance of the two successes of Germany's super soldier serum: The Nazi Red Skull, and our very own Captain America. And the superhuman race was paused for many decades and was replaced by the Space Race and the Nuclear Arms Race. Then, last year, information leaked out from the U.S. government about the possible whereabouts of Steve Rogers' body. This inspired Russia, China, Germany, and other world powers to restart their superhuman research programs. And thus began the Superhuman Arms Race again…"

Anthony "Tony" Edward Stark lay back in a chair in his own penthouse next to the ocean drinking a beer.

"That's bull," Tony grumbled taking a sip from the Coors Lite in his hand. Tony Stark had been watching this program, the Superhuman Arms Race (SAR), on the History Channel for about thirty minutes.

Suddenly, Tony's secretary and friend, Pepper Potts, hurried into the room.

"Tony, we have to leave right now…Oh my God!" Pepper exclaimed as a blonde head suddenly popped out from under the covers on Tony's bed.

"What…? Oh yeah, her," Tony said nonchalantly.

Pepper turned to Tony and took a deep breath, "Tony…you said you wouldn't do anything last night."

Tony sighed and stood up from his chair, turning the TV off, "Yeah, about that…I guess I partied a little too hard."

Pepper grabbed the beer from Tony's hand and held it away from him, "And you're still drinking?" Pepper exclaimed.

"I was…uh, thirsty. And you know what, let me live my life…"

"My God!" Pepper turned away from her boss, so he wouldn't see the tears in her eyes, "Tony, I can't deal with this right now. Just get dressed and come outside. The plane flight to Vietnam is supposed to leave in an hour, so hurry!" Pepper began marching out of the room.

"Pepper…" Tony pleaded.

Pepper turned to Tony, tears glistening in her eyes, "Don't "Pepper" me, Mr. Stark! You…you…you're like a bomb waiting to go off…Tony …someday your body won't be able to take all of the alcohol anymore…and you'll…" Pepper stormed out of the room.

But Tony just got mad and screamed after Pepper, "You…you and Rhodey both need to stop trying to tell me how to live my life! Stop trying to help me! I know what's going to happen! Believe me! I know!" Tony collapsed into the chair, "I know…"

An Hour and a Half later…

Tony Stark marched into his private jet, Pepper following after him.

"You're late."

Tony looked up to see his life-long friend, James "Rhodey" Rhodes.

"Rhodey!" Tony greeted his friend.

"Yeah, listen, Tony…I heard about this morning…please don't do this and ruin the…" Tony walked right by his friend, not saying another word.

The rest of the plane flight to Vietnam went by quietly, while Tony drank multiple beers just to infuriate Rhodey and Pepper. Tony slept the rest of the way there. When they arrived Tony was massively hung over.

"Oohh…" Tony mumbled.

"I warned you," Rhodey muttered as he walked by Tony.

"$%^& you, Rhodey," Tony said, almost falling as he got off the plane.

Tony managed to walk straight all the way to a limo, which drove him, Pepper and Rhodey to a military testing facility. The drive there was silent.

After getting out of the car Tony realized the large, open field was filled with government officials from many different counties.

"Shit, Pepper, you never told me it was going to be this big…" Tony stated.

"Actually, I did, but I think you were drunk," Pepper sighed.

"Oh, that explains it," Tony joked, "Well, then, I guess I'll go kick some ass now." Tony left Pepper to go stand by his personal invention, the Jericho Missiles.

As Tony approached the missiles everyone began to shush each other and they all looked to the front.

"Thank you," Tony stated, "Now, people say that the explosive is old and out dated and coming to an end. Well, I beg to differ. People are saying that the Superhuman is the next big weapon. That's bullshit. My grandfather was even one of the original people who began to try to develop the super soldier serum, but do you know what he said?"

Murmurs of "no" came from throughout the crowd.

"He said that the best way to take down an enemy isn't with some super person, it's with a really big bomb and I agree with him. And if you do not believe me then just watch this," Tony stepped away from the Jericho and pointed to it. The missile launched out of the rocket and in a few seconds split into three…seven…twelve…twenty missiles. They hit a large hill that was at least a hundred yards away from the crowd and when the smoke cleared… nothing was left of the hill.

