Author's Note: I really wanted to make something for Ciel's Birthday, but I got so extremely busy with school, and family, and dead family, that I did not have the time… :(

Luckily, I found this on my computer; it's rubbish, really, I think I wrote it quickly after waking up one day with a bloody lip (I must have bitten it in my sleep, a true habit of mine XD). Anyhow, it is a gift from the heart and I hope you all enjoy it nevertheless.

Warning: This story includes implied Shounen-ai (soft yaoi); don't read this if you are uncomfortable with such scenes.

Disclaimer: Kuroshitsuji is not mine.

Happy Birthday Ciel! I hope you get lots of cake and lots of kisses! :)

Human Habits

"Please don't do that, young master."


"Biting your lip, my Lord, it is very unbecoming."

"It's my lip! I can bite it if I wish to!"

"Pardon my manners, but I hardly think that you, as you say: 'wish to'. It seems to be more of a nervous tic."

"I do not have a tic!"

"On the contrary, my Lord, I believe you do. Humans often have nervous habits, such as biting their lips, chewing their fingernails, even–"

"Did I ask you to tutor me on human habits?"

"No, my Lord."

"Exactly, stop doing things I don't request you to do!"

"Yes, my Lord."




"Young master?"


"Please forgive me, but your lip does truly concern me–"


"Again, my apologies, but it has turned an awful shade of red; I believe it even began to bleed."

"Leave it, Sebastian!"

"But, my Lord, what if you would suddenly need them?"

"Need what?"

"Your lips."

"What on earth would I need my lips for?"



"Does my Lord really want to know?"

"Yes, Sebastian. God, you're infuriating!"

"Is that an order?"

"Yes, you damn butler, it's an order! Now what would– mmph!"



"Well then, did my answer satisfy you, young master?"


"My Lord?"


"I beg your pardon?"

"It did not satisfy me."

"My, my, shall I demonstrate again?"

"Yes, I think you should."

"An order?"

"Of course."

"Yes, my Lord"

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