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"Jane, how much longer do we have to wait?"

"I don't know, Alec. Pregnancies are not my thing, dear brother." She remarks back at him.

"Are you sure we can really do this?"

"Of course, or, we wouldn't even be wasting time like this. But, imagine how much stronger we would be. How much stronger the whole black witch community would be. And think of the blow it would deliver to the white witches' morale." She tells him with a smile appearing at just the thought of all she is saying. Then continuing, "And, think of the leverage it would give us we both species; vampire and witch. We would be able to command both."

"Okay, all of this sounds good, but, they have gone further than what legend has predicted. So, what would you guessimate the length of time we would have left to wait?"

"Damn, brother, you do manage to get on my last nerve at times. I just told you that I am not that knowledgeable about pregnancies. But, from what I have read a normal one can end safely between 36 to 40 weeks. So, from what we know, figure for yourself."


Francesca, Queen of the Black Witches, continued her pacing in her chambers. She was trying to work out a plan to be able to gain control of the vampire and witch communities. All she need do is just be patient awhile longer and then the pregnancies would be over. They would be delivered and power shifted. But, she would be damned if she would let that little witch/vampire hussy and her brother get their hands on a true blood. Makes no difference whether white or black; true blood was true blood and they were of one of the strongest lines ever known.

Time has done away with half of the true bloodlines; only four remained, two white witches and two black. No, little wannabe pretender was going to take over from the pure. That will never happen ever if she would have to join with Margarite and the princesses to stop it.


Bella was restless, tossing and turning from side to side. She could no longer lay face down since she was now six months into the pregnancy. Edward was observing her and was wondering what he might be able to do to help ease her sleep. He and Lee both have been watch both Bella and Ria very closely since the visit from Margarite four months ago after the confrontation with the Volturi. Knowing that she had imparted some information to them both that was being kept hidden, but, they noticed that both women were very cautious about things going on around them.

After a bit, Edward got up and called Lee. He wanted to rule out a possible dream prophecy. It took a moment before Lee answered and Edward noticed right away that his tone was very quiet, almost as a whisper.

"Lee, is anything going on with Ria? The reason I am checking is that Bella is very restless, moving from side to side, but, with rapid eye movement like she is dreaming."

"Yeah, Ria is not as active, but, something is disturbing her rest. They could be connected. Stay by Bella and let it play out. They should tell us what it was all about in the morning." Lee advised him.

"Okay. Call me if anything changes with Ria and I'll do the same from this end."

"It's a plan."

"Lee, do we need to let Carlisle know what's going on?"

"Not right now, but, if things get too distressful them we will need to call him."

"Okay, thanks. Bye."

A/N: A lot of planning going on against each other and against a selected target. Jane and Alec have an agenda to obtain a certain goal to take over things. Francesca has ideas of the same thing, but, with a lot of distrust and distain towards Jane and Alec.

Ria and Bella are now approaching their seventh month of pregnancy, but, their sleep pattern at the moment seems to be causing some alarm to Lee and Edward. What could be causing this?

We have our families getting ready for a new adventure and I hope you will enjoy this one as much as you did the last one.

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