Prequel. Should i continue or is it a lost hope?

Voice: So...I guess this is it. Your probably wondering what a 17 year old kid is doing on a bus to The San Andreas correctional facility. Well, i'll tell you.
School didn't work out for me, so i droped out. Dad died in the mafia, Mom is hooked on crack. So i had nowhere else but the streets. Living nothing but a life of crime.
Robbing and stealing from others. Until that one night...
I guess you could say i got off easy with the big shot lawyer with inside connections.
But who knows, maybe this is what some people call a "blessing in disguise". I guess the best part about this is that it's a fresh start. No one knows who i am, no one knows what i've done, No questions asked. I'm just another kid that got caught in the system.