Ciel Phantomhive didn't hate very many things. Ok, so maybe he did. But he certainly didn't hate very many days. One day, however, that Ciel would always hate was December 14th.

December 14th being his birthday, as well as being the day his parents were murdered, his house was burned down, and he was sold into the black market before enduring the worst month of his entire life.

It may have been 126 years since all that happened, but he was still quite bitter about it, and he still hated his birthday.

However, just because he hated the occasion doesn't mean he didn't think about what it meant.

Actually, Ciel found it hard to believe. He was turning 136 years old today. That was 122 years longer than he expected to live for. 136 years… And how much society had changed in all that time. It never ceased to amaze him. For example, women didn't have to wear those bloody corsets anymore. Of course, when he had to dress up as a woman, they were still necessary.

His thoughts continued drifting around his birthday in general. There was a time he had looked forward to this time of year. His favourite part about it was birthday wishes. Every year, he would get to wish on birthday candles, and pray that his wish came true.

Now he realized how foolish he had been. Birthday wishes didn't mean anything, and if you wanted something to really come true, you had to do it yourself.

Still, a part of him missed birthday wishes. It was pointless, though. If wishes came true, then Sebastian would return his feelings by now. But Sebastian treated him the same as ever. He didn't feel the same way as Ciel, no matter how much Ciel wished he did.

Ciel continued in this same depressed mood the entire day. Most of his thoughts were filled with how pointless wishes were, and he felt bitter longing, wishing he could get the strength to try one more wish. But his heart was too broken.

Sebastian saw this, and so, that very night when he was checking on Ciel before bed (Ciel still slept, more out of habit than actually needing to), the elder demon kissed the former earl.

At that kiss, Ciel froze.

Even once Sebastian had pulled back, smiled softly at Ciel, and left the room, Ciel still sat on his bed, completely frozen. He blinked, then slowly lay back on the bed and closed his eyes.

The young demon fell asleep with a small smile on his face, looking completely and utterly content.

Maybe birthday wishes weren't such a bad idea after all...

AN: Happy birthday, Ciel!

This is Ciel first birthday that's passed since I joined the fandom. And I almost missed it! If this thing sucks, it's because I did it all at the last minute. I'm sorry...

Anywho, wow, 136. Ciel's old. Of course, I still love him.

What can I say, he's just lovable.