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Chapter 1: Undercover

"Peter no way, you can get another CI because I won't do it…put me back in prison right this minute because there is not enough art in the world to get me to do this. I am putting my foot down right now!" Neal yelled as he stormed out of Peter's office in a huff. The ex con stormed out of the White Collar division and punched the down arrow on the elevator; he needed to vent. When the elevator arrived Neal got in and punched the button for the lobby and rode down in silence. When he got to the lobby Neal walked out of the FBI office and hailed a cab and gave June's address and waited as the cab took him home. Neal paid the driver when they arrived and he made his way up to his apartment before he slammed and locked the door. Going to his bed Neal dropped onto his bed and ignored his cell phone as it began to buzz in his pocket. Neal wanted nothing to do with the newest case he may have been forced to work with the FBI in the past but he was putting his foot down this time and it was going to stay down on the matter.

Thirty minutes later Neal's apartment door opened, Neal knew Peter had a key after he had been stuck home with the flu last month and June wasn't home to watch the ex con. "Neal get off that bed and change into these clothes; we have work to do," Peter said as he dropped a duffle bag on the bed beside his partner. Getting up from the bed Neal grabbed the bag and stormed across the apartment and went to his closet to change. After a minute Neal walked out with his closet with his arms over his chest and his hair mussed up and hanging in his eyes. "I swear to God Peter this better not get out to anyone, not Elizabeth or Mozzie, not even to June or Alex," Neal said as he shifted uncomfortably in front of the agent. "You have my word Neal; no one is going to find out about this I promise," Peter said.

"You look good but we have to get rid of the anklet it is pretty much a dead giveaway," Peter said as he moved toward the couch and sat down and waited for Neal to walk over. Neal walked over to the couch and put his leg up on the arm of the couch and pulled the left leg of his new pants up. Peter cut the band and handed Neal a necklace and an ear wig and got up from the couch. "This is where you have to go," Peter said handing a slip of paper over to Neal. Neal finished putting the necklace on and the ear wig in his ear so he could hear the agents in the van and took the address and sighed as he left his apartment and ignored the looks he got from June's maids as he left the mansion and walked to the corner of the block and hailed a cab. After giving the address he had to go to Neal ignored the cab driver who was looking him over as he was dropped off in a shady area. The next time we have a job where I have to dress like this I'm going to walk back to prison myself… Neal thought with sigh as he walked down the sidewalk to the area he needed to wait.

Diana watched the monitor as the back door to the van opened. "So how did you manage to get him to do it?" she asked as she watched Neal on the monitor. "He just had to pout for a few minutes before he realized we needed him on this job. I guess the initial shock of the undercover job had to sink in," Peter said as he took a seat in the open seat. Jones turned around and smirked "Well how many times do we actually ask him to walk the streets as a male hooker?" Jones asked with a smirk. "You do realize I can hear you three" Neal remarked knowing that the agents were listening to him at all times. Peter took the microphone and watched the monitor of Neal as he stopped at the corner and leaned against the lamp post. "Just remember who we're looking for, if anyone stops that isn't our guy then get rid of them by any means. Remember if something goes wrong just give us the word and we'll get you out of there as soon as possible," Peter said as he clicked the microphone off.

Neal groaned as a cool breeze whipped by and made him shiver. "Peter… you and everyone else can burn in hell for this," Neal mumbled as he put his arms around his chest to keep himself warm. Peter smirked and watched as Neal subconsciously rubbed his right leg against his left ankle where the anklet used to be. After an hour of standing under the street light Neal watched another car drive by him and only slow down for a moment before leaving. "Why don't you take your shirt off maybe that will work," Peter remarked in a bored tone. "You know what else would work… get someone else, I'm freezing out here Peter…" Neal mumbled. Once another hour passed Peter sighed "It doesn't look like anyone's going to stop tonight, Neal why don't you head home we'll try again tomorrow night, so keep those clothes clean," Peter said over the earwig. Neal didn't bother to reply as he walked away from the corner and made his way to where the cabs were speeding by. As he walked out of range Neal heard the ear wig go silent. Feeling truly alone Neal sighed as he kept his gaze down on the dingy sidewalk.

Lost in his own world Neal didn't notice the parked van with the open side door. Neal was jostled out of his thoughts when he felt a hand grab the collar of his shirt and pull him with great force toward the van. Slamming his head on the door frame Neal felt disorientated as he hit the floor of the van hard. As he lost consciousness Neal felt his necklace being ripped from his neck. The door was slammed shut and locked as Neal felt himself slip deeper into the darkness. When the van began to move Neal was thrown around like a rag doll as the truck moved down the streets of Manhattan.

