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Chapter 4

"There have been recent gang activity in this area but what's more noted is the amount of deaths around that. They don't seem to be the work of gangs but of vampires. Nothing has been confirmed but evidence points to that of a vampire attack. Alll vampires have been asked to be questioned." Rengokuin and Kodachi looked at each other.

"That was Aldred. Kodi you know it was. He's the one killing people."

"It wouldn't surprise me. I'll call the principal."

"Right." Kodachi picked up the phone and dialed the school number.

"Hello this is Principal Van Envruio."

"Principal, we have a problem."


Kodachi was in a panic. The principal hadn't helped at all with the situation at all. Aldred was out there killing people and vampires. He was a murderer and they had to find a way to stop him. Rengokuin was still trying to figure out how to help Kei. They had a thought that maybe Kei would know how to help. But until then they were stuck. She thought that maybe Faye could help but he was away for his business to there was no way to get a hold of him. So it was her and Ren left to fend for themselves. She had been headed to the crime scene in hope of finding something that could help her figure out exactly what happened. She was lost in thought that she didn't even noticed where she was going. She was brought out of her stuper when she ran into something. She fell to the ground with a grunt and rubbed her head. She looked up to see what she had run into. There sitting across from her was the blonde that was with Aldred that day. What was his name again? He looked at her for a moment then seemed to remember her. He stood up really quick and ran to her.

"I'm so sorry! Are you alright?" He said helping her up. She accepted and stood there.

"No need. It was my fault, I should have looked where I was going instead of day dreaming." She said with a nervous laugh.

"Right." There was silence before he spoke again. "I hope you don't find me rude but, what are you doing here?" He looked alittle nervous but she couldn't be certain.

"I came down here to look at something. Why do you ask?" She asked innocently.

"Oh no reason. Just the fact there have been a lot of murders around here and I worry about you. You just seem really fragil. Mr. Aldred would be angry if you got hurt and I was around to possibly save you. I couldn't live with myself either." He said rambling on. He must be really nervous. But she couldn't figure out why. Was if because he was with her, a woman, or some other reason? He kept going on and she had stopped listening by that point. She continued walking and he had followed contiuneing his ranting about meaningless stuff. She walked until she came across the crime scene. It was still covered in blood, the walls of the alley way were splattered with it all the way to the roof and it was a 4 story building. The ground looked completely soaked with it but she knew it wasn't most of it had soaked into the ground and the part that hadn't had dried up. There was no way that one person could have died herem, 3 or more with as much blood covered the ground. Kodachi was disgusted by the fact that she knew that there was probably nothing left of the poor souls that died here. No not died, killed in the most horrid way.

She heard a noise coming from further inside the alley and her curious nature took over. She slowly made her way into the alley expecting the worse. She kept walking and she heard a splash. She imediently got into a battle position. Then she noticed something. Her foot was in a puddle of something, her eyes widened as she realized what it was, blood. She was sickened at the very thought, she heard a sound of a clank and spun toward the noise to see the blonde staring at her from a pile of trash bins.

"Hehe, sorry I tripped." She rolled her eyes, He's supposed to be a vampire? She thought. She turned back to the front and started to walk again ignoring the slooshing noise coming from underneath her. She walked until she heard something that she never wanted to hear again, someone choking on blood. She stopped in her tracks making the blonde behind her bump into her.

"Sorry, but why did we suddenly stop?" He asked whispering then noticed her shocked/afraid/diguseted face. "What's going on?"

She couldn't answer him because she had lost all communication with her limps. There in the corner of the dead end alley was 3 people slowly dying. She knew by the noises that they were making. Stealing herself up she forced herself to move and step closer. When she made it there she saw why they were dying, their troats had been ripped completely out but not before most of their lifes blood had been drained.

"What happened here?" The blonde said completely shocked. 'Damn it! He has struck again! But wait, isn't this blonde freak with Al? If so he should know what going on, right?'

"Aldred did this, I'm sure of it." She stated.

