Summer Hallaway and Michelle Dunlop stood at the front of the new school. They had previously attended Horton Private School, but they were having financial difficulties, so the two top private schools across Woodbury, New York, were coming together to form one, Horace Grant Private School.

Summer and Michelle had been best friends since kindergarten. They were part of the great band that was 'School of Rock' who had merged to greatness, only to fall apart when the kids went their separate ways and got on with normal life in two, different schools. Now it was time to become reacquainted with old faces.

"I am not ready for this" Said Michelle. She was known to be nervous about things, and didn't like to take risks.

"We'll be fine Elle. It's not like we don't know anybody"The two girls started to make their decent up the stairs.

"We haven't spoken to half of them in years Summer! Everything's different now. We can't pretend like it's not""Well, we have to try and fit in, and become reacquainted with everyone"

Michelle reluctantly followed Summer into the building. Before they could get through the door three girls stood in their way. Katie, Alicia and Marta.

"Well, well, well, look what the wind blew in. Summer Hallaway and Elle Dunlop. Long time no see" Marta said with a slight harshness in her voice.

"Marta, Katie and Alicia. Familiar faces at last!" Summer said trying to make an effort.

"uh huh..," Marta said shrugging them off, "I can tell we'll be best friends just like in Elementary school right?" She said.

Michelle sensed the sarcasm in her voice and knew that this wasn't going to end well. Summer stepped forward.

"we were good friends in elementary school, were we not?"

"it seemed like you two were the girls who got it all, seemingly wonderful. I don't think that's going to be happening now. You stay out of our way and we'll stay out of yours, ok?" Alicia said harshly.

Summer's eyes widened. Michelle was begging that she wouldn't say anything stupid. Knowing Summer she would speak her mind, so she jumped in before she could say anything.

"ok ladies, clearly you have some issues with us, so we'll try and not get down each other's throats, but I think we should be hostile to each other, isn't that right Summer?"


Marta, Alicia and Katie were suddenly drawn away from Summer and Michelle to something over their shoulders. Zack Mooneyham and Freddy Jones. Michelle and Summer looked around to see what they were looking at. Their mouths dropped. Last time they saw them they were short, horrible boys, now they had turned into hot, intelligent looking young men.

"Look who it is…" Katie said with a smile on her face.

"Guys, we've seen them like everyday for the past 13 years, it's nothing new." Alicia said.

"yeah but, they get hotter everyday…" Marta said not taking her eyes off the boys.

Freddy realised they were staring and caught Michelle's eye. He smiled at her and she quickly smiled and turned back. She was not good in awkward situations.

"come on Elle, clearly not wanted her"Michelle and Summer walked past them, banging shoulders. This day had proved difficult already.

In form room, one school stood on one side of the classroom, and then other on another. In Horton, the kids were Summer, Michelle, Tamika, Laurence, Billy, Gordon, Marco and Eleni, and in the other half, Alicia, Marta, Katie, Zack, Frankie, Freddy and Leonard. They stood in silence staring each other down, though Freddy was clearly looking to Michelle with affection and Zack the same to Summer.

Mr Walker walked into the tense classroom. He stopped and looked around.

He looked rather confused.

"Ok, everyone… I suppose there is a little bit of tension as you haven't seen each other since Elementary school. So I'll assign you seats. Now, we'll have Summer, Zack, Marco. Then Marta, Eleni and Leonard Then, Billy, Frankie and Alicia. Then Katie, Lawrence and Gordon, then finally, Michelle, Freddy and Tamika. Perfect."

The kids all reluctantly took their seats, they turned and looked to Mr Walker with grim faces.

"ok, my name is Mr Walker, I'll be your home room tutor. If you have any problems please come speak to me at any time.

"Alicia put her hand up.

"yes Alicia?"

"I have a problem. Why do we have to join with these jerks?"

"Alicia lets be nice. Yes, you haven't seen each other in a long time. But you should all be making an effort to be nice and show hospitality to each other."

The kids grunted as the bell rang. They all swiftly got up. Michelle and Freddy managed to go in the same direction as each other and they bumped into each other, knocking the books out of Michelle's hands. They both bent down to get them but at the same time they bashed heads.

"sorry" Freddie said.

"It's cool, it happens"

"You should maybe put some ice on that"

They laughed.

"how have you been Elle?"

Michelle was surprised. She had never known Freddy to be so sincere. Was this all just a joke?

"fine, thanks. And yourself?"

"I've been good, yeah. I hear that the girls haven't been all that welcoming to you and Summer"

"Not really no"

"I wouldn't worry about it. Come sit with us at lunch, we'll be nice I promise"

"sure, thanks"

"I'll see you later"

Freddy smiled and walked away leaving Michelle wondering how he could be so nice… Freddy Jones, nice? Those two words never matched up. But maybe with age he had matured for the better, and Michelle was strangely attracted to him… her heart thumped. She shook the feeling away and left the classroom. This was going to be an interesting year.