Everyone started to clap. And Tony grinned and shouted, "I don't think Captain America can do that!"

Rhodey then went up, dismissed Tony, and told all of the people that the missiles would be up for sale in just a few months.

Tony walked over to Pepper, smiling, "Told you I would kick its ass. And I did it hung over (which isn't new for me)."

"Yeah, I guess you did," Pepper smiled to Tony, "But we've got to leave again. You have a board meeting tomorrow."

"Got it," Tony said, and he began to head to his limo. Pepper didn't follow him.

"What, you're not coming?" Tony asked.

"Rhodey and I have to stay behind her and finish things up," Pepper said goodbye and Tony entered the limo.

"Let's get going." Tony said. The driver began to head to the airport but halfway there, when they were driving through an open field…


The car flipped over, the front half of the car decimated and the driver nowhere in site.

Tony crawled out of the car, a massive amount of pain coming from Tony's chest.

"What…?" Tony collapsed to the ground, and put his hand over his heart. He lifted his hand up and saw that it was dark red, "Oh shit."

The last thing he saw before he slipped into unconsciousness was a large figure standing over him.

Somewhere in Vietnam

Tony Stark took in a sudden huge breath as he woke up from a nightmare…or was it real? He looked around; he was in a dark room lit by candles. An old Asian man stood over a workbench.

"Where am I?" Tony asked the man, while trying to get up. As he began to sit up, pain filled his chest.

"Oh no. Don't get up," The old man said, hurrying over to him. Tony looked down to his chest. A large silver plate covered it, a blue glow came from where his heart was.

"It wasn't a dream…" Tony muttered.

"No, this is most definitely not a dream but I am glad you are up. I was afraid I might have er…how do you say it…messed up?" The old man said, "I am Ho Yinsen. And I saved your life."

"What? What is that thing? And again, where am I?" Tony asked, looking to his chest.

"That's temporary. It's an Arc Reactor, I'm sure you're familiar with it, and it's currently giving power to a magnet which is keeping shards of metal from piercing your heart. That large plate is temporary though…I'm working on a small version."

"This…this is an Arc Reactor. My father made…"

"Yes, I worked with your father on it. That's how I know how to make it," Yinsen said while returning to his workbench.

"You worked with my father? Wow, that's uh…cool. But, the arc reactor was unfinished. Nothing could be powered by it." Tony said.

"Well, it was unfinished thanks to the technology of that time and it still is now, but it's better. And if you wish to know where we are, well…"

Suddenly the doors to the room burst open and a muscular Asian man walked in surrounded by multiple men with guns…guns that Tony had invented.

"You're awake, Stark. Good," The leader said, "My name is Wong-Chu, the leader of the Ten Rings. I want you…" Tony interrupted Wong Chu.

"How the hell do you have my weapons?" Tony exclaimed.

Wong Chu smiled and took one of the guns from one of his guards, "These…these are quite easy to come by. I don't know why you're so surprised."

"And you kill people with them? Terrorize people?" Stark shouted.

"Of course, why else would weapons be created? You of all people should realize this, because that's exactly what your country does too."

"What?" Tony exclaimed.

"Yes, now Yinsen. Finish that miniature heart thing and I will be back tomorrow." The man said and he left the room.

"Yes, that is our 'benefactor'. As you can see, he is not a nice man. Not at all." Yinsen said as he got back to work on the miniature Arc Reactor.

"Yeah. So did he kidnap you too?" Tony asked, still lying under the large metal plate.

"Of course."

"Why are we here?"

Yinsen grimaced and he turned to Tony, "Why do you think? To make weapons, of course."

Deep in the Ten Rings Base

"He is awake, Master, and will be ready to make the missiles tomorrow." Wong Chu bowed before a dark figure.

"Good. Then it will be easy to blow through any opposition who wishes to stop us from finding the rings," The tall, dark figure said in a clearly deep and masculine voice.

The figure rose from his chair to display a height of about 7'0" and a slim figure. The man had a short black beard and long black hair. The man stated,

"And when Stark is done, we shall kill him so none will be able to stop the rise of the Mandarin!"

