Chapter 20: Final moonlight

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Preview: And as he took her hands between his and carefully planted a kiss on them, she could see tears in the corner of his eyes. Similar tears threatened to fall down her own cheeks as she realized it.
She loved him.

And he loved her.


"WHAT?" Gibbs stared at her as she nervously swept one loose strand of hair behind her ears. "You came here in the middle of the night because of what?" Abby was in Gibbs' bed, leaning against a pile of pillows that Gibbs had arranged behind her back so she could sit up. When the doctors had declared her good enough to go home, she had hesitated. Should she go back home alone? What would Gibbs do? He had visited her every day when she was in the hospital and she noticed he was frantic about her leaving his sight. Like he felt that she would just disappear if he would look the other way for a second.
Frankly, she didn't know what kind of relationship they were having. Okay, so he'd kissed her. The day that she'd woken up, actually. It had been amazing, and so full of love… and okay, she was for 90% sure that he actually loved her. But he hadn't actually said it, and a girl had to hear the words, right? So she'd been a little nervous when she'd called him with the good news. But it appears that she had worried about nothing.
He was there in ten minutes with a big bag for her stuff and no intention on letting her go to her own place.
But it wasn't so bad, the forensic scientist thought satisfied, as Gibbs had put her in his bed immediately, to make sure she would get enough rest. She wasn't her energetic self yet but she was making progress. The wounds were slowly healing and the pain was completely under control with some painkillers. Besides, she got rid of the way too white hospital gown and put on her favorite black pyjamas. Not the one with the skulls- that one she would never wear again, because it reminded her too much of the time in the dark room. And besides, it probably wasn't possible to repair it anyway- But it was great and she finally felt like herself again.
Especially with him being there.
Gibbs had been sitting on the side of the bed for an hour now and they were talking about small things… until the night of her abduction came up.
She never, well, actually told him why she'd been at his house around three pm that day.
"You came here in the middle of the night because of what?" He told her with wide eyes, shocked. "A nightmare?" He gasped for words. Abby lifted her head defiantly.
"I was really scared something had happened to you, Gibbs!" Wasn't that obvious? "Dreams can be predictive!" She crossed her arms before her chest. Of course, her dream had turned out for the worst… for both of them.
"Are you crazy?" He grabbed her shoulders, almost shaking her. "Do you have ANY idea- "he stopped, breathed in heavily. "You could've ended up dead," he finally finished, releasing her. Instead, he brought one hand to her hair, playfully tugging on one of her ponytails. The look in his eyes, however, was painfully serious.
"I'm sorry Gibbs," the girl whispered, hanging her head. She took his hand between hers and placed soft a kiss on it, feeling tears coming up. "I know you don't believe in coincidences, but it really was a coincidence that I was there." She was afraid he was going to yell or something, that it was dangerous and stupid- and how could she bring herself in so much danger? She knew that already. She'd already been through that, blaming herself over and over. But to her surprise, Gibbs lifted her chin with his thump and kissed her softly. The black haired girl kissed him back without a doubt, breathing in the smell of wood and everything that was just… him. They tried to make the kiss last as long as possible, so when they finally parted, they were both breathing heavily. Gibbs rested his forehead to hers.
"I could've lost you Abbs," he whispered in her ear, barely hearable. In response, she wrapped her arms around him, pulling him on the bed, pressing herself to his chest.
"I'm here now. I'm safe. You saved me." She needed to convince him, to make him stop hurting.
He chuckled softly and pulled her closer.
"It won't matter anymore now anyway," he said almost teasingly. "It's not like you will ever have to go out in the middle of the night to check up on me anymore, now that you're staying here." Abby frowned her eyebrows.
"Ever?" As he didn't answer, she pulled herself free so she could have a look at his face. "Do you mean-"
"I'm not letting you go ever again," he interrupted, placing a kiss on her forehead. "And if you want to stay with me forever, too, I can get your stuff tomorrow." He waited nervously for her answer.
"You're asking me… to move in with you?" Her chin almost dropped at his gruff nod. But… was he serious?
"Like hell," he added, guessing her thoughts. "I love you Abbs."
"I… I love you too," she stuttered, and that answered his other question. "Yes yes yes, I want that." She could suddenly picture herself, sitting on this bed every morning and looking down at Gibbs's sleeping face, helping him build his boat and finally solving the mystery… A broad smile appeared on her face. Nothing could make this moment more amazing. … Except maybe some Caf-POW, which was still not allowed –hoe bad could caffeine be, really?
"Okay," Gibbs said, smiling too. He then kissed her again and she felt that, yes, she could definitely get used to this. He let her go and slid off the bed, pulling the blankets a little closer around her.
"You should sleep for a little bit now, though."
"Now?" Abby complained shocked. "Not now!" But this was Gibbs she was dealing with. He put some of the pillows away without an argument and kissed her goodnight, promising he'd be up in an hour as soon as he was done working on his boat. When he was just about to leave the room, she suddenly remembered something.
"Gibbs? Wait.. Just one thing."
"Can I bring my coffin?"
"Nope," he said playfully, before winking at her and closing the door behind him, leaving her with a big smile on her face.

Abby pulled the covers a little bit closer around her, settling her head on the pillow. Through a small opening between the long, white curtains fell a bright beam of moonlight, forming a bright spot exactly next to her head. The Goth girl sighed. She remembered how the light of the moon always had remembered her of Gibbs, even when all she could see was a glimpse between bars. It had led him to her, because that was how she figured out she was in Mexico. It was all sort of linked together, she realized. How funny.
But she has to go to sleep now, tomorrow was going to be a busy day. Danai and Jadelin were going to visit and she knew how energizing those two could be. They were doing much better now that they were back together, back home. She would never forget the look on their parents faces when they visited in the hospital and thanked her for protecting their daughters. They actually became very good friends with her and Gibbs and she absolutely loved the twins, so she was definitely keeping in touch with the family. Jasmin was back home, too, all the way in Miami, but she wrote her a letter earlier, telling about her parents and how happy she was to be back. It made the forensic scientist smile for an hour. The little boy, Luca, was temporarily placed at a foster family. He was really traumatizes, as he was the one being there the longest. His father, who rejected to pay for his release, had lost custody. Abby prayed that with time and treatment, things would slowly turn out better for him too. She was going to visit him soon and decided to spoil him rotten.
Victor got a beautiful headstone close to Kate's –maybe they could visit all together soon, too. She said a little prayer for him too, and looked at the moonlight on the white blanket once again. They were all safe. The whole mafia gang was actually caught, by the CIA. Fornell had been alerted by McGee and had made sure his colleagues from the CIA had been waiting in Puebla, ready to bring them in.
Through the curtains, she could vaguely see the moon. Now she no longer had to wish for him to be there anymore, she thought content as she closed her eyes. She was going to be with her silver haired fox… forever.

And with that thought in her head, she peacefully fell asleep.

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