"I'm not being sassy!" The two glared at each other through her mirror. "...And I believe we covered that I'm not the one who needs the attitude adjustment. So go back to the office because I'm leaving shortly."

He shot a cheeky smirk her way. "Are you going off your own again? How rude of you, Yako. What's the mission?"

The female detective finished touching the rim of her right eye with colored liner, and shook her head. He casually followed her out into the kitchen where she snatched her purse off the counter, weaving towards the entrance. "Trust me, Neuro. This is no mission preparation, no assignment plan, and no puzzle of any kind. There's nothing you need to get involved in tonight, you hear?"

"But what is the occasion? Humans only groom themselves to that extent for the sole purpose of impressing someone else."

Grunting at his remark, Yako did her best to herd him out of front door of her apartment, pushing him along the outer hallway. She turned back to lock her door, clarifying, "It's a date, Neuro, alright? I have a date. And I cannot express this enough—I do not want you to interfere."

Yako came to adore Christian's company, even on possible-romantic terms; and all the while she despised the very imagery of Neuro spoiling it for her by frightening him off somehow.

The demon and the girl set off down to reach the main lobby afterwards, side by side, both far too stubborn to diverge from their path in some type of submission. "What does a date require exactly?"

"Oh, come on, Neuro. You've seen couples having dinner or seeing a movie together, right? We see other people on dates all the time when we're on the job."

"Then...that means we had been on dates before, yes?"

Yako looked at up him with sheer skepticism. "When have we ever gone out on a date together?"

"Like you just said. I eat whenver you are present. You always eat when I'm with you too. We go everywhere together, mostly just the two of us."

Rolling her eyes, Yako couldn't help but wonder if he was deliberately trying to get a rise out her...as usual. "Neuro, surely you can't be this naïve about things like this. I mean...Sai wasn't all human either, but even he understood the basics well enough. A traditional date...is not supposed to be business-related at all. When two humans are interested in each other, they go on dates to show their loving affection, spend more time alone together, and you know, build a deeper connection? Dates for humans are almost meant to be—"

"A mating ritual." Neuro summed up matter-of-factly.

Yako clutched her purse strap more tightly in response to the jolt of awkwardness that suddenly poked her in the gut. She realized there was some truth to his theory. "...Essentially."

He turned his head away once more. "Who is the special candidate?"

"Officer Wilkins, that new American transfer on the city's Police Force."

Yako already figured that it'd be best to feed her partner information now in an attempt to steer him away from turning her evening with Christian into a little mystery to solve by itself.

"Hmph. I see."

Yako gritted he teeth. "What now?"

Could he be—pouting—for real this time? Oh, of course not! Not her Neuro. Never. He wouldn't sink that low.

But Yako knew if anything, he wouldn't really approve of any unintellectual habit she may take part in. He wouldn't openly reflect his own definition of sadness, but he would make an effort to degrade her most likely in its place.

"And you are convinced he's an appropriate mate for you? His mind is colorless. He knows not the true meaning of pure knowledge."

"I cannot believe this! Are we seriously going to have this conversation?" Yako hissed, setting her jaw. The blood in her veins began to boil. Though, when Neuro was about to add on another comment, Yako instantly changed her mind. She held her hand up towards him before strolling off. "No, I realize that I don't care what you have to say right now... At least he's more human than beast."