The Next Day

"So, how does it feel?" Yinsen asked Tony.

"Great, actually. It's different, but it actually feels good," Tony smiled at the elderly man.

"Well then, we're about to have visitors."

"Yeah, and I've been thinking…"

Just then the doors burst open. Wong Chu strode into the room.

"I see you're ready," Wong Chu pointed to the miniature arc reactor in Tony's chest.

"Yeah," Tony stated.

"Well then, now that you're well, I will explain to you why I've kidnapped you. You see, my father would always tell me stories about an ancient people known as the Makluans. You see they created Ten Rings, where we get our name from, and…"

Tony didn't listen to the man's story at all. No, he was thinking of the schematics for his plan in his head.

"…But sadly they one day, just disappeared," The Asian man finished his story, "And now you are going to give us the fire power needed to find the Rings. Create the Jericho Missile in one week, otherwise the old man will die and you will be next." Wong Chu pointed to Ho Yinsen.


"And we will give you any of your equipment you need," The man finished and he stalked out of the room.

After they had left Tony turned to Yinsen and whispered, "Do you want to get out of here?"

"Of course," The elderly man stated.

"Then do everything that I ask."

"What are you talking about?" The man turned his head, clearly confused.

"I'm going to create something…that will help us get out of here." Tony grinned, "Before I got kidnapped I'd been working on this bullet proof, indestructible suit of armor designed to make the casualty rate for the U.S. go down significantly. It was rather slow, and the person wasn't able to hold any weapons while in the suit. Well, I can fix that. But really I don't need that. With the Arc Reactor technology and my repulsor guns…"

Yinsen interrupted, "What does any of that have to do with getting out of here? And what is a repulsor?"

Tony sighed, "You know those guns they have that they stole from me? Well those guns shoot a highly concentrated blast of concussive energy that, if condensed enough, can go right through metal or, if spread enough, can be just like a strong breeze. And by creating my armor again, attaching repulsors to the hands and feet and powering it with the Arc Reactor I'll have created an unbeatable suit of armor. And plus I'll add a few weapons here and there for extra firepower." Tony grinned.

"And the ones at the feet?"

"For flight. If we condense it enough we should be able to fly for a limited amount of time."

"But won't they notice we'll be working on something different?" Yinsen asked.

"I've come up with an idea to deal with that too. There is one corner of the room that is not in sight of the cameras. We'll build it there and because I'm just this amazing, we'll build the missiles halfway in open sight. I know we can do it."

"Well then, let's get to work." Yinsen said.

And for the next week, they did work. Hammers constantly crashing and iron being forged in fire.

A Week Later

"…And the data is downloading to the system. We'll be ready in ten minutes." Tony said, while typing into a computer.

Suddenly they heard a voice coming from the speakers in the room, "We are coming down…you better be finished Stark."

"Oh God…" Tony muttered.

"It's alright," Yinsen said, "I've been working on a little project myself." Yinsen held up C4.

He ran over to the door and stuck the C4 to it.

They waited there, as Tony began to get in the suit, waiting for the download to finish.

"C'mon," He muttered, while gritting his teeth.

Suddenly the doors started to open and Yinsen pushed down the trigger. The doors blew up and men behind it got caught in the explosion.

The voice came from the speakers again, "How dare you? I knew not to trust you, so I didn't go myself. You just made a wrong decision…we can always find someone else, Stark."

Yinsen said, "I'll hold them off," He picked up one of the men's repulsor guns.

"No, Yinsen," Tony said, "You'll be slaughtered."

"I have no family, no friends, he killed them all. I have nothing to live for but you have much. You can still do great things in this world. Live Stark, live!" Yinsen shouted while running out of the room.

"No!" Tony was stuck in the suit. He waited for a few minutes and then he heard Yinsen's screams. 85%...

Men rushed into the room. Tony heard Wong Chu shout, "Where are you, Stark?"


The metal helmet attached to Tony's head.

The ground shook as Tony walked from his hiding spot to the evil man.

"I'm right here."

Tony lifted his armored right hand up…

And light enveloped the terrorists as the world shook from the arrival of…

Iron Man.

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