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Chapter 22


On different continent the other helicopter rose in the air above the tropical jungle.

- You will be mine again.

Dark haired woman caressed the old photo in her hand. Maybe fifteen years old girl with European façade and long, blonde hair, was snuggling into proud looking brunette in nuns' robe, gazing at her with love and desire. The girl was smiling happily and her eyes were glowing with devotion. Irene needed to see that look again. And she always got what she wanted. Always.

Little Irene was sitting in the kitchen, staring blankly at her unfinished homework. Her father told her to sit still and wait, until someone would come for her. He didn't tell her, who. But he gave her an old, ornamented pocket watch and told her to always keep it with her. It was very expensive, beautiful watch and she felt proud to have it. She knew, that nobody from her school friends had something that pretty.

Finally, a strange man came. He told her, that her parents were dead. She didn't move. She didn't feel anything. Just squeezed the watch in her fist and stared at him.

- Do you understand me, Irene?

She nodded.

- Your dad betrayed his friends and he had to be punished. That's how the world works. If you commit sin, you have to be punished. You are a very smart girl, I am sure you will understand.

She nodded again and took out her watch. Somehow she felt, that it was very important. The man smiled again and pulled out his own, exactly the same.

- You are very smart girl indeed. This watch, that your father gave you, shows, that you are very special. This is Soldats sign. Your parents were ones, too. Do you want to be Soldats?

Her eyes widened.

- What is Soldats?

He smirked.

- I will tell you a secret. Soldats rule the world. They can get everything they want, as long, as they keep their existence secret. If not… they have to be punished. Can you keep secrets, Irene?

She nodded again and stood up.

- I want to rule the world. Teach me how to be Soldats.

He smiled again and ruffled her hair.

- You are an extraordinary child. My wife will be happy to have a daughter like you.

Irene grew up always getting what she wanted. She joined Soldats and after many years, she came to the point, that nothing in human world could satisfy her anymore. She was hungry for the divine. She wanted to rule the world. She wanted to rule the Soldats.

- This time the prophecy can be true! They found a girl in Poland, who had visions. She fits the description and the details from her dreams fit the legend perfectly. No book could give her such a knowledge. Mother Irene, you must go and see her.

She took a photo to the hand and one look made her heart beating fast. That always hungry, anxious part of her, thrilled. She felt fire burning inside her whole body.

- She looks like an angel – she said.

- Your task is to train her. Mother Irene, do you realize, that if her visions are true, this can even give you the Highest Seat in Soldats Council?

- I understand. I will do my best – she answered calmly, though her eyes were glowing. "She will be mine" – she finished only to herself.

Mother Irene left the helicopter. A private plane was awaiting her on the remote military airport in the Mexican desert. She entered. This would be a long flight. Back to Europe. To take her Angel back.

- You are mine, Altena - she caressed the photo again.

Irene always got what she wanted, after all.

Himalayas. Chinese - Bhutan Border.

- I always could write Altena a letter. Wherever I was, I knew she was always waiting for me in the Manor. I felt her presence. I knew, she was watching over me. It felt safe. And now… I can't feel her. I can't reach her!

- Chloe…

Kirika didn't know, what to say. What could she say? She was the last person to guess about Altena's actions and motives. She only knew, how much sorry she was for her friend right now. Friend? She wondered. This was the first time she thought about Chloe in that way. So far, Chloe was… just Chloe. Kirika, consciously or not, had never given a second thought to who Chloe was for her before. Someone close. Mireille and Chloe. The two closest people she ever had. The only close people. Like a family. Yes. They both were family. She cared about both of them. And now, Chloe was beside her, needing her help. She was good in killing, but could she be good at helping, too? Kirika didn't know that. Yet, she wanted to try.

- Chloe, you are my family - she said suddenly, with convinced voice. - I am sure, together we can save the ones we care about.

Chloe looked at her astonished and then, she threw her arms around Kirika's neck and burst in tears like a little girl.

- Without Altena I feel so scared!

Kirika gasped. That was also Chloe she had never seen before. Shaken, insecure, lonely child. Where was the deadly assassin from one hour ago? Again, she didn't know, how to act. Just embraced her shyly, waiting until the girl calms down. She wanted to say something appropriate. Something, like "it will be alright", but she couldn't push the words through her throat. They seemed so empty. What Mireille always did, when it was her, Kirika, feeling like that? What now Mireille would do?