Peter stretched as he got ready to leave the FBI van when he noticed that Neal's tracker from his necklace was standing still in the middle of the sidewalk, leaning closer to the computer Peter wondered why Neal seemed to be standing still for so long. "You two wait here for a moment I have a bad feeling about this," Peter said as he left the van with his gun at his side as he crossed to the sidewalk where Neal should have been standing. Looking up and down the street the FBI agent felt his worry growing once he saw his partner was missing. Walking back to the van Peter looked at the screen and saw the tracker was still transmitting from the same stretch of sidewalk. "Call this in, Neal is missing…" he ordered trying not to think that Neal had taken the opportunity to run away. Taking a set Peter looked at the video footage of the street as he watched Neal disappear out of camera range. Rewinding the tape again Peter looked for any signs that Neal was going to run away. "Neal what's going on…?" Peter mumbled as he pulled out his cell phone and called Neal's only to have it go straight to voice mail.

When the agents arrived Peter directed them to search the alleyways and began to call the cab companies to see if anyone had picked up a man fitting Neal's description at all. When the cab leads turned up empty Peter cursed and began to worry about Neal. "Hughes isn't going to like this at all," Peter mumbled to himself as he ordered a few more agents around. Neal is resourceful he'll get in contact with us… that is if he didn't plan this and he's run away, Peter thought as he looked up at the sky for a moment hoping he was wrong about Neal running away.

Neal groaned softly as he slowly regained consciousness, letting his chin hit his chest again. When his mind caught up Neal opened his eyes and lifted his head. Right away he noticed his arms were being held behind his back and bound to a metal headboard with plastic zip ties. Giving the ties a quick tug to test their strength Neal groaned at the pain in his shoulders. "Careful Caffrey… you could dislocate your shoulder doing that," a voice said from the dark corner of the room. Right away Neal stopped pulling as he recognized the voice. "Keller…" he said as he felt his heart rate increasing. "Don't worry Caffrey I'm not going to hurt you that would just make it harder for my plans to succeed if you're injured," Keller said as he got up from the chair he was sitting in and made his way over to the bed. Neal struggled against the bindings again hoping one would come loose. Matthew Keller laughed as he made it to the bedside and grabbed a handful of Neal's hair and forced him to look up. "It's been a long time since we saw each other," Keller remarked with a dark chuckle.

Turning his head away Neal let out a hiss of pain as his hair was yanked hard. "I didn't say you could look away from me did I?' Keller asked as he twisted Neal's hair around his fingers giving him a better grip. Neal glared at his captor before spitting in his face. Releasing Neal's hair Keller chuckled and wiped his face off. "Not a smart idea Caffrey," Keller said as he punched Neal in the face before shutting the lights off and shutting and locking the door behind him leaving the ex con in the dark. Ignoring his legs falling asleep under him Neal let his eyes adjust to the dark room, with no lights or windows Neal couldn't tell how much time had passed.

When Keller returned to the room he was smirking. He turned the lights on and watched as Neal turned his head away from the light. "I just came down to tell you that your face is plastered all over the news, the FBI is saying you ran away and there is a nationwide manhunt for you," Keller said with a smirk as he leaned against the door and watched Neal absorb the news. "You should know I was going to hide you outside the city but with Burke moving everything so quickly I can't move you so it looks like you're going to be stuck with me until I'm bored of you," Keller said with a cold chuckle. "I meant to ask you before why you were dressed like a hooker then it dawned on me that you have always been the FBI's bitch and now they finally are making you dress the part," Keller mocked as he took his seat in the corner of the room.

"I was undercover for a case that was the only reason I was dressed like this…"Neal defended as he tried to shift his weight to fight the tingling in his legs. Matthew chucked again "Of course you were…now before I forget let's talk rules. One if you try to escape I'll kill you, two, if you try to contact the FBI I'll kill you and them. Three if you try to harm me I'll kill you…" Keller warned as he dug his fingernails into Neal's cheek and pulled down creating four angry red scratches. Neal whimpered as Keller pulled away with more force. "If you don't want to anger me then behave every moment of every day," he said as he walked around the bed forcing Neal to turn his head to follow him and watch every move he made. "Peter is going to find me and you are going to jail Keller," Neal said as he tried to keep positive. "Well don't worry, I'll make sure you join me and we share a cell Caffrey," he said as he picked up a knife from the nightstand and brushed the sharp edge of the blade against Neal's cheek and neck.

