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Oiroke no Sakura

by Oniko

Chapter Two

… … …

"Late to your own party, I see," Genma remarked from behind Kakashi, just as he thought he had sneaked in successfully without notice two hours late.

"Technically, it's Naruto's party," Kakashi corrected the other man as he sipped a stolen cup of sake through his mask. Overall, it wasn't a bad turn out. Lots of pretty ladies. Too bad Kiba wouldn't let him arrange some male dancers along with the female strippers. Now that would have been a show. Although, that wasn't to say there weren't some pretties of both genders as it was. Kakashi noted as a chuunin with a particularly nice ass in some very tight pants walked by.

"Yeah, whatever," Genma grumbled. "Look, I wanted to catch you and ask about Naruto's new friend."

"New friend?" Kakashi quickly glanced around for Naruto. The boy made friends like others breathed, but Kakashi thought he was better at keeping track of his wayward student.

"Yeah, guy's been latched on to Naruto since they got here." Genma pointed helpfully. Kakashi saw a flash of familiar pink before the crowd parted enough for him to see that it was clearly not Sakura.

"Who is that?" Kakashi asked.

"Damn, I was hoping you knew."

"Who? Sakura's cousin?" Kakashi and Genma both turned toward the new-comer. Kiba was squinting off the direction they had been staring, before glancing at Kakashi. "'bout time you got here."

"Well, I would have gotten here earlier-" Kakashi started when Genma unceremoniously cut him off.

"Don't care, Hatake. What's this about Sakura?"

"Sakura's cousin. Hinata told me and Shino about him, she met him a couple of days ago," Kiba said with a shrug.

"Damnit, boy! Name, rank and all that crap," Genma growled. "Don't spare the details."

Kiba rolled his eyes and grumbled. "You gossip worse than a girl," but he went on to answer the question. "Haruno Sakumo, chuunin, genjutsu specialist. Hinata was pissed that his jounin sensei flunked him for weak chakra. Not that it's easy to tell with Hinata, but trust me some poor bastard is lucky she didn't have a name. Anyways, promoted in the war, been doing civvie work since, and that's about all I know."

"Sakumo, huh?" Genma said thoughtfully. Kakashi suppressed the urge to flinch. That name had fallen out popular usage since his father's "failure." He wondered how much his father's legacy had impacted the young man's life. It was probably the real reason the boy was flunked, Kakashi thought bitterly, as if the name itself was tainted. For all of Konoha's virtues one of its worse faults was misdirected anger, at Naruto, at the Uchiha, at him, and now at this boy too.

"Yeah, and I'll tell you something else, too," Kiba said and wrinkled his nose. "He has definitely been staying with Sakura, uses her shampoo and everything."

"What's wrong with Floral Green?" Kakashi asked.

Genma gave him an incredulous look. "You know what brand of shampoo Sakura uses? Is there something you want to share with us, Kakashi?"

"What? Pakkun uses it," Kakashi said defensively. "He's the one who told me."

"Pussies," Kiba said derisively. "There is nothing wrong with natural man-smell."

"And that, right there," Genma said. "Is why you will never have a girlfriend."

Kakashi deposited his empty cup on the tray of a passing waitress. "Well, I think it's high time I go greet the condemned, er, lucky young man."

Genma snorted. "Yeah, you go do that."

Before he had even finished speaking Kakashi was weaving his way through the crowd towards Naruto and his new friend. Upon reaching Naruto's table, Kakashi had to reevaluate his view of the 'boy' to 'young man' and a rather handsome young man at that. Kakashi let a single dark eye rove as he gave the young man a critical appraisal.

Sakumo was dressed casually in nondescript ninja gear, black battle sandals with heavy cleats, loose sand colored pants, and a red vest with white trim that Kakashi would bet his mask that had the Haruno clan symbol on the back. The young man also, much to Kakashi's approval, wore no shirt showing off a sleekly defined chest and nicely toned skin.

"Sensei, you're late," Naruto said with a wide drunken grin.

"Well, I would have been here earlier but-" Kakashi started.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Naruto said rolling his eyes. "Whatever you say, sensei."

Kakashi let out an exaggerated put upon sigh. "How many times do I have to ask you to please stop calling me that? You make me feel old."

"You are old, sensei," Naruto declared. "Old, and decrepit, and on your last legs."

Sakumo muttered something under his breath, but Kakashi only caught the tail end of it. "... still kick your ass."

"And who is this?" Kakashi asked acting as if he didn't know.

Naruto draped one arm over Sakumo's shoulders and grinned widely. "This is Sakumo. He's an old friend of mine that I just had to drag along."

