A/N. Ok! So this is me deciding to allow for Marco to get his revenge for five days of torture via my list.

Marco:Finally! You stop picking on me!

Nope! I'm still continueing with the list of ways to torture you.

Marco: Ah-

Anways, enjoy!

Summary: 30+ ways to make Ace MIAB. Enjoy!

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30+ Ways to make Ace MIAB:

1) Speak in a foreign language.

2) Tell him that Luffy's dating Zoro.

3) When he starts using his Devil Fruit, douse him in water.

4) Kiss him suddenly, then tell him he's a pretty princess.

5) Tell him Luffy wants to kiss him.

6) Tell him Marco wants to kiss him.

7) Tell him Akainu wants to kiss him.

8) Tell him Teach wants to kiss him.

9) Comment on his crappy sense of fashion.

10) Swipe all his pants.

11) Swip his hat.

12) Dangle it over the ocean when he tells you to give it back.

13) Say, just for the purpose of annoying him, "Wait, you sat on a tack?"

14) Speak in even more foreign languages.

15) Talk in tongues.

16) Talk gibberish. (Turns out it's really a language, just not one of the official ones.)

17) Talk backwards.

18) Convince Luffy to tell Ace, she is getting married to Aokiji.

19) Convince Ace that Luffy is going to become a Marine.

20) Make sure Luffy's in on it

21) Tell Ace Luffy is marrying Akainu.

22) Tell Ace Luffy is marrying Teach.

23) Make him kiss Marco!

24) Dress him up in a banana costume.

25) Replace all his clothes with tutus and ballet slippers.

26) Introduce him to the ways of the Okama.

27) Tell him that male!Luffy is going to visit Ivankov and have himself changed into a girl permanently.

28) Sick his rabid fangirls on him.

29) Make him wear a shirt.

30) Call him mommy.

31) Call him Fififluffykins.

32) Tell him Whitebeard is going to become a lady.

33) Put him in a dress.

34) Tell Garp Ace has finally decided to become a marine.

35) When he starts talking sciency crap, yell at him that he is wrong, and then tell him the appropriate to everything in the universe is fish.

37) When he tries to objest tell him no, it is 42.

39) When he tries to object even further, tell him that the answer to everything is your butt.

41) Then tell him the answer to everything is Magellan's butt.

42) Swipe his food.

43) Do all of the above in one day, enjoy!

A/N. Okay, hope you guys liked that. And I'm not completely sure, but I think Ace may enjoy some of this, I'm not sure though. Anyways, review and tell me what you all think. Oh, and please feel free to give me some ideas. There's not a lot of material I can think of with Ace, Marco was easier. Anyways, bye!

Ace: Marco's right...You are evil!

Me: Your point?

Marco: I told you she was a demon in disguise. There is no way, with all of those crazy thoughts flowing about around her head, that she's human.

Me: And what is that supposed to mean.

Marco: Exactly what I said. You are the very definition of sadistic. You enjoy coming up with these things.

Me: Hey! I'm not THAT bad!

Marco & Ace: You wanna bet?

Me: I could make add something really embarrassing to the list you know.

Marco: Never mind.

Ace: Yeah. You are the nicest person we have ever met in our entire lives.

Me: Good. Now say bye to the nice readers.

Marco & Ace: Help us...