- Umm… how about we eat something?

Chloe stepped back and for a second looked at her surprised. Then smiled widely and nodded, wiping her tears away.

- Yeah!

She opened the locker apparently with food supplies, when the helicopter dangerously shook and whirled around.

- We're under attack!

Chloe jumped to the cockpit.

- We have a plane behind, they're shooting at us! - The second pilot was nervously checking radars. Damn it! Only half an hour to the Bhutan air border left, once we get there, we'll be safe!

The helicopter was still flying unevenly.

- We must stop them - calm Kirika's voice sounded right in the second before suspicious noise under their feet. She jumped to the window.

- We can't shoot them from this position - Chloe commented.

The vehicle was maneuvering between lower Himalayan hills, which made the flight much longer but gave them at least a little bit of chance.

"If only we could hide in clouds…" - Chloe thought, irritated by the full moon and shining stars more than ever.

- We can hide… - Kirika whispered, turning to her. The plane above them started to be visible. - Remember our training? Altena always said…

- …to hide on the tree, become a tree, to hide in the mountains, become a mountain.

Chloe finished. They looked at each other and simultaneously put their hands on the wall. "Believe" - Kirika heard in her head. "If your faith is stronger, than your enemies, you will overcome their will. It's all here, in your mind. You are Noir. Every human being is beneath you. Believe."

Little girl climbed on apple tree and stayed there till sunset. She saw two familiar silhouettes surrounding the tree and coming closer. She closed her eyes and imagined herself as a branch, with blooming white flowers. Two figures looked up, one blonde, one dark haired.

- Let's go, Altena. She must be in the manor.

She didn't let herself even breathe, until they walked inside the building. When the last sunbeam hid behind the vineyard, she sighed with relief. She passed the test. Happily, she jumped down and ran to the Manor entrance, where smiling blonde angel was awaiting her.

- My dear child, you did really amazing! Even Mother Irene and me couldn't find you!

Kirika opened her eyes. Mother Irene. She didn't remember that person before, now her mind painted beautiful brunette, with strict voice, looking coldly towards her. Yes. Now she remembered well. She used to be always beside Altena. And then, she disappeared. Her next memories showed Altena alone. Always alone, not counting all nuns belonging to Manor service. She looked at Chloe, who was still focused at the window. The helicopter was flying smoothly again, and they heard words of relief from their crew.

- We are in Bhutan! Thank God!

- We did this? Or, we were just very lucky? - Kirika asked herself. Chloe smiled to her.

- Let's eat something.

Poland. Monastery. Many years ago.

- Who do you love most of all?

- Mother Irene - said little girl. Not so little anymore. Beautiful, fifteen, with open lips, eyes, and thighs. Waiting for the fire to overwhelm her.- Mother Irene, I would do anything for you. Just love me.

So it was, for over ten years. "You're mine. Forever" - Irene repeated her. Beauty over all beauty. Her goddess. "I'll teach you everything"- she said, lighting the flame inside her. Every day. Everywhere, wherever she was. In the monastery, on a prayer. At school, in park, in the garden. Beautiful, stunning Irene. How it felt, to be loved by a goddess? To be with a goddess meant to become a goddess. To be beyond. "Irene… Irene…" - she whispered her name in lonely nights, waiting. In longing. In addiction. "Little Anna. Beautiful Altena. My loveliest, the most faithful girl. Always mine. Forever." Her kisses were burning, yet she begged for more. Soft fingers touching the heated skin, smooth like a silk. Whispering. "My beautiful Irene. "Black hair reaching woman's perfectly shaped waist, like little snakes, tempting, were sneaking in between the blonde ones. Sighs becoming faster and faster, changing into moans. Louder and louder. "My Altena. Only mine. We are immortal. Always together. United, merged angels of destruction. Destruction of evil."

Poetry read by day times, candles by night time. Wine and dance. Overwhelmed by sensuality, tempting with unknown desires.

Irene was her dream, her fantasy. Her awakening and her ecstasy. Always Irene. The only one. Covered with her black hair, Altena lied in her arms, resting. And dreaming. About her beautiful Irene.

"Eternity awaits us. We are salvation of this world. The ultimate power awaits us."