Sakumo gave an aborted bow. "Hatake-san, it's nice to meet you."

Kakashi didn't bow. He just gave the young man another long look. After enough time to pass for Sakumo to start to sweat, Kakashi give a broad smile which creased his one visible eye. "Likewise Haruno-kun."

The young man frowned slightly, which made Kakashi want to grin wider. "So, I just dropped by to say 'hi' and congratulations."

"Thanks, Kakashi-sensei! Well, you should at least stick around long enough to enjoy the main show," Naruto said. "I hear it's real good, but you would know more about that than I do."

"I think I just might," Kakashi said as he disappeared back into the crowd, though he didn't go far. He grabbed another drink, and settled himself into a secluded booth that gave him vantage over Naruto and his new friend. It wasn't that Kakashi didn't trust Naruto's judgment; Naruto had an amazing ability to turn people around. But this Sakumo was an unknown factor, and Kakashi hated surprises.

As Kakashi watched the two young men interact, he became increasingly concerned – though it took him a while to figure out exactly why. Naruto and Sakumo seem to get along well. They joked. They drank. They basked in the admiring attention of the ladies. And that was where Kakashi noticed that something was slightly off.

Naruto basked in the attention paid to him by the busty girls Kiba hired. Sakumo on the other hand seem to be indifferent at best and, at times, downright uncomfortable. While he would occasionally tuck a bill into a pretty young thing's G string or garter, it was usually at Naruto's prompting. Kakashi wondered at the young man's lack of reaction, until he noticed chuunin-tight-pants walking by and Sakumo's interest was clearly grabbed. Things started to click into place. Kakashi watched with narrowed eyes as Sakumo's unusual attachment to Naruto took on a new significance. It wasn't fair for either Naruto or Hinata, both of them had been through so much. He watched, silently brooding, until Sakumo stood and headed towards the restrooms.

"Don't forget," Naruto shouted. "Use the men's room."

"I'm not that drunk!" Sakumo protested as he made his way to bathroom, laughter trailing after him.

Kakashi followed as well.

The restroom was practically empty with only one other person, besides Sakumo, at the sinks. Kakashi caught the man's eye in the mirror and nodded his head sharply towards the door. The middle-aged civilian paled and quickly left without drying his hands.

Kakashi leaned against the doorframe and waited patiently as Sakumo to finished at the urinal and meticulously clean himself off. When Sakumo headed towards the sinks Kakashi reached up and snapped shut the lock on the door.

The soft click was almost loud in the quiet room. Sakumo spun to face him, easily balance on the balls of his feet. When he saw Kakashi he relaxed his hands, but didn't drop or hide them. Good ninja reactions. Kakashi though. It really was too bad about his asshole jounin instructor.

"Kakashi?" Sakumo asked uncertainly.

"I think you should leave," he said.

Sakumo's head tilted curiously to one side. "Why?"

Or maybe he was really flunked for being an idiot, Kakashi thought uncharitably. He stalked forward, letting his temper flare his chakra. Sakumo instinctively backed up until he hit the wall. Kakashi leaned in close. "I think we both know why."

Wide green eyes stared up at him, but held no understanding.

"Naruto's getting married to a very nice girl," Kakashi explained slowly. "Anything that comes between them—well, let's just say that wouldn't go over well."

Now things were starting to click into place in that too-pretty head. Sakumo blanched and shook his head frantically. "I have no interest in coming between Naruto and Hinata. I'm only here because Naruto insisted on it."

Kakashi smiled widely, his one visible eye creasing. "Excellent! Then you won't mind leaving."

Sakumo's expression turned mutinous. "I think that's up to Naruto."

"And I think that sometimes Naruto doesn't always know what's best for Naruto. That's what friends are for."

"I am his friend," Sakumo said stubbornly.

"I'm sure you'd like to be," Kakashi said. He decided to try a different approach. Instead he leaned one arm on the wall beside Sakumo's head and leaned all trace of his earlier temper gone. All friends here. Sakumo gave him a suspicious glare. Not that stupid. "Look, Naruto's not interested, alright? Trust me, down that road is nothing but heartbreak and trouble for both of you."

Sakumo gaped at him for a few moments before finally stammering out. "I'm not interested in Naruto." Kakashi just gave him a skeptical look. "I'm not! He's…just…he's Naruto." Sakumo finally finished weakly.

Kakashi could actually understand that. Naruto did have a way of overwhelming a person. "You really aren't interested in Naruto?"

"I'm really not," Sakumo said dryly.

"But you are interested in guys?" Kakashi asked. Just for clarity.

