Hello, yes I have started another story but all the more all the better. For all my other readers, I will work on my other ones; A New Beginning, and Demon Love and Fruits. So I just got this thought from reading Rust Blasters. I have to say I hate how that manga ends so thats what this story is. So disclaimer: I don't own Rust Blasters.

Chapter 1

Blood. Left and right there was blood. He was covered in it and he enjoyed every moment of it. He forgot who he was, his friends and family. The only thing he knew was that he was able to enjoy the taste of the blood. He heard a noise and ducked under a long sword. Turning from his meal, he saw another vampire looking at him with malice. Abandoning the body in his arms he turns fully around to face the unknow vampire. As he stood the vampire attacked and brought the blade down on his head. All he did was flick the blade away with a small movement of his finger. The vampire came again. "How dare you hurt him!" the vampire shouted.

"As if you would care, you would have eaten him yourself eventually."

"Never! You killed my brother!"

"Yeah well I killed my best friend too, so what does it matter?"

"Bastard!" The vampire came at him again. Getting tired of this he waited untill the vampire got close. He dodged the sword, came up behind the vampire and shoved his hand thru his chest where the heart is. He extracted his hand and started to lick it.

"Who are you?" the vampire gasped then coughed up blood.

"Aldred Van Envurio."

The vampires eyes widened, "The Black Hunter." The vampire chocked out.

"So that's the name you people have given me, I quite like it." Aldred said with a malicas grin.

"Yes, they say you will kill any vampire for your own personal gain. But there are also rumors that you kill to save someone."

"Well the first is not true, the last is definetly true."


"Because I told them that I would protect them from you."

"I haven't hurt anyone. I swear but with my brother dead my life is not worth living."

"Life is always worth living for. I can save you, but it's your choice." Aldred waited.

"I want to live."

"Very well." Aldred went and healed the wound. The vampire gaped in shock.

"How did you do that?"

"If you have eaten as many vampire's as I have then you would gain that ability too. Come, but I give you a warning don't take me to lightly." The vampire just nodded. They walked away from the carnage and went to find more people that threaten his friends.


They met like they always did on the same day every year. The day he left. It had been 7 years since he left to save them.

I wonder if he's ok. They all thought. Rengokuin had been trying to find a cure for so long, but he didn't give up. Kodachi helped when she could but most of her time came taking care of Kei. Faye and Lydi lived away so you didn't see them much. Faye had his own company and Lydi worked for him. They missed him but they were glad that he went to fight for them. The all hoped that he was alive and well. Kodachi worried about him and sincerly missed him. She never got to tell him that she loved him. And then there was Kei. He hadn't said a word since he left and he always stared off into space.

A breeze picked up, but it didn't feel like a normal breeze. It felt feral and death. They all turned to the sky. When nothing appeared they turned back to each other but the first thing they saw was Kei was standing up and looking at the sky.

"Kei what are you doing? You could get hurt." Rengokuin said worriedly.

"I feel him." Kei whispered silently. They turn and see two black cloaked figures falling from the sky. The figures fell with so much grace it was impossible. They landed next to the group. Without looking at the group they figures just walked away. Kodachi noticed that the taller of the two had long balck hair, longer then her's. She then noticed a streak of white the same length as the rest of his hair. She immediatly thought of Aldred. She couldn't stop herself, she followed.

"Al?" she asked. The tall figure stopped, while the shorter one turned around and all she saw was black. Then the tall one turned and she saw eyes this time.A color that seemed immpossible, a yellow orange with a black ring around them, they had slited pupils. They had a look of caution and kindess in them, but you could tell that there was something more feral deep inside. Without a word the figures turned and left. Kodachi stood there in shock, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up to see Faye.

"I don't think it was him. I hate to say it but if we haven't seen him by now then he's proabably dead."

"I...yeah you're proabably right. Lets go, the principal wants to see us, seeing as wer are all in town." They all nodded their head. Kei had gone back to his wheelchair and had his blank look again. Kodachi wished that he would come out of it but she knew that it was proabably not likely. She kneeled in front of him.

"Hey, do you want to go see the principal?" She asked even tho she knew he wouldn't answer. To her surprise along with everyone else Kei nodded. "Alright." She said and started to wheel him to the school.

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