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"I wish to know if you have been able to identify the true traitor that is working with Francesca?" All heard Margarite ask since the conversation was on speaker phone for all to follow both sides of the conversation.

"Yes, we have been able to see the face of she who betrays us all." Was the answer from Bella and Ria.

"Margarite, it is –" Both Ria and Bella hesitated before trying again, "It is –"

"Just tell me!" Was the command.

"It's Rita."

"Rita?! My Rita?!" Was the response as both a question and an exclamation?


Looking around at all the individuals that have been invited to attend this special gathering it would be seen that many different species were represented. Each group was there to stand witness to the event of three young people being christened and received into the faith with their birth names being recorded, their godparents being presented and then well wishes being given.

The christening of Ariabella Culleen Marie du Toulouse was the first to take place and her godparents were Alice and Jasper Whitlock Cullen. The next christening to take place was for the twins of Isabella Marie and Edward Anthony Masen Cullen who named their daughter Amber Elizabeth Marie Cullen and their son Anthony Masen Castille Cullen with their godparents being Rosalie and Emmett McCarty Cullen.

It had taken time for everyone to be able to get to this point as it had taken time for the entire threat of war to be abolition. As much as it had personal hurt Margarite was have her one and only daughter, Rita, arrested and tried, it was necessary to maintain the harmony of their species. The group that was backing Rita to bring about the war was also dealt with swiftly and without mercy.

Rita was under the impression that she could use Francesca to overthrow her mother and to assume the rule herself. Of course, Francesca had the same ideas about her being the one to have absolute control over all of the witch species. Each had thought they were controlling the whole situation and would have complete control of the Prophecy Twins.

That was when it was discovered that Rita and her group had casted the spell on a certain area that any two vampires, male and female, would see each other to become mated, but, would later be led through spell casting into the Valley. This would be used as proof that Margarite was unfit to be queen of the witch nation since she hadn't been able to protect their most treasured secrets from other species.

The outcome of the trials had been Rita and her group being burnt alive at the stake, but, Francesca and those following her had their powers bound for an undetermined amount of time. Francesca and her people were allowed this sentence since they hadn't taken any direct action against the crown as yet. But, Rita and her people had done so by supplying information to Francesca and were going to take no active part in helping to stop the attempted overthrown.

The introduction between Tanya and Talon did take place and they accepted they were true soul mates and were meant to be together. The Denali coven numbered eight with all members being mated the same their cousins the Cullen's.

Both Queen Margarite of the witch species and Queen Ankarra of the vampire species along with their advisors were present to witness the christening and to welcome the new members of the species since their parents were of the two species.

After the christening and the human elements had left the gathering Ankarra made the announcement of her upcoming marriage to her soul mate, Charlie Swan, and that he had chosen to be turned. And many wished the couple well, but, Ankarra quickly got the attention once more to declare that all decrees she had put in place to protect Ria and Bella were now extended to include all of their offspring.

Once all of the cheering had once again reached a quiet tone Bella stood with her husband, Edward, to make an announcement. "Edward and I will be leaving tomorrow for an extended period of time and will be leaving the twins with Ria and Lee. It will be during this time that we will be taking a honeymoon and I, like my father, will be going through with the transformation. Our return will depend upon how long it takes for me to gain control enough to be around my children and other humans." Once again loud cheering occurred.


It didn't take long before Bella and Edward returned to claim their children and to begin to live as a family not far from the rest of the family members from both sides. It was attributed to the fact that since Bella had knowledge of what to expect along with her many gifts it took her less time to gain the necessary control than what it would for a normal vampire to do so. So, the couple didn't miss their babies' first birthday.

However, with Charlie Swan it did take a bit longer for him to overcome his bloodlust once he had been turned, but, that took time before it could even take place. Charlie had to set up the necessary cover story for why he wasn't seen around town. He let it be known that he would be moving south to be closer to his daughter and niece and their children. Once that move was accomplished in the sight of all the humans then he left with Ankarra to a private location where they were able to carry out the turning. But, before that they were married in front of the families.

Ria was the only one that was staying human, but, that was a decision that had been reached long ago between her and Lee. She wanted her children to be old enough to understand before her transformation took place. So, she remained human until she had reached thirty and then Lee turned her just as they had discussed.

Life was good for all of them and the work chosen by each group was still being carried on. Lee and his band were still performing; Ria and Bella were busy writing their lyrics and music. Carlisle was busy at the local private clinic; Esme had her own interior decorating business while Alice designed clothing. Edward, Emmett and Jasper were busy helping to run the different foundations associated with Twin Powers. And all of the children were growing, learning and happy.

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