"No, of course not," Sakumo said quickly, staring firmly at Kakashi's eyes and baldly lying.

"Hmm, of course not." Kakashi let his eye trail downwards, blatantly admiring the tanned skin and toned muscle. He lingered just long enough for a slight blush to color Sakumo's face—but before he was in danger of triggering the Haruno temper. As he stepped back, he spoke with genuine regret in his voice. "That's too bad."

Without a glance back he unlocked the door and let himself out. Sakumo exited soon after, made his excuses to Naruto and left. Kakashi actually felt a little bad about chasing the young man off. Especially since he probably just killed any chance that he might have had with Sakumo. And Naruto probably wouldn't even appreciate the effort.

Kakashi decided he needed another drink.

… … …

Sakura stared at herself in the vanity mirror. She tugged at her short hair and made comical faces at herself before falling backwards to lay on the bed.

Ever since that stupid party she hadn't felt like her skin quite fit anymore. Not that it ever really had. Even as a kid, she had been what her mother politely called a 'tom-boy.' The Haruno matron had been blatantly relieved when Sakura crushed on Sasuke so hard, because, of course, only girls liked boys. She had been more than happy to help Sakura force herself to be what everyone thought Sasuke wanted in a girlfriend.

Sakura had tried so hard. She took her kunoichi classes, the art of being a woman, to heart. She watched her weight and her temper, wore dresses and grew her hair out. Not that any of it ever seemed to do any good. No matter how hard she tried Sasuke could barely stand to look at her.

Then, with one thing or another, she let her training and other worries take center stage. It wasn't until this stupid jutsu that the feelings she'd been holding back with denial and sheer force of will came crashing down on her head. She liked being Sakumo, and, though she hadn't done the jutsu since the party, she missed it. She missed how it felt to feel right.

And that didn't even touch on Kakashi. He had been interested in her. Not her-her, Sakumo-her. Of course, it was Naruto's sexy jutsu and she was supposed to be sexually appealing, and Kakashi was one of Konoha's biggest perverts, so it's not like it's any surprise that Kakashi would have noticed her.

And When he thought that she—Sakumo-she—had been interested in Naruto, Sakura had nearly gagged at the thought, but then he'd looked at her and it had done weird tingly things to her, no one had ever looked at Sakura-her like that before, and the next thing she knew she'd had this erection that just wouldn't stop and had to get out of there before one of the dancers (or worse) got the wrong idea.

The orgasm, when she got home, was different. Instead of the slow, teasing build she was more familiar with, it was fast and hot and hard. She wondered if that was due to the difference in gender or if that was just the effect that Kakashi had on her.

Just thinking about it now was starting a low ache. She pressed her hands between her legs, her panting breath loud in her ears, and she wished for the feel of silk soft skin over hard length that throbbed with her pulse.

"What is wrong with me?" she asked the ceiling, after the shuddering pleasure and passed. Sakura was almost relieved at the distraction from her own inner turmoil provided by the soft knocking at her door. She dragged herself from bed to crack open the door. The painted security chain clacking as it was pulled taut. "Hinata?"

The girl in question, standing on her front porch, squeaked and held up a mission scroll like a shield. "I-i-i. Is S-s-sakumo home?"

Sakura blinked at Hinata in bafflement for a few moments before she remembered that she and Naruto had told Hinata that 'Sakumo' was staying with 'Sakura.' "Um, not right now?" Hinata looked so downcast that Sakura couldn't help but offer. "I can take a message for him if you like?"

Hinata smiled at her and shoved the mission scroll into Sakura's hands. "I-i-i got this from the m-m-mission office for him. S-s-since I-i-i saw that he wasn't on the active boards this morning."

"That's very nice of you, but-"

"H-h-he shouldn't give up on his dream so quickly." Hinata's expression turned dark. "And you shouldn't let him." The last was said firmly and without even a hint of a stutter. Hinata was really serious about this, and she probably wasn't going to take 'no' as an answer.

"I'll give it to him," Sakura said. "I can't make any promises though."

"O-o-oh, I-i-i-i," Hinata bowed low and after a stammered 'Sakura-chan' disappeared. Sakura shut the door and looked down at the scroll in her hand. Unfortunately, she couldn't just give it back to the mission office. She pried loose the seal. It was a C-rank for a week's night-guard of some civilian's storehouse in the new warehouse district.

Sakura stifled a groan. On top of her regular hospital hours picking this up was going to be rough. Not to mention awkward as people wondered why she would pick up an extra mission like this one. If she wanted some quick cash there were easier, short term assignments that would fit her schedule better.

But then again, who said Sakura had to be the one doing the mission.