But Altena didn't want power. She wanted love and her visions come true. She wanted salvation.

- She is so beautiful! So fragile, yet strong. Survived hell around her and sleeps so peacefully in my arms. Our second sapling. Green seed… that's it! Let's name her… Chloe. My Green Seed… - violet eyes gazed at the infant with excitement. Darker eyes looked at the child, then at the blonde, as the soft arms embraced her waist.

- Let it be.

Black haired woman frowned over her lover's arms and mused. She felt how the return of Noir overwhelmed Altena and everything seemed good but… Something in her beloved angel was changing. The distance in her eyes was slowly building a wall in their so perfect bond and Irene felt anxious. Their life in the Manor was peaceful and their position in Soldats seemed settled. Altena shared her time between little Chloe, Kind Mother duties and Irene. Their nights were full of fire, as always. So why, in the long sleepless hours, the uninvited thought appeared in Irene's mind, making her restless. What was the most important dream in Altena's life? Was it Irene, or was it… Noir?


- No, no! That's not possible. I can't. It can't be. Not her! God, what is happening to me?!

Mireille was pacing her room, her fists occasionally bumped against the table or the wall. Her face burned, her eyes were wet and the whole body felt agitated to almost unbearable level. Since Altena had left her room she was there alone and now, after a few hours she knew if it lasts longer, she would go mad.

- Altena. From all the people I have met in my life it is Altena! - She murmured to herself, before bursting in hysterical laughter. Finally she sat at the table trying to gather her chaotic emotions and regain self-control. - So, my body got attracted to her. So what? - She wondered, trying to convince herself to calm down. - She is still my arch-enemy. I still have a lot to understand. Besides, things will be different, when Kirika arrives.

Her thoughts drifted to the subtle Japanese figure, who Mireille had learnt to love not so long ago. Yet, she frowned. She and Kirika never got to the passion point in their relationship. - No surprise there - Mireille mused. - We are not like all the assassins from American movies who have sex all the time in between the killing. We are… Noir.

Strange, how she felt that word fitting them. Against everything. She smiled to herself. It's not, that she didn't want to show her love for Kirika also in physical way. But there was always the unspoken agreement between them. That they still had a long way to go to get there. Too much to calm down. Too much to forgive. And to learn about themselves.

Now Mireille couldn't understand herself and it scared her. She realized how much she became fascinated with Altena. And as much as she hated the image of priestess, who took her family away from her, as much she separated the woman she met in the monastery from that person. Every rational part of her was constantly repeating to her confused mind, that woman had no right to live, to be forgiven what she had done. But Mireille kept shutting that part down, overwhelmed by new, desperate need to save her.

"If love can kill, hatred can save." Subconsciously, she kept clinging to that sentence and slowly, another question shaped in her head. Was it her, Mireille, the hatred saving Altena? Was it her, who was supposed to give the priestess salvation?

It was far after Midnight, when Mireille fell into a restless sleep. When only her tired body won the battle with her troubled mind, she snuggled in the softness of her pillows and drifted into dreams full of desires she was so deeply hiding before herself.

- Mireille… my beautiful Mireille… - She felt heat like fire around her. Nervously, she looked around, but instead of flames, she found golden hair waving freely before her face, covering naked arms embracing her. Soft hands sneaked under her night robe and her skin instantly burnt under the gentle fingers. - Oh, God! - She moaned, when other lips covered her own and she let the hot tongue slip in and increase her desire. She put her arms around Altena's neck pulling her eagerly to herself, letting her lie on her and another moan escaped her throat, when she felt soft thigh parting her own. She splayed her legs, completely giving in to that touch and fire. She realized they were both naked and pressing each other in a battle of passion, and she was only able to scream in lust, feeling Altena's lips parting from her only to move to her neck. Pair of hands was softly, yet sensually massaging her breasts and she started to move along in Altena's rhythm, breathing fast and begging for more with every second.

"I am Noir..." - Sounded in her head, when she felt the tender fingers slipping in between her thighs, to discover her dampness, fully revealing Mireille's desire. She was trembling under this touch, speeding up and slowing down, her back arched and tensed, her eyes opened only for a glimpse of second to look at flower like violet, gazing at her with unspeakable passion. - My lovely Mireille… - Angelic voice whispered again and she felt a hot breath on her ear, just before the soft tongue licked her earlobe and followed down her neck, to reach her lips again.

