I Don't Understand

Back at the hospital, Jeff's dream continued. He was all over his big brother. He began making rough sex to Matt, stripping the clothes off his body. The clothes ended up tossed on the floor. Jeff then pinned his brother down to the bed and stuck his fingers into his brother's mouth. "Get em nice and wet," Jeff demanded. Matt began to do as Jeff told him to. He sucked on his brother's fingers until they were wet. Jeff then pulled them out and went right for Matt's asshole. He then slid them in and out of his ass hole. Matt gripped onto the bed sheets. He moaned as he felt Jeff speed his hands up. Matt's shaft then began to grow.

A smile sat on his face in his sleep. He was happy dreaming of his big brother. After Jeff pulled out his fingers, and then used them to coat his own shaft. Pushing his own shaft into Matt's somewhat stretched hole, he then began to thrust into his big brother. "Mmm, you are still tight baby," Jeff spoke as he then thrusted harder. When Jeff began to stroke his brother's shaft, he felt his shaft pulsing. "Mmm. Make me want you baby, make me release inside your mouth," he spoke as he took his shaft out of Matt's ass hole and pushed it into his brother's mouth. Jeff began to thrust into his brother's mouth. "Make me cum bitch!"

Hearing what his brother demanded, he then began to hum. He wanted to taste his brother. His eyes were begging for Jeff to let go. His hand then began to massage his brother's balls, causing Jeff to moan louder. After Jeff felt his brother almost demand him to let go, he exploded inside Matt's mouth. This almost caused him to choke on it.

Matt walked into the room after eating the meal away from Jeff, only so he wouldn't get mad seeing him with food. He saw a smile on Jeff's face. He began to wonder what his brother was smiling about. Matt began to feel like he wanted to hold his brother lovingly, but he still wasn't sure.

Jeff was then waking up. He smiled seeing Matt right there with him. "Baby," he spoke not knowing what he just said.

Matt didn't say anything thinking that Jeff was still under meds. He just looked at his brother with a smile on his face. He didn't know what was going on with his baby brother.

Jeff reached out for his brother. It was almost as if Jeff was saying he wanted Matt as his lover more than brother.

Matt then came over to his brother and sat next to him. "I'm glad you're feeling better."

Jeff smiled hearing what Matt said. "Can we go home now bubba?" Jeff smiled with pleading eyes. "Pwease bubba."

Small laughter escaped Matt's lips as he saw Jeff almost beg to be taken home. "Alright bro, let me go see what I can do." He then walked out of his brother's room to find a nurse. The thought of him being in love with Jeff, it wasn't going to happen. He knew that it was probably the meds that were messing with Jeff's mind.

Finding a nurse, Matt looked at her as she was reading files. "Excuse me mam, can my brother go home?"

The nurse looked up, seeing the older Hardy standing there. "Let me see his records." She then looked at his file. Looking back up, "If his doctor checks him over. Only to make sure nothing else is wrong."

Nodding his head, Matt went back to the room his brother was in. "Bro, as soon as the doctor checks you, you can go."

Hearing that, it brought a smile on his face. "I hope I can leave."

Matt also hoped his brother was able to leave. He knew Jeff did not want to stay any longer than he has to. He had been sitting there for a while.

The doctor finally came in and checked all of Jeff's vitals. They seemed to be fine. "Well Jeff, you seem to be fine. You can go home now."

A huge smile came across his face. "YAY!" He then wiggled around like he was a child high on a sugar rush.

Matt and Dr. Smith laughed a little. "No drinking for a while, your stomach may not be able to handle it."

Jeff nodded as he looked like he wanted to make a dart for the door. He stayed put though.

The doctor then gave Jeff a prescription if he would have any pain. She then brought Jeff a wheelchair to be taken to Matt's car.

Matt then pushed his brother to his car. "I'm glad you're going home Jeff. Just don't drink anymore."

Sighing a little, Jeff knew Matt was right. He didn't want to flush his life away. "I'm sorry Matt. I wasn't thinking. My wife cheated on me." He then began to sob. "You weren't there when I needed you."

Hearing his brother sob, he stooped pushing and came around and looked at his baby brother. He placed his hand on his brother's face. "Bro, I'm sorry I wasn't there for you. I am now." His brown eyes looked at his brother's emerald eyes. "I promise." Matt then wiped the tears from Jeff's eyes.

Jeff then felt Matt wipe the tears from his eyes. His eyes were locked onto his brother's brown eyes. His hand touched Matt's hand and squeezed it softly. He then leaned in and kissed his brother's lips gently. Then pulling away, he felt embarrassed that he did that in public.

Matt could tell that his brother didn't know what to do next. "Jeff, let's go home so we can talk." He spoke as he helped Jeff into the car.

Taking his time, Jeff got in the car and waited for Matt to drive home. He was still feeling nervous about what Matt wanted to talk about. Every time he would look at Matt, his heart would begin to race. He would try his best not to look at Matt, but he couldn't help it.

As Matt began to drive, he knew Jeff was looking at him. His heart began to race. He didn't understand it. He felt like he was in love with his baby brother, but felt so lost and confused. Taking a deep breath, Matt drove home.

When Matt pulled up at his house, he turned to look at his baby brother. "Jeff, when you kissed me earlier, I don't know what to say, but I don't know what that kiss meant."

Hearing what Matt said, Jeff looked down, feeling a big hurt. Looking at Matt with tears forming in his eyes, he then looked back down.

Sighing a little, Matt pulled his brother's face up and looked him in his eyes. "Listen to me. I don't know how I feel about this, the kiss. You're my brother. It isn't right."

Hearing that, Jeff got out of the car and ran to the forest behind Matt's house. He made it to the lake behind Matt's house. Sitting on the log, he just broke down in tears. "Why must you hurt me? I'm in love with you."

Matt tried to stop Jeff, but all Jeff wanted, was something Matt didn't understand.