"What make you say so?" He asked looking back and forth between her and the pile of people.

"You've seen his fighting style, I haven't. Does this look like something he would do?"

He stood there before giving a slight nod of the head. She gave him a look that said 'told you so'.

"So, Blondy what are you gonna do about it?" She asked. He looked at her like she had grew a new head.

"My name is Shinu and I don't want to do anything. He scares me half to death! He almost killed me with little effort. He didn't even break a sweat, while I was inflicted with injury and was exaughsted. I am lucky that he thought to spare my life. I will not question how or why he does things. I don't care for one reason and I really would like to live alittle longer. It's like questioning why God created dirt! You just don't do that. It's not smart nor practical! I will not question the Supreme being for anything. He is insane you know?" He kept ranting and Kodachi kind of tunned him out trying to figure out what she's going to do. After he was done she looked at him.

"Alright. You won't do anything. I get it. Then I'll ask him. But your gonna have to show me where you guys are staying. How's that sound? That way you won't have to challenge the Supreme Being known as Aldred Van Envurio."

"Fine as long as I don't get caught in the crossfires if this turns into a shit fight." He said challenging her. She wouldn't put up with it, but she will now so that she can get the info she needs to possibly help Al.

"No guarantees but I will try to keep you safe, but I might not be able to save you."

"Whatever. Lets go." Shinu said. They completely forgot about the dying people and they walked out.


Shinu led the way while Kodachi thought about all she had seen. If Aldred wasn't the one killing, then who was? Shinu stopped and when Kodachi looked she saw an old abandonded hospital was standing, er leaning in front of her. It looked like it shouldn't even be standing right now.

"You guys live here?" She said with disbelief.

"Yes, you got a problem with our home?" Shinu asked looking at her.

"No, I just expected something else. LIke an aparment or something."

"Well, not all of us can live in a nice mansion like you so Kodachi." Can a new voice. They both spun toward the voice and Shinu instantly knelt to the ground.

"Sir." He greeted. The man sitting on a high beam 15 feet up was Aldred in all his glory. His long pitch black hair stood out against his pale white skin and his orange red eyes bore into hers. She flinched remembering how it felt to have him squeezing the life out of her. How he seemed to not care if she lived or died. How he seemed to like to see her in pain. She stared back at him, trying to keep the fear out of her eyes and face. Keeping herself from shaking. She was terrorfied to be so close to this insane person. He smiled at her showing his long canines. She was used to this but his seemed extra long and the way he smiled he just oozed a feral attitude.

"Hello Kodachi. How have you been? I hope I didn't hurt you too bad last time." His smile got wider if that was even possible.

"Hey, Al. I've been good nothing new besides the occasional murders. I was alittle sore after that but not to much pain. Though I think you hurt Faye the most. I mean he did end up getting thrown against a wall with so much force it knocked him out for awhile and it left several huge cracks in the wall that your father had to pay for but its all good." She said good naturely. She smiled up at him to hide her discomfort. Faye had told her to not go to him without someone there. He just sat on his beam staring at her with hard eye that swam with insanity. He was judging her to see if she was a treat. Then he turned his stony/insane gaze to the poor Shinu who seemed to have already pissed his pants.

"Shinu." He said calmly. But it was that calm that made shivers run down both vampires spines. Shinu looked up at the insane man.

"Yes, sir?"

"Why did you bring her here? Didn't I tell you I didn't want to see any of them?" Still in that calm voice. Kodachi felt bad for the poor blonde.

"U-um... Y-yes s-sir y-y-you did, b-but s-she wa-wanted t-to talk t-to y-y-you." Shinu managed to get out. Aldred frowned.

"Shinu, what did I tell you about stuttering?" Shinu gulped hard before answering.

"That it's u-unsightly. I'm sorry sir..." He tried to keep it down.

"That's right. Now back to the topic, you say she wanted to talk to me?"

"Yes sir. She does."

"Then why did she come to be herself?" Aldred asked still not looking at Kodachi which made her seethe in anger. How dare he talk about her even she was here!