- Altena… - she barely could talk anymore. She kissed her hungrily and struggled again, feeling that wonderful hand down there, making its way more and more confidently inside, only increasing her fire.

Mireille was burning. Having Altena all over her, inside her, fulfilled her in an unexpected way. She realized, that some part of her heart or her soul she even didn't know was missing, now returned back into places she had been rejecting for her entire life before. She felt, that was what she needed. And now she was getting it from this fire devouring her and giving her this incredible pleasure. Altena's love. Her hand circled the most sensitive spot of Mireille's body, faster but tenderly and Mireille moved along, fully surrendering to this. All the time Altena was moving with her, more and more intensively and finally, Mireille only wanted to scream. Her body seemed to raise up in the air, which was strange and wonderful feeling of both, physical and spiritual ecstasy. And then, she came. Her body struggled uncontrollably, so strongly, that Mireille really bumped against her bed and woke up in the same moment.

- Oh God… - She realized, that she was lying there alone, her duvet slipped on the side and her body was still struggling in remains of her vivid dream. She felt the heat and pulsating pleasure down there and she gasped in shock, when she checked with her hand. Her underwear and bed sheets were warm and wet. Mireille thrilled.

- What is happening to me?

Then she froze. She heard a sudden movement on the corridor. Raised voices, yet too distant to understand the words. Running steps on the stairs made her jump out of bed, fully awake and forget about her personal struggles. In two seconds she reloaded her gun and dressed up. At the same moment her door open and Altena slipped inside the room. For a while Mireille froze and the sensation in her body reminded her the influence angelic looking woman had on her. Altena was wearing a white, floating robe and her hair was waving beautifully around her shoulders. Her gun seemed almost inappropriate in these gentle hands and Mireille breathed heavily.

- We have visitors. - Altena didn't see her confusion Her face was focused and concerned. For the next couple of seconds they stood and listened.

- You have no right to enter this place! - They heard Sister Mary's shout. That was enough. Keeping their weapon ready they exchanged looks and carefully stepped outside. All corridor lights were on. Most of the nuns also left their cells and they were standing between the open doors in confusion, whispering, what to do.

- What's wrong? - Mireille found sister Gemma.

- Two unexpected cars arrived only minutes ago - she whispered and at the same moment they heard another voice.

- Where is she?!

Altena froze. Her eyes widened in shock and Mireille saw the woman's hand shaking, almost dropping her gun. It was enough for her to realize, who their visitor was. Concern about Altena and all sisters mixed with curiosity, when she faced the stairs.

- Stay behind me. - She told Altena. The woman however regained her control and straightened up.

- No. I will handle this.

- Altena! - Mireille shouted, when the priestess passed her and energetically walked down the stairs.

The main entry door was wide open and three figures stood in the middle. Two men, dressed in black long winter coats and probably expensive black suits, judging from their trousers and boots. They didn't enter the monastery, just blocked the entrance and pointed their guns towards Sister Mary and two others, who tried to barricade the corridor from the third figure walking in.

Mireille stepped down behind Altena and as she got closer, she felt unwillingly impressed. The dark haired woman was also dressed in black, tight leather pants showed her perfectly shaped legs, knee high boots on about two inches heels made her taller than her "bodyguards", or whoever the men were. Her black cloak was ankles long, open at the front, waving behind her almost like a cape. Black leather corset tightly enveloping her breasts completed the outfit and Mireille couldn't resist from a smirk. The woman looked very much like a "Matrix" character and considering who she was, Mireille felt strangely amused.

- Irene - Altena spoke, stopping on the last step of the stairs, pointing the gun at her former mistress. The woman's lips curled up in a lofty smile.

- Do you really want to kill me, my love? - She put her finger on the trigger and the sisters around them froze, completely ignoring two men aiming at them for all the time.

Altena hesitated. Silence fulfilled the air for the next seconds and Mireille tried to gather her thoughts. Irene was strange mixture of beauty and strictness. Her big dark eyes, underlined with black eye lines magnified her penetrating gaze. Age added some wrinkles to her lip and eye corners but she was undoubtedly stunning. And somewhat minacious. Mireille could sense her seductive charisma and was no longer surprised that Altena was so long under her control. Mireille however wasn't. She felt the flow of strange confidence, when she passed shocked Altena and covered her with her own body.

