Now I just want to let you all know, this is strictly fiction. I do not own anyone in this fic. I could wish can't I? lol. Now if you have any questions please go on and ask. I do have a tumblr so feel free to ask me there if you have that. Thank you so much for reading and hope you enjoy the whole fic. I will post chapter by chapter, maybe a few at a time. I don't know yet. Enjoy.

~April Rose

Matt was just coming home from a tour with TNA. He was really sore and just wanted to relax. He finally pulled up at his place and got out of his car. Walking out of the car, he went into his house.. His bags were left in the car, not feeling like he had to bring them in right now. Making it in his house, he didn't bother checking his voice mail. Matt just curled up on the sofa and fell asleep.

After Matt fell asleep, his cell phone went off. He didn't know it was from his rainbow haired baby brother Jeff sighed a little, as he didn't get a response. He then hung up and sighed, walking from the back of his house, around to the lake. Whenever he would have problems, he would go there when no one else would listen. "Why would she do this to me?" Jeff asked himself. He didn't get why his wife would do this to him. "Why Shane?"

Jeff couldn't believe that Shane would fuck his wife and get her pregnant. Tears filled his eyes as he sat there trying to forget about what happened. His hand came up to his face and wiped the tears. Now he had to stop crying. He didn't want his big brother to see his tears.

Matt later woke up from a nice nap as he heard his cell going off. Getting up, Matt went to see who it was. Reaching for his phone, he saw it was Jeff. Cocking his brow, Matt returned the call. He waited for his baby brother to pick up. His heart was racing as he was worried about Jeff, but why? "Hey Jeffro, what did you want to talk about?" Matt had asked before waiting for Jeff to pick up. "Jeff. Where are you man?" Matt asked after calling Jeff for the third time and not getting an answer. Throwing his cell phone on the sofa, he sighed a little. He was always worried about Jeff. His mind was thinking of what Jeff could be doing to be missing phone calls.

Jeff had calmed down some, but was feeling like his big brother was ignoring him. For some reason he wanted to be held by his big brother. Right now he needed something. Getting up, Jeff went back in the house. He went to the kitchen and found a honey flavor whiskey bottle. Staring at it for only a while, Jeff then opened the bottle and began to drink. The honey whiskey left a sweet taste going down his throat. It left a woody aftertaste behind the first time. He then began to drink more. In no time Jeff finished the one bottle. Now Jeff grabbed a bottle of chocolate liqueur and began to drink it. The liquor burned his throat as he drank it. Finally finishing off that bottle, Jeff then finished a bottle of Limoncello before he began to feel woozy. He sure couldn't stand on his own. The young Hardy reached for an Altvater Gessler. His lips took the shape of the opening of the bottle, and then began to down that bottle empty. There was one more of that and a big bottle of Rye Whiskey. That bottle was about thirty two ounces.

After Jeff drank so much, his body began to hurt. He knew his life will be taken soon. At least he thought that. When Jeff tried to get up to go to the bathroom, he tumbled and fell, blacking out before he even took two steps.

Meanwhile, Matt was trying to find his brother Jeff. He found out that the baby is Shane's by Shannon. So he knew that he had to find Jeff before something drastic would happen. He picked up his cell and tried to call Jeff one more time, nothing. "Jeff, where are you?" Matt asked himself a bit frantic now.

Finally Matt got up, went to the car, and opened the door getting in. He then shoved the key in the ignition and started his car, pulling out and headed on the highway. He was going to check a few of the animal shelters, knowing Jeff has a thing for animals.

Once Matt had pulled up at one, he didn't see his brother's car. "Jeff, did you run away again?" Matt asked as he known Jeff was to run away when trouble he didn't want to face was around. It seemed like Jeff was getting impossible to find.

Not seeing Jeff's car, Matt pulled out of the parking spot and went to another shelter. Pulling up at the shelter, Matt got out of his car and walked into the animal shelter. Not seeing Jeff, he asked the workers if they have seen him. Getting a no, Matt sighed, heading back to his car. Once he got to the car, his cell went off.