"I asked him to show me where you lived because I didn't know. So don't get pissed at him. I asked and he just did as he was asked like a gentleman, unlike you!" She said letting her anger out forgeting who she was yelling at. She glared at him as he looked at her with a little shock. Then he smirked.

"So he got seduced to take you where we lived. Why does that sound like something he would do? And you beautiful Kodachi, I didn't think you were that kind of girl." His smirk got a little more bigger and he jumped off of his beam and landed so softly on the ground that no dust was disturbed.

"I didn't seduce him!" She shouted. He got right in her face.

"Right and I know that. Don't you know how to take a joke my pretty little girl?" He said before he licked her cheek. She flinched from the contact and then did something that she probably wouldn't have done if she would have stopped and thought about it and remembered who it was, she slapped him.

"How dare you lick me!" She shouted completely losing her face was hidden behind his hair and Shinu was sweating so hard that it wasn't even funny. He was worried about her that was for certain. They all stood there for what seemed like forever before the insane man started laughing, it was an amused laugh but it was laced with insanity. She looked at him in shock before she realized what she had done. She gasped and started to shake. She was going to get it, she knew. Especially after she slapped him. She really needed to get her temper under control or it was going to be the death of her, or it already was. He stopped laughing after forever. He looked at her and he had tears in his eyes from laughing.

"Wow, no one has made me laugh that hard for a long time. You still have you touch Kodi. So what did you want to talk to me about?" He asked with a small sad smile that seemed all wrong on his face because of his eyes. He reached and ignored her as she flinched, he grabbed some of her hair and started to run it thru his fingers. She liked that feeling, her mother used to do that and she missed it.

"Aldred, this is a serious question and I need a serious answer." She stated hoping he would agree.

"Alright I shall try to answer my best." He said with alittle bit of sarcasim.

"Did you kill those people in the alley way?" She asked bluntly. Shinu facepalmed at how blunt she was but he was different being so scared of Aldred he would have beat around the bush and pissed Aldred off and he wouldn't have been able to ask again. Kodachi felt Aldred's hand stopped and she looked up into his face to see his expression to see him staring off into space.

"Al?" she asked. When he didn't respond she reached up and put her hand on his cheek. He seemed to sigh and lean into her hand. She saw his body relax by a large degree. Shinu was amazed to see how just her touch eased his tension and how his killing intent decressed so much. Just from one touch. Kodachi thought he seemed like a tightly wound spring had just been released and the tension left. She looked into his eyes to see the same madness but also kindness. He was staring at her.

His lips moved and she didn't catch what he said. She was about to ask what he said when he spoke again.

"I'm sorry." He said.

"What for Al?"

"Leaving. Hurting you. Being gone for so long. For hurting you again. For making you worry about me. I'm sorry. I didn't want to hurt anyone. That's why I left, becuase if I stayed I probably would have hurt everyone. I couldn't live with myself if I killed any of you. I had to leave. I don't know why I came back. Maybe I was missing you guys too even if at some times I forgot who you were, hell I even forgot who I was. I'm sorry."

"Aldred, you don't need to be sorry for any of it. You left for a reason. To save us and to keep us safe and for that we are all happy. Don't berate yourself for something you did for others." She said smiling and put her other hand on his cheek. He looked at her for a long moment before tears started streaming down his face. He leaned down and put his forehead against hers and he cried. He let out all of the emotions he had been locking up. She wrapped her hands around him and held him as he cried. Shinu was astounded, but slightly hurt. Hurt that Aldred hadn't told him anything, but he knew that he wouldn't tell him anything. Aldred didn't even know Shinu that well, not the way he knew Kodachi. He was astounded by the fact that Aldred had broken like that. After so many years of this sadistic, hard, mean, evil man Shinu thought he was always like this. But after now he knew otherwise. Shinu then knew that it was a good idea to convince Aldred to come home. He needed this and Shinu was glad that he had suggested it.

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