- She may not, I however don't see any problem in killing you at any time – she said coldly, facing her with bright, challenging look. Irene frowned, but then her lips corners curled up as she smiled with amusement, which would be charming if not the anger flickering in her eyes.

- So, this is your famous Noir? - she said to Altena, checking Mireille out from her feet up to top of her head, stopping her gaze a second longer on the spot , where the shape of blonde's breast was clearly visible from behind her robe. - Pretty, I must admit. You still like blondes, don't you?

- Irene! - There was anger and warning in Altena's voice. The tension between them felt almost like an electricity in the air. Dark haired woman, ignoring Mireille's gun, walked around her and stared at Altena.

- I have come for you, my love. It's time - she said with completely different tone. Mireille gasped. Her voice was low, sensual and full of burning emotions, only waiting to explode.

- She is not going anywhere.

The parlour door open and another strong voice sounded in the hall. Mother Superior stepped out and with no hint of fear closed to Irene and stopped barely one meter from her.

- Mother Irene - she said slowly. Her entire figure was glowing. If her pure strength, honesty and pride impressed Irene, she didn't show it.

- Mother Dominica - she replied as slowly. - Long time no see.

- Not long enough - Mother Superior hissed and took a step aside, to get between her and Altena, but Irene's gun quickly found its way to her chest and she froze in shock.

- You dare to attack me? - Her eyes widened, as she noticed the triumph on Irene's face. The woman didn't answer with words. She grabbed Mother Dominica by her arms and withdrew with her back to the exit door.

- Now. Everybody calm down. - You - she pointed sister Mary and two frightened nuns. - Get out. Now! - She ordered, harshly squeezing mother Dominica's shoulders.

- Irene, this is madness! - Altena stepped forward, her face radiated from fury.

- Out! - Irene shrieked, as sisters clearly refused to leave them alone, ready to face danger along with their beloved Mother Superior. Irene apparently realized it. She dragged Mother Dominica further to the door.

- You will walk with me - she addressed Altena. - Unless you want her to die, of course. Don't even try! - She turned to Mireille, who was waiting for any sign of her distraction to shoot. - Put it down, my dear We don't want to lose our precious Noir, do we?

Mireille shook with increasing rage, when she felt Altena's hand gently touching her shoulder.

- It's ok, Mireille - she said calmly. - I will go with her - she stepped closer. Irene's eyes glowed with satisfaction.

- No! - Mother Dominica took advantage of the moment of Irene's triumph and struggled, freeing her hands and grabbed woman's wrists, trying to pull the gun out of her hands.

- Give them a lesson! - Irene ordered and unexpectedly her bodyguards aimed at Sister Mary. Gunshot, scream of the nuns and Mireille sounded like explosion.

- How could you?! - Mother Dominica cried with tears, shaking in Irene's iron grip on her.

Sister Mary fell on the floor, barely conscious from the pain. Yet, the wound wasn't severe. The bullet penetrated her left arm and hit the wall behind. She was bleeding a lot and needed immediate help.

- Nobody move! Next time my team will be more precise - she added, almost smiling.

- We have to go, my love - she said to Altena again, with this strange, hypnotizing voice.

- No! - Mireille repeated, still pointing her gun.

- Would you like to try, which one of us is faster? - Irene asked her with amusement.

Mireille felt her eyes blurry. Even if she'd manage to shoot Irene, her two men still had enough time to kill anyone in the room and she wouldn't stand it. These nuns were too innocent to die like that. She felt helpless and it made her tremble.

- It will be alright, Mireille - she heard angelic voice. With stone calm face Altena joined Irene at the eyes remained completely blank, when Irene took out the pair of hancuffs and locked it around her wrists.

- Just until I make sure you have come back to your senses - she murmured sensually and caressed the priestess' cheek. Slowly, they stepped outside. Mireille heard the cars' engines starting. Irene dragged Mother Dominica to one of the two black BMWs and let her go after she made sure Altena sat inside and the door locked.

Mireille eyes burnt from holding tears. The nuns hurried to help sister Mary and she jumped out just to see the cars disappearing behind the monastery gate.

- Altena! – she cried with despair.