Keller chuckled at how scared his ex partner looked. "Don't worry I'm not going to cut you unless you provoke me into doing so," Keller promised as he finished with the knife and put it back on the night stand. Neal nodded and looked away he knew that his ex partner was like a wild animal and if he was ever provoked it would end badly. "I know that, remember I've worked with you before Keller I know how you are… cold, heartless and you would rather kill me than let me get away," Neal said coldly which earned him a punch to the face. "You shouldn't run your mouth Caffrey it could get you hurt," he said with a cold chuckle. "Well it's getting late… I'm going to turn in for the night I'll be back to check on you in the morning… if I feel like it or maybe in a couple days," Keller said with an evil smirk as he shut the lights off again and shut the door plunging Neal back into the darkness once again.

Peter walked around his office and ignored everyone else running around trying to follow every tip on sightings of Neal. Where is he…did he run away … or was he kidnapped. Peter thought as he dropped into his chair and looked at the photos on his desk and saw the only photo he had of him and Neal at the FBI Christmas party with Neal wearing an elf hat and his arms draped over Peter's shoulders in a hug. Peter gave a small smile as he remembered the gift Neal had give him a perfect recreation of a painting that Peter had told him about that hung over his parent's fireplace when he was a child before it was lost in a move.

That was the night Peter realized that he didn't want Neal just as a friend he wanted more. Peter knew Neal was like an exotic animal, extremely beautiful to look at and just as forbidden to have. Quashing his thoughts when Hughes walked in Peter stood up. "Sir we're looking everywhere, we have police out looking at the train, and subway stations, the bus station. We have also been looking along the river for any signs of Neal getting away on a boat. We're going to find Neal before he gets away," Peter said his voice tinted with a not so sure tone. "It doesn't matter, I just got off the phone with DC they are outraged that Caffrey was able to slip through your fingers so easily… they're out for blood Peter and as your friend I am just going to warn you if you don't find Caffrey soon this could be it for your career; you could be fired," Hughes said with a sigh.

"I will find him, and you can tell them if I get fired the FBI will never find Neal because no one knows him like I do," Peter said promising that Neal wouldn't be easy to find."Well good but go home you look exhausted, get some sleep and get your mind off Caffrey for a little while then maybe you'll think of something we haven't thought of yet. But just go, Elizabeth will have my head if you stay here any longer," Hughes said as he watched Peter accept temporary defeat and start to pack up a few things and grab his coat. After leaving the office Peter drove home and dragged himself into the house and dropped onto the living room couch and sighed. Elizabeth said that this week she would be late getting home, so it looks like I have to fend for myself, Peter thought as he kicked his shoes off and stared at the blank TV screen. Satchmo trotted into the room and put his head on Peter's knee.

Scratching Satchmo's ears Peter looked into his dog's eyes. "What am I going to do Satch?"Peter asked his dog as he got up from the couch and decided to take a shower before looking at the files he brought home with him. After a long hot shower to clear his head Peter changed into some sweat pants and an old tee shirt. As he settled himself on the couch Peter grabbed his lap top and opened his FBI email and opened the video files Jones had sent him. Watching the footage of Neal on the street corner the agent sighed as he watched Neal leaning against a wall. It took Peter a moment to realize that the same van had passed by the corner twice. Hitting the pause on the video Peter grabbed his phone and called Diana.

"Diana… when we left the van and closed the street down did you notice any empty parking spots that would be big enough for an economy sized van?" Peter asked as he went through the footage again looking for a license plate number. "Yeah it was right by the tracker… are you saying that Neal didn't run but he was kidnapped?" Diana asked as she snapped her fingers to get Jones attention by the coffee area. "That's exactly what I'm saying, get the team back into the office I don't care if they are stuck in traffic we need to find Neal right now…it's been three hours and no ransom call which means this is serious," Peter ordered as he slipped his shoes on ignoring the fact he was dressed very casually and grabbed his car keys. Leaving the house Peter returned to the office as the rest of his team filed in various states of dress. "We we're mistaken before, Neal did not run away he was kidnapped," Peter said as he had Jones pull up the footage.

Pointing the van out Peter began ordering his team. "No one is going home until we locate that van or finds any sign of Neal," Peter said determined that he would find his partner. We're coming Neal…just hold on a little longer where ever you are, Peter thought as he looked at the footage of Neal once more.